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Don’t recast Chekov and don’t kill him.

Have the character have transferred to a different ship and be doing just fine. He sends Sulu messages about how he’s doing. Then respect why Chekov was originally there and make the new person in his seat an Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, or Saudi Arabian woman. Chekov was there to predict a future where the Russians, America’s greatest enemies at the time of the shows creation, were our friends and allies. Pay respect to why he was created by placing a Muslim woman from a country that America has warred with in the seat. Give her a gold dress, black long sleeve undershirt, black leggings, and a federation uniform approved hijab. The movies would be creating representation and paying respects to what Chekov was there for. Put a muslim woman in the navigators chair and let her fly us through the stars.

music core prerecording ♡ 161119

@keyoemi: today shinee were wearing tight black suits with black / red undershirts. jonghyun / taemin’s shirts were very low cut. (according to this fan account though, jonghyun is actually the only one not wearing red, but a blue tie instead.)

the members asked if they have a recording tomorrow and the fans said “no, it’s just live”, and onew was like: “how do you know?!

the stage is covered in fog. back up dancers were wearing white.

during rehearsal the members were smiling a lot. it changed the feeling of the song.

@_misnaa: as soon as the recording ended jonghyun took off his jacket. when he left backstage he was already wearing a leather jacket and had his phone in his hands. he must have a schedule right after.

Hi my name is Corrin Dark'ness Amnesia Dragon Nohr and I have amnesia (that’s how I got my name) and long silver hair that reaches my mid-back and hot red eyes like pools of blood and a lot of people tell me I look like Robin (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Prince Xander of Nohr but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a dragon but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a princess, and I live at a big fortress in Nohr where I’ve been living for seven years (I’m seventeen). I’m a Nohrian (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love the Armory and I buy all of my clothes from there. For instance today I was wearing black thigh-high stockings with lace around them and a navy blue undershirt, a black cape and no boots. I was wearing a black sword-belt, black armor, a silver butterfly clip, and black eyeliner. I was walking outside the Northern Fortress. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Jakob and the maids stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Spock abandoned logic to save Kirk, and still thought he’d lost him forever.  When he gets Kirk back he’s a little…intense about it.

TOS Coda fic taking place right after The Tholian Web  

By Phyona (ao3

Kirk was just changing into his nightclothes when he heard his door slide open from an override.  He tugged a fresh black undershirt over his head, and stepped out of his bedroom with a scowl.

He wondered if Bones had come to check on him, as if he hadn’t spent enough time being injected and inspected within an inch of his life in sickbay.

“Who’s there?” The words were barely out of his mouth when he caught sight of his first officer, striding towards him with his head tilted down like a predator.  “Spock, what—“

His words were lost when Spock collided with his chest, gripping his shirt and forcing him backwards until he hit a wall. He grunted with the impact, the breath punching out of him.

Spock panted against his lips, his eyes dark and probing.  The Vulcan’s whole body was vibrating like he was under the “blood fever” again.  

He held Spock’s elbows and moved his thumbs back and forth in what he hoped was a soothing manner.

“Hey, hey…what’s the matter?”

“Captain,” Spock growled.


“You died.”  

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Of course, only now that I’ve made the preview do I realise I’ve pretty much made it a repeat of my last CC preview. Whoops.

Oh well. Everyone and their uncle has recoloured the cute little buttoned tank from Movie Hangout Stuff, but I figured I’d hop on that particular bandwagon with some recolours of my own. While I was at it I recoloured the unbuttoned shirt from the same pack. Enjoy!

  • Both packages require Movie Hangout Stuff!
  • 26 colours with custom thumbnails and colour tagging
  • Enabled for random in the everyday and party categories
  • The unbuttoned shirts come with both white and black undershirts under separate thumbnails, as separate or merged packages

Download and credits/cc used under the cut:

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I've been wearing a smile all day yesterday after seeing Rey's new hair and black undershirt. I'm sure I'm going to cry over a preview of Kylo's new outfit.

Now, this is just a prediction….but I don’t think we will see Kylo in any of the teasers. I think they’re gonna save that shit up for the big cinematic moment when he appears again on the island. I think if we see him at all it will be a very brief shot in, like, the very last trailer. But omg I can’t wait. 

My thoughts on this: Poe is depicted with a helmet indicating that it’s very likely that he keeps his role as a Resistance pilot. Finn. How did he repair that leather jacket? I need advice on this! Anyway, it’s his signature look so no surprise there. Looking good. 👌🏻 BUT Rey’s appearance seems somewhat strange to me. Why did they introduce her new look at the end of TFA plus her combat staff only to return to her Jakku outfit with a black undershirt in TLJ? Even her leather cuff is back? Makes no sense to me. I LOVE her hair though. ❤️ And it’s no surprise that there is no Kylo on it because this package obviously displays “the heros”. I bet there’s going to be a black one with Kylo, Phasma and maybe another baddy or simply a stormtrooper. I think it’s more important to ask: WHERE THE F@&% IS LUKE!??

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Baseball Attire (Nate Maloley)

I buttoned up half of my Tigers jersey and checked myself out in the mirror, taking a quick glance at Verlander’s name on my back.

Damn, I look good.

I can’t help but smile in excitement. Detroit’s my hometown so when I found out Nate was performing there I had to convince him to take me to a baseball game. They’d sucked so far this season but I had faith.

I gave myself one last overall look to make sure everything was in place. I walked out into the main area of our hotel room to see Nate, wearing nearly the same thing.

Both of us had on a jersey, a black undershirt, some jeans and navy blue Nike Roshes. Only difference between us was that my clothes were tighter.

Couples that dressed the same always bothered me.

“No way,” we said at the same time.

“You have to go change,” he insisted, “I was dressed first.”

“Yeah,” I got cocky, “but I’m cuter,” I said with a smirk knowing he would agree.

He stayed silent. The look on his face told me he wasn’t budging.

“Right?” I said.

He looked like he was about to say something but hesitated. I was hurt. I spent almost an hour, which is twice as long as normal, getting ready. And yeah, he did finish first but that’s only because he has half as many things to do.

Suddenly I didn’t feel so excited. I stormed back into the room we shared and closed and locked the door. He knocked just seconds later. “Babe?”

I ignored him. For a second I considered putting my pajamas back on as an act of rebellion but then realized I really wanted to go to this game. I hadn’t been to Comerica Park in 4 years, before I moved to LA. So instead I had a better idea.

I dug through my suitcase for ammo. 10 minutes later, I was in booty shorts, a black long sleeve crop top, and some matching black thigh high boots (it was supposed to be a colder day). I put my hair back in Dutch braids, and looked myself over again.

I looked great, sexier. If he didn’t like how I looked now, then damn him. Damn him either way for not even bothering to call me cute. I wasn’t even mad that he didn’t change, it was that he couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate my outfit.

I strutted back out to find him leaning next to the door.

He turned to me as soon as I opened it, “Y/N, I’m so- woah,” he stopped and watched as I strutted and swayed my hips (purposefully) through the living area towards the door.

“Ready to go?” I asked innocently.

“You can’t go like that!” he exclaimed.

“And why not? You’re going like that,” I said.

“That’s not even a functional outfit for a baseball game. And we’re gonna be around a lot of drunk college guys,” he said, sounding frustrated.

“I had to change. I’ll be fine we’re just sitting watching some baseball. And besides, my last outfit wasn’t cute enough,” I say with a sigh.

“But this one’s wayyyyy too sexy.” I glance down at his pants, specifically the bulge forming in them.

“I can see that.” I walk towards him and softly run my fingers up and down his stomach, getting closer and closer to his crotch each time.

He groans, “Go change.”

“Nah I’m good.” Finally I reach his jeans and circle his crotch.

“That’s it,” he says. He grabs the back of my neck and forcefully kisses me. It feels so good, but as soon as he tries to push me back into the bedroom I pull back.

“If we go there now, we’ll be late for the game,” I say.

“Who cares,” he says breathlessly, grabbing me and pulling me back against him.

“I do,” I said. “I haven’t seen my home team at their home field in years and if we don’t leave now our seats will be stolen. I don’t care if you don’t think I’m cute, I’m watching my game with or without you,” I say slightly angry. I know I’m being a little moody and unfair, but I can’t help it.

As much as I try to be an independent woman, sometimes it just hurts not hearing a simple compliment from the man you love.

I walk out of the door, grabbing the key card and march my way down to the car. I hop into the passenger seat because I know he’s following me.

We ride off, not far from the stadium. About halfway into the drive, he starts talking.

“You know, I didn’t mean-”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

He stays silent for a moment, then rebels. “No we’re going to talk about it,” he says with a determined voice, “You should know that no matter what I always think you’re cute. The cutest. Always. Every single time, no matter what you lookin’ like. And secondly, if I had know you were going to wear the same thing as me I would have changed.”

I stayed silent.

“Are you still mad at me? You know I love you,“ he said as he leaned over to kiss my collar bone while we were in traffic.

I couldn’t take it. "Okay, fine I forgive you,” I say, “and I’m sorry I got so mad at you, I should’ve let you explain.”

“You’re fine, mami,” he says in that sexy voice I love so much, “Now what are we supposed to do about my situation?” he said.

“Oh that’s punishment for not calling me cute. You’ll just have to chill out until the games over I guess.”

“But how am I supposed to chill when you look like that?”

“Figure it out,” I said with a smirk and kissed his cheek.

A/N: Hey, it’s me. First imagine since the break I had. I kind of want to make a part 2, but I’ll only do it if (a) its requested or (b) this one becomes popular enough.

I’ll be posting another imagine/smut soon, talk to you then.


You groaned as you heard the ringtone of his phone again. Still tired you grabbed it and frowning at the message. A huge grin grew on your lips as you realized what kind of messages they were. You quietly giggled. Was he for real? That was his username? You didn’t wanted to completely disturbed his privacy, so you didn’t unlocked it. “Um, Connor?” you called him. 

You walked to the bathroom where you found Connor, only wearing his black shorts and undershirt. It wasn’t weird seeing him like this. You two grew up together and had seen other things of each other several times before. “or should I rather call you 8 is great now?” 

Immediately Connor closed his eyes and groaned. “Did you touched my phone?” he asked, still looking at you. 

“Your mess of lover send you a lot of sweet, sweet messages” you smiled. “Or maybe photos” 

He glanced at you, visibly embarrassed. You continued to smile at him and walked over to him to hug him from the side. You did that a lot when you two were younger. He had nothing to worry about but yet he was acting like you just found out that he was gay. You found it about in the probably worst way - at a party. Walking straight into a whatever they-were-going-thingy of Connor and that football guy from school. Back then Connor was already embarrassed that you found it out but with time he got so confident about it and wasn’t shy to make people, especially other guys that he liked, clear that he was gay. 

“Don’t worry, Connor” you murmured against his neck. 

You remember that Connor ran after you. Sure, you were confused and he was looking like he would cry any minute. However, you knew that after all he was still Connor Walsh, your best friend and he would continue to be it. The fact that he liked guys didn’t changed anything. 

“But for real now, refers your username to um… your dick?” now you felt sightly embarrassed.

Suddenly Connor raised his eyebrow before admitted confidently. “Yes, why?” 

You gulped. “Well, that’s huge, you lucky little b-” Connor cut you off by putting his thumbs on your lips. You lifted up your chin, so you could talk again. “Now I understand why every guy is crazy about you” 

Connor grinned. 

You laughed quietly and pushed myself out of his arms. “Hey” you stopped at the bathroom door. “Let’s look at the nice photos of the guys, if you don’t mind me looking at your lovers” now it was your time of confidence. 

Your best friend shook his head while grinning before walking back to your bed. Having a gay best friend had some good perks. 

* * * 

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i realized that mikleo must have of course gradually grown all that hair which means lots of pONYTAILS. so have lots of mikleos with a dash of sorey

Ruth KotFE AU 120

This is close to 2000 words and simultaneously silly and important. I didn’t plan for it to happen, but Wynston had opinions. And some strings needed cutting.

SWTOR, Spoilers for Sith Warrior, Kaliyo conversations, and KotFE, I think.


“Ruth,” said Wynston, “do you have an hour?”

“Uh,” said Ruth. “Let’s get through the briefing and lunch. After that, maybe?”

“Fair enough. My quarters.”

Ruth headed to Wynston’s door at the appointed time. He answered promptly. He was wearing the trusty waist-length jacket she had saved him in, all those months ago. A clinging undershirt, plain black fatigues, but his red eyes were brighter and his light blue skin clearer than ever. “Come in,” he said. He didn’t offer her a drink, for once, and she didn’t ask.

She remembered his quarters from a previous visit. The bar in the corner was gone, replaced by a muted rug and a loveseat. Otherwise there was a chair, a shelf, a bed. There was a refresher off one corner. That was all he had and all, as far as she could tell, he needed.

“Have a seat,” he said, gesturing to the loveseat, and pulled up his own chair to face her. He leaned forward, forearms on knees. “How are you feeling?”

“Like everyone’s on tenterhooks around me,” she said. “Look, I know I didn’t come out of that Nox raid smelling like a fonth, but this is getting out of hand.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Ruth, you’re one of my oldest friends. By acquaintance, not age.”

“And you’re one of mine.”

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