black trumpet mushrooms

Packing up forest treasures for their new owners today. I love filling a box up with forest finds I’ve foraged on my hikes. It feels like I’m building a miniature version of where I am from to share with people. I know some folks don’t live near forests so I hope these little boxes bring a bit of calm, delight, and wonder to their day. A little whisper of how it feels to wander through the majestic temperate rainforests I have the honour of being near. 🌲🍄🌿




Venison neck roast.
10/21/2015 Atlanta, Ga.

My wife harvested this buck on opening day of rifle season. The first part of the deer we cooked was normally a piece of meat we left in the field.

This is the first time I’ve prepared neck roast. To be honest, I have normally left the neck in the field because I thought it was too bony. Boy was I wrong. I dry aged the neck for two days. Early this morning I trimmed off the fat and seasoned it with salt, pepper, poppyseed, crushed red pepper, and olive oil. I then slid it into a vacuum sealed bag to marinate at room temperature for about seven hours. I browned the neck in our pressure cooker then threw in black trumpet mushrooms, potato, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, a big handful of grape tomatoes and two cups of water. I pressure cooked it on high pressure with a low flame for 45 minutes. We were skeptical until this amazing aroma begin to fill the house. We were all blown away on how good this was! My wife and I were contemplating when we’ve had a roast this good. We will never leave another neck behind in the forest again ;-)