black tresses

A pale triangular face, violet eyes and narrow, slightly contorted lips appeared beneath the black tresses…She had pretty shoulders, a shapely neck and, around it, a black velvet choker with a star-shaped jewel sparkling with diamonds.

Yennefer of Vengerberg - Cosplay Aesthetic by Darkicelady

The Persuasion Show

Written by Yours Truly, ask-sadisticdark. I have promised a story at 1,000 followers, and here we are! I am ever so glad that you all decided to remain with me, a blubbering and rambling mess of a Figment. Without further ado, here we begin.

WARNING: This story details a stressful situation with mild (very mild, only mentions of blood), mocking, and vulgar. If this does not appeal to you, I urge you to not complete this story. Thank you.

The night never used to effect you.

For some points in your life, you never even noticed the change of the day. The computer screen blaring its blue light right into your eyes made it hard to realize that at some point, sunlight failed to gleam its way past your window curtains. But things change.

And your fears changed with them.

Darkiplier’s return hadn’t struck you much when it first occurred. You had been excited and enthralled by the momentum of it all, but there was no true fear. But as it was said… things change. And things changed very drastically on one particular blustering, lonely night.

You remember it vividly. It was dark, the wind was crashing like tidal waves against the panels of your house, but you paid almost no mind to it. It’s desperate warning howls against cold and bitter air never seemed to register its way into your head. You were busy, far too busy, to listen. Instead, your attentions were eagerly set upon one particular youtube channel, and to one particular youtuber, who’s smile and stubble always seemed to burn a piece of you even brighter. Every time his video started, your entire body always relaxed. Every time his voice rolled from the speakers of your computer, you were already fixated.

“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome-”

Another horrible gurgling sound of the wind smacking against the tree branches almost drowned out the sounds of Mark speaking. But you were determined to listen, you were an avid lover of the Subnautica series, after all. It started as usual, Mark had his character standing out into the empty abyss of the sea, looking towards the horizon and blabbering his thoughts about his loneliness and plans to rebuild a base somewhere deep underwater. And you loved every second of it. You loved his goofy childish fear of the creatures bellowing from beyond. You loved his ambitions and truest, deepest, desire to learn more about the secrets hidden bellow ocean waves.

That is when everything went horribly wrong.

It was about ten minutes into the video. Mark had his Seamoth floating into the endless chasms of the trenches of the deep, darkness surrounding him, eery music screeching beneath his words. There was an abrupt beeping sound that sounded much like a computer error note, and the youtube video was cut off, glitched into place in the midst of Mark’s opening mouth.

The sudden file that abruptly popped up in the center of your screen made you jerk in your seat. Leaning back after realizing how closely you had been leaning, your eyes stared upon the digital manila envelope that sat right smack in the middle of the youtube video, innocent but very, very odd. In bold black letters beneath the folder, it read

“Read Me.”

Instead of feeling fear, you scowled in annoyance. Damn bots and their malware. You quickly clicked away from the envelope, and it brought you back to the youtube screen, where you were able to begin the video again. In just mere moments, you completely forgot all about that strange, random digital file.

Mark’s humorous statements, and the surprising calm of the wind battering the window pane, caused you to begin relaxing again. When the loud bling sound arrived for the second time, only about five minutes after deleting the first file, you almost gave a gasp in surprise. The file, in all its small digital glory, popped back up onto the midst of the computer screen, sitting patiently, quietly, unassuming. But the words bellow had changed. In that same bold font, rigid and black, it read;

“I Said Read Me.”

This one caused your attention. This one, you could feel, caused for your stomach to awkwardly flutter in a mixture of nervous curiosity. This was definitely no malware, no bot had ever sent another message after being declined with such demand. Your hand on the mouse, suddenly becoming slightly slick, slowly pulled the cursor over the file, highlighting it in preparation to click. But you hesitated.

What if this absolutely fucked up your computer? Implanted a virus or some type of device to stalk you while you slept. You had heard of the stories before, those horrible nightmarish instances where someone was kidnapped by a freak viewing them from their computer screen…. But this felt… different. Somehow, this felt… safe. You had no explanation as to why, and you rarely ever trusted your judgement. But without another pause, you tapped the file to beckon it open.

The file disappeared, and into another quick moment, a blank empty page took its place, only taking up about half of the screen in a small rectangular shape. The page, in same bolded black, only read a few words.

“Mind Or Body?”

And beneath those words were two empty boxes, one with an M beside it, and the other with a B. They were waiting to be checked.

At this point, you were beyond puzzled. What did the question even mean? Was this some sort of advertisement? It couldn’t have been, advertisements were never ones to be mysterious. They immediately wanted you to know their name and they motives. This was just… bizarre.

“Mind Or Body?”

You removed your hand from the mouse, and slowly rubbed the cold and sweating fingertips of yours across your cheeks, desperately trying to understand what it was initially asking. Was it based off attraction? Perhaps that was it… intelligence or beauty, perhaps, was the underlying cause. You had to assume so, because it certainly wasn’t giving any further clues.

Your tongue clicked against the roof of your mouth, scowling in an attempted concentration as a slow breath drew from you. On top of trying to discover where this file had come from, and why, you were also trying to choose between the two options.

What did it matter, really anyway? What type of strange poll was this, and how did it affect anything?

In a fit of “I don’t care”, you wiggled your cursor across the screen before randomly choosing one of the options. You think you ended up clicking on Body, but you weren’t completely sure.

The page disappeared in a silent blink, leaving the canvas of the youtube page up to its fullest colors. But despite the eagerly awaiting adventures that were going to occur in the deep, you failed to start the video again. You merely stared, blankly, unseeing of the bold red outline of the webpage. You were too intensely in thought, and too intent on finding out what that file had exactly done to the likes of your computer.

You ran a malware check, a virus check, and a few treatment diagnostics, almost certain some type of disruption surely had made its way to the database. But, the computer seemed certain that all was well, as certain as it was that it couldn’t find the source of that file, or the history of its appearance.

Satisfied, only partially, that all was well, you shrugged off the experience and assumed that whatever poll you had just taken was going to some sort of research facility, somewhere in the world. A strange, mysterious, unknown facility, but a facility nonetheless. Your hand fell upon the mouse again, and you moved your cursor across the screen in order to reopen your page again.

You only got about half way.

The entirety of your screen froze, or at least, that’s what you could determine. No matter how aggressively you swiped your mice across your desk, around in circles, back and forth, zigzagging and cursing under your breath, the white little cursor simply remained stuck right in the center of your computer screen.

“Dammit you stupid lagging piece of trash.” Your voice growled in disdain as you lifted the mouse in your hand, beginning to twist it to check and see if anything had blocked off the sensors down bellow. It was then that the familiar, horribly familiar, bling from the computer resounded in your ears again.

Your eyes lifted back towards the computer before you, and there, in the center of the computer, directly bellow the cursor with the same cream manila envelope, was another file.

“View Me.”

You were unable to move the cursor in order to hover over the words, the entirety of your screen had obviously completely crashed. So, in one last effort, you pressed your finger against your enter button. The file glitched into uneven shreds, ditching across the screen as a scratching noise, like fuzz and screeching nails, echoed in your ears for a moment or so, before all was quiet again. Calmly, a much larger rectangle assumed its place, but it was empty, and black, and a small play button sat in the center. It was a video. It began playing with you urging it to start.

The scene it faded into caused the depths of your chest to rise into your throat.

The dark concrete room was barren, lacking substantial light and seeming to be aged and worn. Deep cracks were in the floor and wall that connected together. Dark stains, mud or… blood… or whatever else… were randomly splattered against the surface. You could almost smell the musky scent it most certainly wafted.

A man sat directly in the center, head drooped lowly, the black raven tresses of his hair cascading over half of his face. The chair he sat in was large, awkwardly large, metallic and rigid and surely not comfortable. You could see that his eyes were closed, but it lacked anything that would describe that he was peaceful. His hands were stuck awkwardly behind his back, elbows protruding outward enough to make you believe his wrists were most likely bound.

“Mark…” The words barely left you, your voice was having a difficult time being used. What in the hell was this? Why were you being shown something like this? What did it mean?

You were desperately attempting to process the horrid display, when suddenly they entirety of the scene jostled and wiggled, blurring the figure in front of you. Someone was adjusting the camera pointed in Mark’s direction.

“Mmmmm….” There was a light growling sound in the depth of an unknown figure’s throat, whoever was behind the scene. Behind the camera. Behind all of this mayhem you were looking upon. There was a few more seconds of jostling and incoherent muttering, before there was a loud click, and a sound of praise.

“There we are.” The voice was rich, flowing and gentle, almost calming if any different situation was occurring. A man, burly and tall, surprisingly pale, strode into the view of the camera.

You suddenly realized just how thirsty you were. All you ever wanted, at that moment, was a tall glass of water.

Dark turned himself around in order to burn his gaze into the camera lens, staring directly into you with a smile that arched unnaturally. His arms that lay at his sides swung out, beckoning in a gesture of prideful welcome.

“Lovelies, ladies and gentleman, one… and all. I am most pleased to find you here with me. Welcome, all of you, to my first ever, official, Darkiplier episode.” Dark clapped his hands together and hugged them close to his chest, snickering and smiling in a giddy fashion.

“It took quite a bit of effort, I must admit. Days worth of planning, aggravation, sweat and tears and blood, quite literally, in order to make this possible. I set up the scene, of course, with the skills that I wield. But the final piece, the final push to truly… get this episode rolling, was something I required from you.”

Dark stood directly in front of Mark’s body, who remained unmoving, locked in some type of trance, or fretful sleep, looking like a long passed mannequin. Dark didn’t even seem to notice Mark’s existence, his entire attentions focused to the screen, and he continued talking.

“All of you received a poll, just minutes ago. The question, as I’m sure you all can recall, was ‘Mind or Body?’ Did any of you ponder what this may entail? Hmm? Did any of you suspect any ill will when you responded? Well, whatever curiosity you have faced in these last few moments, my friends, it will finally be quenched. Your responses determined the actions that will be bestowed upon my perfect little subject here with me, today. Some of you may know him from his video channel, some of you may have no recognition of him. I simply call him Mark.”

Dark stepped to the side only slightly, and twisted his shoulders to show off the shadowed figure of poor empty Mark, hanging in his seat.

“Perhaps ‘The Little Wench Who Ruined My Existence’ would suffice as a more suitable nickname, however. Don’t you agree, Mark?”

After another pause, he turned back, and jerked his hands against the hem of his vest, straining the fabric. He continued as if he hadn’t interacted with the unconscious man at all. As he did, his smile shifted, only slightly, something laying beneath his skin that grew darker, less friendly. He seemed to be staring directly into you, and you alone.

“Some of you may believe that this is for Mark alone. But you would assume incorrectly. Don’t you see? I tried to play nicely. I tried to be the wonderful, perfect Figment they all assumed me to be. But still… you doubted. Adoration turned into comfortableness. You all became fearless of me. You sought me out because you thought I was fUnnY, OR cuTE, or soMEtHING to brINg you AMUsemenT. You all believe that I am…. am incapable….. of what I KNOW…. I can do. You all believe that I am weak, pathetic, and that I am simply some… imagination. Some… tHinG. Well… I am here to remind you, Lovelies, that I am not some wandering decision. I am a concrete REALITY. And now… well… I will prove. What I. Am capable of.”


Oops! I may have not completely fulfilled my promise. Did I fail to mention I would only be providing HALF of the story at 1,000 followers? How disappointing. It must have slipped my mind.

Do you desire part two? Perhaps I will continue at 1,500. Or perhaps not. We’ll see where the wind takes me.

Good Luck Finding Cinderella

“I’m pretty.” Tony cocked his head to the side and watched as black tresses cascaded over his shoulder and side. He tapped at his lips, which were painted ruby red, then traced his eyes. His eyes were large like some anime character’s and his lashes were thick and lush. He palmed his chin and cheeks. Soft as baby skin and twice as smooth.

“Who said you could look at yourself yet?” Rhodey grabbed Tony by the arm and drew Tony back to the bed where Rhodey had spent the last hour and more adding extensions to Tony’s hair and applying makeup to Tony’s clean shaven face.

Piles of blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and many cosmetics slid across the bedspread as Tony landed on the mattress. Rhodey grumbled as he stood behind Tony and took a comb to Tony’s hair. He snatched a few bobby pins off the bed and held them in his mouth as he grumbled.

“I didn’t actually think you could do it. I was prepared for a disaster, but I actually look like a girl. A flat chested one at the moment, but a girl nonetheless.”

“I told you I have sisters and cousins, didn’t I?”

“That just tells me everyday is a battle for hot water and private time, not that you’re actually good at this kind of stuff.”

Rhodey rolled his eyes. He gave Tony’s head a particularly rough shove forward then did some braid-y-thingie with Tony’s hair.

“I had an emergency makeup artist on speed dial and everything,” Tony mumbled.

“And aren’t you glad you don’t have to call them? Your adventure tonight is going to be a secret between the two of us.” Rhodey thrust out his pinkie at Tony.

Tony grinned and hooked his pinkie around Rhodey’s. “What are we? Five?” he razzed Rhodey. He loved the childish act though. It soothed the part of him that was still scared Rhodey would betray him one day. He’d known Rhodey for a few years now, and Rhodey had always been by his side even when he was at his worst. Even so, he’d been burned so many times, it was still hard for him to believe that Rhodey was the best friend he’d been looking for all his life.

“So are you going to dance with the prince?” Rhodey teased as he styled Tony’s hair.

Tony scoffed and playfully tried to elbow Rhodey. “I only want to see what all the fuss is about.” Truthfully, Tony understood why the Wakanda prince was such a big deal. Wakanda was a very powerful country and had resources that everyone wanted to get their hands on. What Tony didn’t understand was why for the first time ever, Howard had forbidden Tony from attending the prince’s welcome party at the embassy. Usually Howard forced Tony to attend such things. The one-eighty in attitude made Tony curious, and now Tony wanted nothing more than to march into the embassy, waltz up to the Prince T’Challa, and say something shocking.

“Right, you bought a one of a kind gown just so you could stare at the prince. Sure thing, Cinderella.”

“You’re just jealous because I’ve proven that no matter what, I’m always beautiful.”

“Watch it, I still have my makeup brushes. I can turn you into a pumpkin if you keep that ego up.”

Tony feigned a forlorn sigh. “How did I end up with an abusive fairy godmother?”

Rhodey twisted Tony’s hair.

Tony laughed.

Rhodey soon finished with Tony’s hair. He then helped Tony pick out the bra size that looked the most natural with Tony’s body. Tony was disappointed that Rhodey nixed the D size bra, but once he saw himself laced up in his flowing crimson gown, Tony could admit that Rhodey had been right about the cup size. D would have been too much.  

“So would you date me now?” Tony chortled. He’d linked his arm through Rhodey’s as they headed toward the garage. Tony dangled his strappy heels from his finger–mindful of his press ons.

“Maybe in another universe.”

Tony was a tad disappointed in Rhodey’s answer, but he had expected it. He’d spent the early half of their friendship flirting mercilessly with Rhodey, and while Rhodey had always responded good-naturedly, Rhodey just wasn’t interested in anything sexual or romantic. He was open to late night drunken cuddles, though, so Tony was pleased.

Rhodey held open the car door and helped Tony inside. Tony was grateful that he’d picked a gown that didn’t have a bulky skirt or else he would never be able to drive himself to the embassy. With a hug and a few final well wishes, Rhodey shut the car door and took a step back.

Tony drove off to the embassy. It took him longer than he’d have preferred to get to the welcome party, but it was worth it in the end. Everyone and their mother seemed to be attending the party, and so Tony had managed to avoid the line by showing up late. He gave a fake name that he’d arranged to have put on the guest then strode into the party.

It wasn’t the fanciest party Tony had gone to, but considering it was a bunch of politicians and such who were hosting the shindig, the event was nicer than their normal parties. Tony would describe it as Sunday Brunch With Grandma. The food was plentiful and every table had a flower arrangement. The music was performed by musicians and classical. Everyone either drank champagne or water.

In short, it was boringly elegant and tasteful. If it weren’t for his curiosity, Tony would have pivoted and strolled right out of the room.

Instead, Tony snatched a flute of champagne when a waiter wandered by with a tray full of glasses. He took a sip then dove into the crowd, searching for the guest of honor. He had to mingle a little bit, but for once Tony was amused by the small talk. It was obvious no one recognized him dressed as a girl, and he found it enjoyable to every now and then mention his name and see the reaction it got out of people.

He didn’t have many fans among the older crowd. Those closer to his age varied in their opinions of him, but even the most irritated of his peers acknowledged Tony’s intelligence and skill set.

Tony was enjoying himself so much that as he moved to retreat from the group he was currently mingling with, he bumped into someone who had just been trying to pass by.

“Sorry.” Tony seized the arm of his victim without thinking, yanking the young man back into place before he could fall to the ground. “Wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The young man paused for a moment. His dark gaze assessed Tony, and Tony took the opportunity to check out the cutie in return. Soft, springy curls crowned the guy’s head, and Tony’s fingers twitched to touch the curls. A goatee that arced thinly around the lips then covered the bottom half his chin reminded Tony of the first time he’d kissed someone with facial hair and how rough it had been.

Tony certainly wouldn’t mind kissing the guy in front of him to see if his kiss would be equally as rough.  

“No, the trouble is all mine. I was not paying attention either.”

“Sounds like we’re both to blame then.” Tony smiled, then just for fun, he held out his hand like he expected the man in front of him to kiss it. It wasn’t everyday Tony got to dress up like a girl and attend a fancy party. He was going to take full advantage.

Dark eyes sparkled with mischief. The young man eyed Tony’s hand then took it and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “So it would seem. However, I am not the one who would have had to face the wrath of the Dora Milaje.”

The Dora Milaje? Tony flipped through his memory like a rolodex until he found what he was looking for.

The Dora Milaje were the personal bodyguards of Prince T’Challa.

Tony glanced in the direction Prince T’Challa had come from and a woman who radiated strength and authority stood just a few paces away. Her sight was locked on Tony, and Tony swore she could see right through him; that she knew that underneath the dress and makeup Tony was just a boy.

Except he wasn’t just a boy. He was the same age as Prince T’Challa, and just like the prince he was a genius. He may not be a prince, but he was set to inherit a company that affected the lives of billions. He was Tony Stark, and he wasn’t going to let some overprotective Xena wannabe scare him into submission.

“So I guess that makes you the prince this party is for. Personally, I think it’s lame. I’ve been to Easter parties more exciting than this. You should complain. One word from you and we could get a rock band in here as well as some decent alcohol.”

“I’m sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying yourself.”

Tony scoffed and tossed back the last of his champagne. “Please, Prince Charming, don’t pretend like you give a damn whether someone is enjoying this party or not. This is all just a show, and everyone here is a clown.”

Prince T’Challa quirked an eyebrow and met Tony’s gaze challenging. “Everyone?”

The prince’s inflection gave off the real question he was asking: “Even me?”

Tony smirked. “Everyone.” Tony thrust his champagne flute at Prince T’Challa. “Mind holding this? Thanks.” Tony didn’t give Prince T’Challa an option, shoving the glass into Prince T’Challa’s hands before the young man could stop him.

Tony snatched another flute off a passing waiter’s tray and sipped from the new glass. “So Prince Charming, I hear you’re a genius. What’s your field?”

“Excuse me?”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Field of study? Please tell me you’re a genius in the math and sciences and that you’re not going to pull out some crap about being a literary genius or some bull shit like that.”

“You don’t like literature?”

Tony shook his head. “Literature isn’t objective. It’s important, but I like dealing with hard facts. I don’t need nor want to get in debate about whether King Lear was a hypocrite and got what he deserved in the end or if he’s truly a tragic character and should be pitied. I much rather talk about artificial intelligence, psychics, or even just space.” Tony paused. “Star Wars and Star Trek are also an option.”

Prince T’Challa chuckled. “So are you a Picard or a Kirk fan?”

Tony threw a hand over his fake boobs. “You are Prince Charming.” He fanned himself. “Don’t stop talking nerdy to me.”

“Then perhaps you’d like to hear about Wakanda’s research into artificial intelligence?”  

“Stop, I’ll be kissing you by the end of the night.”

Prince T’Challa didn’t stop, and Tony was entranced. He was enchanted by Prince T’Challa’s crooked smile and the way his eyes lit up as he spoke to Tony. He was enthralled with each new piece of information Prince T’Challa shared with him, and before long, Tony had pulled Prince T’Challa over to a table so Tony could take notes on napkins. He was disappointed to realize that some of the technology Prince T’Challa mentioned using in his experiments did not currently exist in the USA. However, after making a few inquiries, Tony was positive he could develop something similar if not better.

He enjoyed the warm hand Prince T’Challa rested on his knee as Tony drew schematics of the tools he intended to craft. Happiness blossomed in his chest whenever Prince T’Challa looked at his drawings and pointed out something he’d failed to consider and then offered a solution or alternative.

They talked back and forth and it wasn’t until Tony’s back ached from arching over his drawings that he realized the party had thinned out immensely.

A glance at the clock told it was late enough to be considered morning. With a curse, he stood up and shoved the napkins of schematics into his bosom. “Hate to engineer and dash, but it’s going to take forever for me to get rid of all this makeup and I need it gone before the evil dragon guarding my castle learns that I snuck out for the evening. You’ve been a marvelous prince though. Thanks.”

“Before you go, may I-” Tony didn’t hear what Prince T’Challa said. The moment Prince T’Challa had stood and made a move to reach for Tony, Tony had taken off like a rabbit after hearing a gunshot.

He ran out of the embassy and to his car, ripping the door open as fast as he could. He plopped himself into the driver’s seat then bent to undo his strappy heels–he couldn’t drive with the damn things on. He was about to throw them in the passenger seat when a thought came to him. The night really had been like a fairytale, so why not go all in?

Tony opened the compartment where he kept insurance papers as well as a few pens. As quickly as possible, he scribbled a note on the bottom of one shoe then tossed the shoe out of the car.

He then slammed the door and started the car. He didn’t look back to see if anyone had actually followed him outside.

He grinned to himself. Even if Prince T’Challa never found his shoe, Tony would be happy. He’d had fun and at least he’d gotten some cool schematics out of the evening.

Part 2

Barely Dressed; Never Snogging

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The first time Lily Evans wore James Potter’s shirt was an accident.

Lily grabbed it from the clean laundry pile that the House Elves placed on her trunk the night before. She threw it over her head and as it slid down her face into place she realized how good the shirt smelled. She mused that when her clothes came back from the elves, they never smelled so…good.

She didn’t notice it wasn’t one of her Gryffindor shirts until the hem fell right above her knees like a very short dress. The soft cotton was well worn and soft against her bare skin, colored scarlet with a lion rearing on the front majestically. Lily pulled it off just as quickly as she’d put it on, checking the tag and seeing no name written in. When she flipped it over to view the back she was in luck.

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Her First Apartment Ch.1

Ooooohhkaayyyy. Sit back and get comfortable this updated chapter is little over 3000 words.

Inukag college AU

I included what I had already posted before because of the added details and changes I put in so you should still read it all!

The woman fought with her umbrella as the wind threatened to douse her in the heavy sheets of rain. She watched the map on her phone as she spat her wild black tresses from her mouth. Her stomach demanded she stop somewhere dry to eat her snack, or better yet, find a restaurant. She continued on her journey by sheer willpower, ignoring her body’s needs. Stopping her in her tracks, she felt the object in her hand buzz. Her mother was checking in on her progress, wary of the weather conditions her daughter was traversing through on her search. Kagome shook her head as she continued to walk, her bare feet enjoying the small pools of spring rain lapping up at her ankles with every step. If it weren’t for the damn wind threatening to blow her over, she’d be skipping from puddle to puddle in joy. She wanted to keep her sandals dry and Koga had always said that the best traction is the skin on your heel. Perfect for wet weather.

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 Summary: Ten years later, Levi reflects back with a cup of tea and an old photo album.

Pairing: RivaMika bc I am trash  

Note: I swear to it there is rivamika here please read to the end & YOU SHOULD REAAAALLY READ THIS WITH THIS PLAYING (gives you the whole feels shebang)


Situated at the far left corner of a comfortably furnished living room sat a man. His form rested upon the back of an old leather armchair, one hand flexed towards the side table, serving to occasionally to bring a cup of tea, black, as he had always preferred it to be, towards his lips for that slow sip, and the other to flip a page on an bulky photo album.

 Ten years had walked by since the last cry of the final titan that had been slain and ten years had gone since the first cry of man that became a signal for humanity’s long awaited victory. Levi glanced at the cover of the photo album, its edges weary and color faded. Photographs have been rare before, especially to them who served in the military where different priorities were placed above trivial matters. Though, idly thinking back to it, Levi felt somewhat happy they had occasional moments to spare to trap time within paper.

He pushed away his prior thoughts and flipped a page to face the familiar faces of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa staring back at him. He chucked wryly. Upon noticing Eren’s deep scrunch of the brow, looking rather angry, Armin’s shy glance towards the camera, and Mikasa’s deadpan gaze boring to the lens, Levi concluded this picture was taken in their younger days, probably within the first few months of their training. The rest of the page was filled with similar pictures he noticed. His eyes slowly scanned across photos of various 104th cadets some of them smiling, laughing, even glaring - courtesy of Mikasa, and some pictures of them training. 

Most of the photos he scanned by were of Jean and Eren either fighting or glaring, Armin waving behind a book, Ymir, with blushing Historia under her arm,and Sasha and Connie with their arms entangled and smiles adorning their faces. He chuckled at a particular photo; a red faced Jean leaning, or rather, attempting to lean close to an unsurprisingly deadpan Mikasa who very subtly leaned her body away. Either Connie or Sasha must have been the culprit behind this photo, he mused. 

Flipping through the next few pages, he stopped short at a particular photo of Erwin, Hanji, and himself. 

His eyes glazed with nostalgia at the sight of Erwin’s proud grin, broad shoulders and sky blue eyes. Erwin, in the picture had slung an arm over Hanji’s broad shoulders whose smile seemed even wider and the reds on her cheeks even redder. Even he, in the picture, even standing at a noticeable distance had looked at the two with an expression mirroring one of happiness, well as much happiness as you could get from the Levi after all. The picture had been taken after one of a successful expedition, so that must be the explanation of why Erwin looked less goddamned constipated for once, Levi thought.

He stopped yet again at a single photo shuffled crookedly to the corner. It was a simple photo of Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie seated on a bench with their usual expressions in place; Reiner with his proud smile, Bertholdt with his gentle eyes, and Annie’s expression resembling Mikasa’s usual deadpan look. Levi looked at the frayed edges with blank thoughts and flipped the page yet again. He willed himself to ignore the transparent gleam of tape that connected the rip of the photo midway.

Another photograph of them all caught his attention. Historia seated at the middle, a strong gaze steadied to the lens and her posture straight and proud. The rest of them had stood behind her, some smiling, some neutral with their hands fisted to their chests; their symbol for devotion. 

The rest of the photos from the album mostly consisted of the faces of cadets in different settings. Some were familiar, some not quite. Along the people, he noticed the notable fear in the eyes and the weary posture that they held their bodies and sighed proceeded to sigh woefully. The war had been long and so much was lost for the walls to finally fall. 

That moment had been captured in a photograph. It wasn’t a grand photo. Just a photo of open land. He remembered that field well. Probably just a few feet away would have laid the final titan face turned to the ground and body slump. It was silent, he remembered. There fell a hush after the creature fell with a thud. And then a cry. He didn’t know who, but he remembered a cry. It sounded somewhat a mix between a cry of victory and a cry of anguish. After centuries of bloodshed and fear within caged walls, the remaining soldiers joined the chorus and let out a cry. Some cried for those who were lost and some cried out of relief. Levi didn’t cry. He fell to his knees instead, with his hand curled to a fist over his heart as he bowed his head. 

Mikasa held Eren and Armin close to her and as well let out a cry. Eren had thought she resembled her nine year old self that day, raw and stripped of her armor; so Eren had let out a smile instead. Armin looked at the two, then the men who scattered themselves across the battlefield, and then the open walls and he too let out a cry. 

Levi turned the page again and stopped at a photo of a bonfire. The photo was solemn. The black of the night and the red hues of the flames in stark contrast against the faded linings of the paper it was stuck to. On the bottom, there lay a note.

“To all whom was lost- may we devote our hearts to your sacrifice and to humanity.”  

The line was written with quick, precise, strokes, and Levi has never thought for a few words to envelop him in so much nostalgia and longing before. 

The sound of a door opening and a mix of footsteps running and walking in pulled Levi from his trance. 


Levi looked, the confusion immediately dispersing from his features and stretched his arm out for his daughter to grab. He smoothed her black hair and lifted her up to sit in his lap as he listened to her animatedly talk about what she bought with Mama in the market. 

“Mama bought a lot of leaves! I asked why when we have a lot of leaves in our tree but mama said the leaves were for the tea shop but Papa what does she mean? How can you drink from leaves?” 

Levi looked at Lisa, his and Mikasa’s three year old daughter and smiled at her bewildered expression, “Mama and Papa have to brew them, baby.” Lisa still sat on her papa’s lap, still with a puzzled expression but nodded none the less. Levi chuckled.

“Papa, me and Mama saw Uncle Eren and Uncle Armin too! They said Auntie Sasha’s bakery is opening tomorrow. We should go, Auntie Sasha makes really good cake, papa. Can we go?” 

Levi ruffled her hair and replied, “We can ask your mama so we can go together, okay?”

Levi looked towards the kitchen where Mikasa had begun to organize the tea leaves into separate containers and caught her eye. “Jean has mentioned that Connie told him about the opening, so I don’t see why not.”  

Lisa let out a yell of a hooray at her mama’s approval and jumped from her papa’s lap, not before kissing his cheek (which Levi smiled at), and joined her mama in the kitchen. 

Mikasa paused from her work, swiped a strand of hair to the side and glanced at her husband. She studied as he sat on the chair, blue eyes looking far out the window and finally noticed the old hardbound album sitting on his lap. Mikasa moved towards Levi, taking the seat across from him and placed her hand on top of his. Levi jolted in a slight surprise from the touch, relaxed, then took her hand under his own. 

They looked at each other in a comfortable, familiar silence. Levi studied Mikasa’s face as her eyes, that used to look at the world with such a hardened gaze had now stared back at him softly. His eyes trailed down to her scar that peeked curiously from beneath black tresses and briefly thought back to its origins. 

Lisa’s sudden call broke the silence,“Papaaaa! Mamaaaaa! I’m finished! Can I set out the biscuits mama bought earlier?” 

Both Levi and Mikasa glanced at Lisa, amusement flickering in their eyes. Levi then looked at a framed photograph mounted to the wall. It was a photo of the three of them; Mikasa, finally without the deadpan expression and finally smiling, sat on the sand, with Lisa between her legs, his daughter’s eyes scrunched in laughter and Levi, sitting beside Mikasa, one hand slung over her shoulder, his eyes locked on his family, a calm smile ghosted over his lips. 

Levi’s eyes drifted towards his wife, with his daughter in her lap, hands reaching towards the plate and pretty blue eyes (which she got from him) in deep concentration over the arrangement of the sweets. 

Levi looked around once again, at the simplicity of his home, and the smallness of his family and grasped at the leather bound photo album tighter. 

Years back he would have never imagined to be in this position, always feeling like a piece ready to be sacrificed at any time, but as he looks at Mikasa and Lisa, Levi realizes that he has never felt more at home.

Bloodlust (Yongguk x Reader x Daehyun) - Vampire!AU

Word count: 5061 (oops) (Admin M + Admin S) 

Warnings: mentions of blood, alcohol use, supernatural themes, swearing 

Request:  An angst oneshot for maybe either Daehyun or Yongguk? Maybe even both of them? Like a triangle?

“Just my fucking luck.” (Y/n) groaned as the heavy rain came down, drenching her from head to toe in seconds. She had forgotten her wallet and phone at university, and was only slinging around her empty bag and to top things off, her umbrella broke as she walked through the busy streets. Her outfit consisted of thin tights, a black skirt and a red blouse which by now was completely see through due to the water. Gritting her teeth and wrapping her arms around her form, she continued, completely unaware of the two dark eyes watching her from across the street as she waited at the pedestrian crossing, shivering from the cold.

Yongguk watched the girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair, with curiosity, his deep wine red eyes turning black, he needed to feed. Sighing, he could hear the chattering of her teeth from across the road, and giving into the pull on his heart, he caved and decided to help her, after all, maybe she could be his snack, after all, she did smell great, berries and wine.

As the light turned green, (y/n) began to make her way towards the other side of the road, her apartment building wasn’t too far away now, only a couple of blocks down now. She continued by herself, her earphones blaring familiar Bastille music when all of a sudden, the rain stopped, causing her to look up and meet a black sky. Turning her head around, she saw a tall male, with curly black hair, deep back eyes and a killer jawline holding an umbrella over her head, preventing the pouring rain from hitting her.

“You looked like you needed help.” He smiled, the smile being a little unfitting on his intimidating features, (y/n) smiled, before speaking up.

“Thank you so much but don’t trouble yourself, I’ll be fine, the worst is over.” She said, genuinely appreciating what this very attractive stranger was doing but she didn’t want to burden anyone. Yongguk smiled, letting out a chuckle as he mentioned for her to walk. “Don’t worry.” He smiled, extending the handle of the umbrella towards her, which she took, before he proceeded to take off his thick coat, which was a disguise anyway, vampires didn’t feel cold. Taking of his jacket, he placed it on her shoulders, his eyes unintentionally staying at her chest for a little longer than necessary, so he awkwardly cleared his throat and looked away.

“Hey! Keep your jacket on! You’ll get sick!” (Y/n) said, feeling guilty but deep down, she couldn’t deny the warmth and comfort that engulfed her as this stranger’s jacket hung around her drenched form.

“Come on, where are you going?” Yongguk asked, keeping his eyes away from her neck and chest, his thirst was getting a bit unbearable at this point. (Y/n) hesitantly pointed towards her apartment building as they shared some small talk, completely unaware of the fact that one of the pair was a mythical creature, a demon of the night.

Upon reaching her apartment building, she bid goodbye to Yongguk, after exchanging phone numbers that is. Yongguk abandoned his original plan of biting her, she was too nice to do so.


9 months later

“Hey, the weather is really bad, you should stay.” (Y/n) said as Yongguk put on his shoes and opened the door, only to be greeted by a blast of cold wind and snow, causing him to slam the door shut. (Y/n) chuckled as he took off his coat and sat back down on the couch next to her, the pair had now been dating for the past 3 months, ever since their encounter 9 months ago, they’d instantly clicked.

“Come on, I’ll see if I can find some of Xander’s clothes that’ll fit you.” She said, turning to the storage room to see whether any of her brother’s clothes that were at her house would fit her boyfriend. Yongguk hesitantly followed her, he hadn’t fed in a long while and the weather on top made everything worse, he wouldn’t be able to get home and the possibility of him attacking (y/n) was rising with every second.

(Y/n) sighed as she tried to reach for the top shelf, failing to do so, she pulled a stool from the cupboard, and got on top, ignoring the slight shaking as she reached for a box of clothes. Yongguk watched the girl carefully as she got on her tippy toes, and as soon as this happened, she lost her balance, causing the stool to fall from underneath her feet as she fell backwards. Yongguk easily caught her, after all, his enhanced sense were remarkable. (Y/n) yelped as she landed in Yongguk’s strong arms, closing her eyes tightly as she held on to his forearm.

“You should be more careful love.” Yongguk whispered, leaning closer to her neck, running his nose along her soft (s/c) skin, causing goose bumps to arise as (y/n)’s eyes widened. His strong arms kept (y/n) in a steady position leaning back, as he traced the main vein in her neck with his nose, his mind going crazy with her smell.

“Mmm, baby girl, you smell delicious.” He mumbled against her neck, placing a soft kiss on the base of her neck, causing her to tighten her grip on him as she softly moaned.

“Yong..Yongguk.” But before she could do anything more, Yongguk hoisted her up, swiftly bringing her back on to her feet and in the flash of an eye, he left the room, making his way to the bathroom and locking the door.

He almost lost control, he could have killed her, or worse, marked her

He splashed his face with cold water, trying to gain composure on himself as (y/n) knocked on the door, confused and upset due to his behaviour. “Hey Guk, did I do something wrong?” She asked softly, her voice on the verge of cracking, this was the first time the pair had gotten even the slightest intimate and him running off like that could only mean one thing, she’d messed up.

“It’s nothing, I feel sick.” Yongguk softly replied as he opened the door.


“Come on, you should meet my friends, they’re going to love you.” Yongguk smiled, holding on to her hand tightly as he made his way into the large mansion. “You never told me you were a prince, this place is huge!” (Y/n) commented laughing, Yongguk’s place indeed was huge, it was absolutely beautiful. Large wooden doors, red carpet, chandeliers, large windows, vintage furniture, you name it.

“Are you sure you’re not a royal?” (Y/n) asked as she looked around the place. Yongguk smiled at her and held her hand, trying to ease her nerves.

“Relax. They’ll love you” Yongguk wrapped an arm around (Y/n) trying to calm her down while she nodded. Soon enough she entered the living room and saw 5 boys minding their business and all of their heads turning in their direction as she entered with him.

Yongguk gave them all a warning look so that they don’t do anything stupid and started, “Everyone meet (Y/n). (Y/n), this is everyone” Yongguk started as a pink haired man came forward with a smile. “I’m Zelo. Nice to meet you (Y/n)”. He respectively bowed backed away.

“I’m Kim Himchan” The man with red hair spoke with a smirk, his brown eyes twinkling as he spoke. “Jongup” a guy with bleach blonde hair mixed with black tresses spoke.

“Yoo Youngjae” a man with black hair greeted her with a bright friendly smile and she nodded, feeling someone burning holes in her head the moment she had entered.

“Jung Daehyun” her head turned towards the man who had been intensely gazing at her with his eyes slightly dark. A shiver ran down her spine and she immediately averted her eyes, getting closer to Yongguk.

Daehyun had gotten a whiff of an irresistible aroma which made him slightly fidgety in his seat. His eyes closed as he tried inhale as much of it as he could and the fact it was coming closer didn’t help at all. His throat went dry and started burning. Never in the decades he had tread on this Earth had he felt something this irresistible and sinfully delicious. Slowly opening his eyes, he was met with a beautiful woman having lovely (H/c) hair and shining eyes. It was Yongguk’s girlfriend he bitterly thought.  

“Yongguk, where’s the washroom?” (Y/n) questioned her boyfriend who smiled down at her. “There” he pointed towards a large golden door. “I’ll be right back!” She cheerfully said going inside. “Sure, I’ll go grab us some drinks from the kitchen, I’ll be right back” He called out after her. The other 5 males dispersed, with Himchan and Youngjae leaving for work and Jongup and Zelo leaving for university.  


While washing her hands at the sink, she heard the door being open and looked over at the intruder in surprise. “What the heck? You cannot just barge in on someone while they’re in the washroom!” (Y/n) looked at the man who stood before her in disbelief but the look of surprise soon vanished and her eyes widened as Daehyun locked the door and neared her with pitch black eyes, giving her the same look he did once Yongguk had introduced them.

Her voice suddenly got lost as took another step towards her and she instinctively stumbled back. Not aware of the slippery floor near the shower drain, she took another step which made her foot slip. With a small scream erupting from her lips, she waited for impact with her eyes shut, only it never came. Instead she felt arms being wrapped around her and a robust chest against her own.

Wearily opening her eyes, she came face to face with Daehyun who had her nailed under his piercing gaze with an amused smirk dancing on his lips. “Let go!” (Y/n) angrily seethed trying to sound strong, while she was shaken to the core on the inside. She punched his chest in futile attempts making him sigh in annoyance. He started to move towards her neck which made her breath hitch and she did the only thing she kept as her last resort. She kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine making him release his hold on her and groan in pain.

Before she could make a beeline for the door, he roughly grabbed her with an angry scowl decorating his features and slammed her against the wall near the shower head. It all happened too fast for the human eye to comprehend and (Y/n) lifted her hand in surprise, only for it to come in contact with the shower handle, turning on the shower.

She gasped as cold water hit her skin clenching her eyes shut as she felt Daehyun’s breath on her face and his bruising hold on her waist firmly holding her against the wall with her hands against his firm chest. “You’re gonna pay for that” he snarled.

Realizing the weight of the situation, her voice came back and so, she screamed for her beloved. “YONGU-“ before she could continue, Daehyun abruptly placed his hand over her mouth, pushing himself fully against her as water dripped down his chin. The only thing separating them were her hands.

“Don’t” Daehyun warned her with a glare. (Y/n) was losing her mind and her heart thumped rapidly as if she had just run a mile. Well, technically she did run a thousand miles away from this monster in her mind. She had no idea what he was going to do to her and the thought alone made her shudder. But no, she wouldn’t give up and just like that.

She pushed against her chest with muffled screams making Daehyun very impatient. Not that he wasn’t having fun with her resistance, she was just being too stubborn at this point. Grabbing her hands with his free one, he placed them above her head, smirking at his victory.

Both of their bodies were molested together with their wet clothes sticking to their bodies, leaving nothing untouched. Daehyun could clearly hear her rapid heartbeat and that excited him more. Moving towards her neck that was glistening with water running over it he placed his lips there in an open mouthed kiss. Breathing rapidly, (Y/n) closed her eyes praying to the Gods for Yongguk to come bursting through the bathroom doors.

Feeling her shudder under his touch, he smirked against her wet skin. He lifted her lips to her ear and breathed against it. “Just a tiny little bite love” he whispered confusing the poor girl. His head descended towards her neck again and his fangs grazed her skin in anticipation and with just the tinniest of pressure, he pricked her skin making a drop of blood escape her tender flesh which soon got lost with the water but traces of her scent lingered in the air which made his head spin.

Letting go of the last thread of control he was holding onto, he bit down hard making her gasp in pain and tears pricked the corner of her eyes which got hidden away by the running water. The moment her sweet blood entered Daehyun’s mouth, he moaned in ecstasy. It smelled amazing, yes. But the taste. Oh boy the taste. It was unparalleled. It was pure ambrosia.

He is drinking my blood!? (Y/n) thought in confusion trying to ignore the excruciating pain that was shooting through her neck. But then everything made sense to her. Why Yongguk was distant when it came to skin ship, why he pulled the stunt earlier, it all made sense. They were freaking vampires. She thought labelling herself as a maniac despite the evidence in front of her very own eyes.

Pushing himself so close to her that it made it difficult for (Y/n) to breathe, his taste buds begged for more and so, he gave into their requests without hesitation and took greedy gulps with some drops escaping.

He started to feel her go limp in his arms and her breathing slowed down. Realizing he was killing her, he willed himself to pull away from the dying girl in his arms but it wasn’t without difficulty. Finally pulling away from her, his hold on her tightened to keep her from falling down and her head fell on his shoulder. He coiled one arm around her waist hugging her while placing the other against the wall, his head against it as well and breathed heavily coming down from his euphoria. Never in his 300 years had he felt such a strong pull to someone’s blood and never had he had something so delicious.


“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?” Yongguk screamed in Daehyun’s face shoving him against the wall.

When Yongguk had come back from getting their drinks from the second floor and had seen Daehyun come out of the washroom with an unconscious and pale (Y/n) in his hands and a puncture wound on her neck that had recently stopped bleeding and both of them wet, he was beyond furious.

Just as he dropped everything and made a run for her, Daehyun dodged him with burning crimson eyes and ran up to his room faster than Yongguk could. Yongguk was shaking in fury with an ominous aura surrounding his frame. He stood on the doorway watching Daehyun tuck (Y/n) in but when he saw a very prominent mark on her neck, he lost it. Grabbing Daehyun, he pulled him out of the door with rage contorted on his features.

“I’m sorry” he grunted closing his eyes. “I fucked up. I lost control” he sighed running his hand through his dishevelled hair. Yongguk was strongly resisting the urge to punch him in the face as he was one to avoid solving matters with violence.

“What were you thinking!? You even marked her!” Yongguk seethed with anger and waved his arm to get his point across.

“I said I’m sorry didn’t? And the mark was an accident” Daehyun glared back.

“An apology can’t turn everything back now can it?” Yongguk got closer to Daehyun towering over his form.

“Exactly. What’s done is done now get over it” Daehyun replied aggravating him further.

Raising his hand with his fists clenched and hovering in mid-air, Yongguk cursed under his breath with a deadly aura around him and stormed towards the door.

“Don’t touch her again until I come back” growled Yongguk wanting to cool off for a while and not be in the same room as Daehyun.

“Practically, I’m the only one that can touch her now” Daehyun smirked seeing the enraged look on Yongguk face who left in the next second having had enough of Daehyun. No amount of magic, love, or anything was going to reverse what Daehyun had done, nothing.


Daehyun sat in front of his bed watching (Y/n) as she peacefully slept with her chest rising and falling in a small rhythm. He had just noticed how breath-taking she truly was. Her hair was sprawled across the pillow, her plum lips parted slightly and her features relaxed. She looked absolutely majestic.

And suddenly, he didn’t regret what he did, not minding her to be his mate for the rest of eternity.

He got up and slowly strolled towards her to get a better look at his mate. Reaching the bed, his eyes landed on his mark on her neck and his hand automatically went down caressing it with the utmost care admiring it on her neck. His lips curled up in a small smile.


Grunting in pain, (Y/n) slowly opened her eyes feeling extremely light headed and weak. She lifted her sore body up when her eyes came in contact with familiar pools.

“Easy there” Yongguk mumbled as he was in front of her in a second. “Yongguk!” She happily said despite her tired body.

“Hey baby” he gave a sad smile filled with longing. Memories of what happened suddenly flashed in her head and she took a sharp breath with her hand immediately going up her neck, only to see the wound was gone. Frowning she touched more firmly beginning to think it was all a dream but it felt so real.

“Unfortunately it did happen” Yongguk said as if he had read her thoughts and watched the confused girl in front of him making her eyes widen.

“That means you all are….”

“Vampires” He sighed closing his eyes, making her gulp and slightly back away. Hurt crossed his features at her action but then again, it was natural after what Daehyun had done.

“I’ll never hurt you jagi. You should know that” Yongguk gave a ghost of a smile.

“Y-yeah I know that. I’m sorry.” She heaved a sigh and looked down. “It’s a small reflex” she softly mumbled. “But where is the wound?” (Y/n) frowned relaxing now and looking up at him.

“That’s what I’m here to tell you.” Yongguk took a deep breath and sat down next to her as she gazed at him, perplexed. “When Daehyun bit you… He accidentally marked you as well. Hence the reason the bite is gone now” he started looking at her lovingly.

“Marked?” She furrowed her eyebrow, not breaking their eye contact. “Yes, marked. Meaning you’re his now for as long as he breathes. No other vampire can touch you. You’re his mate” he clenched his fists looking down. A look of horror crossed her features and she gasped in surprise.

“Luckily, the transformation process is different and it remains yet to be fulfilled. He could’ve done it if he wanted while you slept but he didn’t do it. He wanted your consent first.” He looked up at her as she absorbed the new information.

“B.. But you? I want to be with you Yongguk! Not Daehyun!” She immediately said not wanting to believe this had become her reality now.

“I know. I want to be with you too but I can’t. Daehyun….” Yongguk pursed his lips for a moment before continuing. “Daehyun is a caring person-“

“Yeah right” she scoffed rolling her eyes and cutting off Yongguk in the middle.“You may have experienced the more… Aggressive side of his. But that’s how he can be when hungry. Your blood drove him mad which is why he lost control. But he’ll take good care of you. I know Daehyun and I also know he wouldn’t dare hurt you again”

As much as Yongguk was hurt by saying these things. How each word cracked his dead heart open, it was the truth. “Now that you two are mates, you’ll feel different towards one another. Every sensation you feel for one another will be up a notch” He finished looking up at her again. “I’m leaving the town so that you two can start over” he stood up making her head shoot up at him.

“No, please don’t leave me alone with him” She pleaded looking into his doe eyes.

“He’ll take good care of you. I promise. If he doesn’t listen, you can always call me to fix him up for you. I would’ve given you a parting goodbye but I can’t without burning us both” He dryly chuckled and softly gazed her with such adoration and love, it made her stomach turn and tears brimmed her eyes when she saw his retreating form.

She closed her eyes after a few minutes letting the tears fall and sniffed. She didn’t feel the bed dip “Why are you crying?” She heard a familiar voice and a hand stroking her cheek simultaneously. Her eyes snapped open and she jolted back in surprise as she came face to face with none other than Jung Daehyun. He immediately retracted his hand, silently cursing at himself and looked at her apologetically.

“I’m sorry about.. Everything” He admitted and closed his eyes. With Yongguk’s words spinning in her mind and the sad look he wore made her opinion of him slightly better but still not enough for her to forgive him. She furiously wiped her tears away and turned around, facing away from the beautiful vampire. Daehyun looked at her in bewilderment for a second, but it was expected, after all, he was the one responsible for her current situation. “You must be hungry. Can you walk?” he gently asked extending his arm forward, hoping she’d respond but she didn’t.  

“I won’t hurt you I promise” he tried to reassure her. Giving him a suspicious gaze, slowly she placed her hand in his extended one and felt a wave of electricity shoot down her spine. Apparently he felt it because his lips were parted in wonder and he gazed in space.

Finally coming back to his senses, he sheepishly laughed and stood up, gently pulling her with him. But she wasn’t ready to walk after all and stumbled forward about to fall face down when Daehyun caught her, wrapping his arms around her frame and pulling her close. It was just like last time except, he was more careful and held her as if she would break at the slightest pressure.

“Clumsy as ever aren’t you?” He chuckled making crimson color coat her cheeks. Adoring her blushing face, he couldn’t help himself as he slowly leaned down and pecked her forehead making her go stiff in his arms. “I’ll get your food here. Stay in bed” he murmured against her forehead and gingerly placed her back on the bed, speeding off and leaving the flustered girl to her thoughts.

Yongguk was right. Every single sensation was up a notch she bitterly thought.


“Give her time, she’s very stubborn.” Yongguk spoke over the phone, sighing at the current situation. It had been two months, since he’d moved to the other side of the world in an attempt to allow Daehyun and (y/n) become closer but so far, everything was going in the opposite direction. After leaving the mansion two days later, she’d refused to talk to Daehyun and Yongguk, and locked them both away.

“I need her, I don’t want to hurt her but she’s not helping, I haven’t fed since then.” Daehyun replied, clenching his fist tightly at the memory of her blood in his mouth.

“You’re not turning her against her wish, I’ll kill you.” Yongguk threatened, but he knew Daehyun wouldn’t do such a thing regardless or his threats.

“I’m going to find her now, it’s late and she’s still not home.” Daehyun replied, rolling his eyes as he got back inside his black Audi, slamming the door shut. “Don’t do anything stupid, don’t hurt her and don’t lose control.” He warned, rubbing his temple as he disconnected the phone, regretting his decision of ever beginning an relationship with (y/n). A relationship which ruined her life.

Daehyun sighed as he pulled up outside the high end club, he knew she was here, after all, he could track her to the pits of hell if needed, she had been marked by him. Rolling his eyes at the loud noise, he showed the bouncer his ID (obviously a fake since he was actually 300 years old) and walked inside the club, his sight still being perfectly fine despite dark. Tilting his head upwards, his eyes scanned the club as he turned around, catching the whiff of his mate’s delicious aroma. His eyes instantly found her, her (h/c) locks swaying with her hips as she worse a tight black dress, stopping just above her knees. What pissed him off the most was the brown head she was dancing with, his hands on her hips as she laughed, with her arms around his neck, their bodies too close for his liking as they danced sensually.

Groaning, he made his way towards her, the strong smell of her blood giving off a stench of alcohol. He made his way towards the crowd, only to see (y/n) heading towards the toilets as her companion waited at the bar counter. Quickening up his pace, he followed her, lunging forward and grabbing her wrist before she could open the door and pulled her in to the nearby males bathroom, locking the main door behind them as he pushed her up against the sink, his now crimson eyes boring into hers. (Y/n) looked up at him, the past event having occurred too fast for her drunk brain to have comprehended.

“Urgh, get away from me.” She said, pushing his away but he didn’t budge, being this close to her only worsened his thirst. “I’m taking you home.” He said, not wanting to deal with her drunk state. “As if I’m coming with you, get lost.” She replied again, not wanting him to be around her. He’d taken Yongguk away from her, her cute, gummy, caring boyfriend away from her, it was all his fault. Letting out an annoyed sighs, Daehyun moved forward, placing two fingers against her temple before muttering a few words in Latin, using his magic to get her to comply, he didn’t have the energy to deal with her.


Finally arriving at her house, he lifted the spell, as he pushed her into the bathroom to change and waited for her to come out. Soon, she stumbled out of the bathroom, dressed in track pants and an oversized t-shirt which Daehyun recognised as belonging to Yongguk due to his scent being all over it.

“Leave.” She growled, venom dripping from her voice as she got in to bed, causing Daehyun to move closer to her, standing beside her bed, his crimson eyes watching her carefully.

“You took Yongguk away from me, you took my life away, what more do you want?!” She yelled, sitting up, causing Daehyun to feel guilty. Not being able to help himself, he sat down next to her, gently pushing her on to the bed and he lied down next to her, pulling her against his body despite her weak protests as she cried. “Let me love you, I swear I’ll never hurt you again, just let me love you, I’m sorry for what I did, but please love, forgive me.” Daehyun whispered, using one hand to caress her hair as she hugged him back, being tired of hating him. Soon, she fell limp against his strong form and he removed himself from her embrace, his eyes falling on a piece of paper placed on the bedside table. Giving in to the curiosity, he picked it up, his eyesight having no trouble reading in the dark.


Why did you have to leave? Please come back, I miss you so much, I don’t want to be with him, I love you, I want to be with you. I’m so selfish aren’t I? I don’t care if he’s marked me or any other bullshit, please come back. I miss your laugh, your gummy smile, your deep voice, your warm hugs, please baby, come back. I’ll write to you everyday until I die, please come back. 

Love (Y/n).


3 years later

So, basically, I wanted you to know we’re ok and that there is no service here in this cabin and you might be concerned. We reached here yesterday night and as you may already know, we are going to spend 3 days here before going back to everyone. I won’t be able to write a letter like this every day so you won’t be hearing from us in the next three days. Take care of yourself and be sure to visit us soon! It’s been months since you last came! We’ll be waiting for you back home.


Mrs Jung Daehyun

(Y/n)’s red orbs skilfully gazed down her letter in hand giving it a last look before she went to post it. Just then she felt strong arms wrap around her waist and her back coming in contact with an all too familiar chest.

“What are you doing up this early?” Daehyun groggily mumbled her ear placing a small kiss on her ear lobe making her chuckle fondly. “Writing a letter babe and good morning to you too” she smiled and turned around in his embrace to capture his waiting lips. He smiled in the kiss, pulling her close against his naked upper body. “What do you say about a round two?” He smirked against her lips pulling the new vampire on the couch next to them.


Finishing reading the letter he had just received, Yongguk smiled making his way over to his new office, happy for (Y/n) to have finally found her happy ending.

Drabble Part 2/5

A/N: It’s so strange… I’ll be writing something super sad one second, then something super fluffy the next. Drabbles are weird. XD

Words: 3440

11. (Arno Dorian)

It was a grueling truth, the reality that you may very well die. You looked down at your crimson stained hands, the heat of the thick liquid contrasting with your rapidly cooling body. Death was holding you in its crushing grip, dragging you down, and somehow you were still holding on. Because of him, you realized. You were holding on for Arno.

“Just a little while longer.” He rasped, his feet heavy against the stone rooftop as he shifted you uncomfortably in his arms. Every movement had you crying out, jolting the fiery pain to life. If it wasn’t for the startling fear in Arno’s eyes, you were positive you would’ve already been amongst the dead. But you couldn’t leave him. Your head lolled against his chest, eyelids heavy as you began drifting off. “No,” Arno’s shout startled you back into semi-consciousness. “I’m not losing you today, you hear me?” A hum left your parted lips as you held onto him tightly. Just a little bit longer… “Please,” he begged, the wind whipping against your face as he sprinted even faster, pushing himself to the max. “Don’t leave me like this.”

“Arno,” you choked, your vision swimming. You just needed to hold on… Just… His worried voice was drowned out by the blood rushing around your mind, your heart slowing in your chest. Maybe if you just closed your eyes…

12. (Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad)

“Wait,” he growled, pulling you back as you jumped. You fell into his hard body, both of you hitting the ground painfully.

“What?” You seethed as quietly as you could, your eyes flickering between him and your target as you stood back on your feet, dusting yourself off.

“You can not go yet.” He explained as if it made total sense to pull you back from the man who was in perfect position for your blade.

“I need to go,” you argued, pointing down at your target. “If he moves, it will be too hard to find another place to strike. Now is the perfect opportunity.”

“Have you learned nothing?” He hissed, hand tight on your white robes. “What would you do after you had taken his life?”

“I would run there.” You pointed to the stacked boxes that stopped about halfway to the top of a nearby building. “Then I would wait in the hay cart on the other side of the building. After I can scale that building and move along the rooftops silently and efficiently.” You stated dryly, knowing that there was nothing for him to argue. Unfortunately, he was stubborn.

“And what if you get caught by them?” He gestured to two rather large guards waiting by the exit of the alley you were in. “You could not fight them off.” Ouch.

“Are you questioning my ability, Altaïr?” Your voice was laced with annoyance, his haughty tone doing nothing to quell your anger. You’d trained for the majority of your life and you were confident in your abilities.

“That is not what I meant.” He backtracked, hands held up in surrender. “I only mean that you could get injured or worse.”

“That’s part of being an Assassin.” You retorted, watching as his jaw tensed beneath the shadow of his hood.

“Just,” he paused, almost as if he didn’t think he should finish, “be careful.” Half of your mouth tilted up in a smile, a hand pulling your hood down to obscure your face.

“I always am.”

13. (Ezio Auditore)

You sighed heavily into the shining, noon sky. Rome was bustling below, the yells of merchants and buyers alike ringing throughout the heat of day. Pulling both knees to your chest, you watched as men and women prepared for the event to come. You really didn’t want to go to this ball, but your father hadn’t given you much of a choice. There was a sudden change in the atmosphere; where the sun had once shone, a shadow now cast over.

“Ezio,” you greeted stiffly, not bothering to look up at the Assassin.

“What are you doing up here?” He asked, taking a seat next to you. You sent a half smile in his direction, your hands playing with your white robes.

“I needed time to think.”

“For the ball,” Ezio nodded, his muscles tensing. “What happened to your date?” His voice was bitter, a scowl on his scarred lips. That gave you pause, your lips turning up in realization.

“You’re jealous!” You laughed, his scowl deepening at your accusation.

“I am not.” He argued. Continuing to chuckle, you stood up with your hands on your hips.

“You, Ezio Auditore, are jeal-” Your sentence was cut off with a squeak as your back hit the stone tiles roughly, wide eyes looking up to Ezio.

“I am not jealous.” His eyes were like fire, burning every bit of your body they went over. He jerked you up, dropping his mouth against yours vigorously. You moaned against the heat of him, his tongue thrusting in between your lips at the movement. Everything suddenly felt too hot, his hands roaming all over your body with determined curiosity. When he finally felt satisfied, he stood up, leaving you lying on the ground and breathing heavily. You followed his movements a moment afterwards, watching him curiously. He hadn’t moved, instead observing you as his fingers slid along his lips, almost as if just realizing what he’d done. You wanted him, needed him to repeat his actions.

“Jealous,” you breathed, laughing as you took off across the rooftop. You didn’t even have to hear his steps heavy against the stone to know he was following.

14. (Shay Cormac)

The hand on your hip wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, but it wasn’t the one you wanted. The blue eyes shining beneath the lights, crinkled up as he laughed, were not the ones you wished to stare into. The crisp accent that sounded whenever he spoke wasn’t the one you needed to hear. But it didn’t matter. Shay wasn’t there, and even if he was, he would never think of you the same way you thought of him. He was too guarded, too untrusting to allow you that close to him. A soft groan left your parted lips as you tried to tune into the conversation once again. He was talking about trading stuff, at least you thought he was. He could also be talking about his family. You hadn’t the slightest, and honestly, you couldn’t care less. You were scanning the area, your eyes attempting to adjust to the overly bright lights. They really did try too hard at these things. That was when you spotted the dark gaze, looking to you with more intensity than you’d ever seen before. You wanted to call to Shay, but you were cut off before you could start by lips upon your own. It took you by surprise, prompting you to stand absolutely frozen for a whole minute. It wasn’t right, the person you wanted more than anything not being the one moving against your lips. By the time you actually realized what was happening, the man had been thrown off of you by your leather clad savior.

“Shay,” you breathed, watching him intently. He ignored the gasps of the crowds, picking you up with a stiff arm beneath your legs and one behind your back. His movements were swift and silent, that of a trained killer. Your eyes were on his jaw, clenched with tension. Despite how angry he seemed to be, his hands were still holding you as gently as possible. “Shay,” you ground out, trying to understand what he was doing. He slammed you against the side of the estate, keeping you trapped in between his arms while his knee came up to rub in between your legs.

“You’re mine.” He growled, hands working furiously on removing your clothing. You shivered, whether from the actual cold or Shay’s expression, you weren’t entirely sure.

15. (Shay Cormac)

The clatter of your sword hitting the stone reverberated throughout the night sky, weighing down on the two of you like you were carrying the world itself. Your eyes were heavy, reality finally dawning on you. No matter what he’s done, no matter how long he’s been away, you can’t hurt him. You dropped your head, your arms laying limply by your sides.

“I can’t,” you whispered, not daring to look up to him. “I won’t,” you stated louder than before. His leather boots groaned against the cobblestone as he walked towards you, the sound of metal on metal as he re sheathed his blades. A heavy, warm hand rested on your shoulder, prompting you to look into his dark gaze. His eyes were shining with pain, hurt etched across his expression.

“I never wanted to do this.” His voice was barely audible above the distant sounds of the city, the happy cheering only furthering the dampened mood. “I was forced to.” You lifted a hand, placing it ever so softly against his heated cheeks.

“It’s okay,” you soothed, a hand raking through his dark hair as he buried his head into your chest, wrapping you in a tight embrace. “It’s okay,” you repeated again, his hot tears rolling down your chest. You closed your eyes against the wave of emotion, holding him even closer.

“He wants you dead,” he muttered against your skin, his tears still wet against your clothing.

“I know.” And you did. Haytham Kenway had every reason to want you dead. You were an Assassin who had gotten in his way more than enough times to pose a threat. Although, you looked down at the top of Shay’s head, moonlight reflecting off the black tresses, you would never pose a threat to him. You never could; Templar or not, you loved the man.

“I love you,” he said lowly, almost as if reading your thoughts.

“And I love you.” Slowly, he pulled back from your embrace, keeping his eyes locked with yours.

“Go,” he whispered, “Please.” His voice was broken, face twisted in pain. “I can’t…” He trailed off, looking to the ground shamefully. “Please don’t make me hurt you.”

“I won’t,” you promised. “But, Shay, I don’t wish to leave you.”

“I’ll find you again,” he stood a little straighter, determination lacing his tone. “I’ll find you when this is all over and I swear to you, I will make this right.” You nodded, backing away from him. “Just don’t forget me.” His voice was carried by the wind as you ran, your vision blurring with the onslaught of tears and your heart breaking within your chest.

16. (Edward Kenway)

Admittedly, you’d had way too many drinks. But hey, the suave captain sure as hell didn’t seem to be complaining. In fact, he almost seemed to be enjoying it. It’s not like you were doing anything that different than normal, you were just a little less reserved. Your touches lingered a little longer, your words purposely holding double meanings. You couldn’t help it, you were much too drunk and he was much too attractive. You took another swig of your rum, laughing at something one of the drunken crew members said.

“Hand me a little more rum, lass.” Edward whispered, his lips moving against your ear. You shivered, smiling at his wink as you picked up a tankard of rum. You placed a hand on his upper thigh, leaning across the table to hand him the drink. His eyes followed you, tongue darting out to lick his lips as he watched you hungrily.

“This what you want?” You asked, shifting more weight onto the hand on his thigh while simultaneously moving it higher. His throat bobbed as he swallowed roughly, his hand taking the drink from you and placing it on the table.

“Oh, you are just asking for it now.” His voice was husky, causing you to bite your lip while thoughts of him using that tone in other, more pleasurable, scenarios assaulted your mind. He leaned forward again, all the sounds and smells of the tavern drifting away as his breath danced around your cheek. He was speaking, telling you something, but you were too focused on the smell of salt, leather, and alcohol emanating from him. He pulled back, a smirk on his face and primal intent shining in his crystal orbs. Unfortunately, you didn’t hear a word he said. Deciding to take a chance, you squeezed his thigh and sent a wink, abandoning the table in favor of leaving the stuffy pub. You weren’t certain he followed you, at least not until you felt the gentle yet firm hand against the small of your back.

17. (Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad)

Your scowl deepened at the look of disappointment in his eyes, your arms unconsciously crossing over your chest despite the ache of protest from your ribs.

“I was doing my job.” You stated curtly, moving your gaze from the Master Assassin. He was angry with you, even though he shouldn’t be. You’d only done what was asked of you; nothing more and nothing less.

“You almost got yourself killed,” he argued, a clamp sounding as he took a step forward. “You were meant to finish your target, not die.”

“I didn’t die.” You ground out, motioning wildly to yourself. You clenched your jaw at the pain that came with the action. “I’m still alive, see?”

“You were barely alive when you stumbled back here.” Both hands held tightly onto the sheets, your eyes diverting down. Maybe you had been a little reckless, but it wasn’t on purpose. You hadn’t meant to get yourself nearly killed. It was entirely an accident. “Did you ever think of how that would make me feel?” Your head snapped up, jaw dropped as he continued in the most irritated of tones. “Do you know what I’d do if you died? If I never saw you again?” He was getting more and more hysterical with each word, finally abandoning talking in favor of wrapping both arms around your upper half. “I thought I’d lost you.” You closed your eyes, softly raking a hand through his hair.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

18. (Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad)

His eyes were on you like an eagle readying himself for the kill. You had no idea what you’d done to make Altaïr so angry, but it was almost scary. Although, the intensity that you were sure was meant to intimidate you, just aroused you further. He was an attractive man; anybody could see that. But it was more than just his looks that aroused you, it was the way he acted so confidently. Unfortunately, that confidence was giving you pause at the moment. He seemed so sure about something, so angry about whatever it was. So much so that it had you thinking back to every single wrong thing you’d ever done to the man. The list was quite short and none of them happened recently, but still, something was on his mind. You were snapped out of your reverie when a hand whipped out of nowhere, tugging you into a bedroom. Your back was slammed against rough stone, eyes wide as you looked to your hooded assaulter. Altaïr’s muscles were stiff, his frame trapping you against the wall.

“Altaïr,” you breathed, not sure if you should be relieved it was him or only more alert.

“(Y/N).” His voice was strange, the underlying tension bubbling to the surface.

“What are you doing?” You inquired, watching him as his gaze moved down your body slowly.

“I’m sick of watching silently as you tease me everyday.” He growled, eyes blazing.

“Wha-” He cut you off, lips rough against your own. You were frozen, lips parted and eyes still open. Taking the opportunity, he slipped his velvety tongue inside your mouth, hands tightening on your wrists. He tasted of mint and cinnamon and tentatively, you responded to his kiss causing him to drop your hands in favor of holding your face between his palms as he explored your lips with fervor. You were practically putty in his hands, following every one of his bold movements. He didn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, his body touching every bit of your own. And, you leaned into his touches, you couldn’t be more glad.

19. (Shay Cormac)

Your combined laughs echoed around the hall as you continued walking down the wooden walkway, Shay by your side. The two of you were reminiscing of past times, something you did quite often, as you made your way to your respective bedrooms. It was a rather nice inn, one that Haytham no doubt picked out. He could be a little… overly grand at times. Oh well, you looked to the Irishman with shining eyes, you’d endure anything Haytham could throw at you so long as you got to spend time with Shay. He smiled warmly back, watching you curiously as you moved to open your door.

“No, that’s the wrong- oh, dammit.” Your eyes were wide, Shay standing directly behind you. It was like everyone was frozen, Hickey looking quite mad as he looked over the woman on top of him to you guys. Your mouth was opening and closing, nothing coming out of it as you just simply shorted out.

“What the ‘ell.” Hickey yelled, glaring at you two.

“I, uh,” Shay tugged at your arm, slamming the door shut to close off the view. “Oh my God,” you laughed, a hand over your mouth as you doubled over. Shay’s chuckle was much deeper as he pulled you down to where your room actually was. “I did not expect that.” Shay was shaking his head, eyes shining with amusement.

“You shouldn’t expect anything less than that from Hickey, lass.” He laughed, warm hand on your shoulder.

“What about from you?” You questioned boldy, a smirk tugging at your lips.

“Aye, you could expect more.” His voice was soft, his hand moving from your shoulder to your cheek gently.

“Then show me.” You challenged.

20. (Connor)

It was too hot, the sheets too uncomfortable against your skin, but you couldn’t move. Not because you were afraid of waking Connor up, but just because you genuinely couldn’t move. He had you wrapped in his two strong arms, one leg thrown over yours, and his head tucked into your neck. Not only that, but he slept like a bear.

“Connor,” you growled, trying to wiggle your way out of his hold. He held on strong, his grip tightening the more you moved. “Dammit, Connor, wake up!” You yelled, flopping around in his arms like a fish out of water. You kept yelling his name, pushing as best you could from inside his embrace, but nothing seemed to be working. “Ratohnhaké:ton,” you screamed, kicking your legs around.

“What?” He questioned, one brown eye peeking open to observe you.

“Move. Over.” You replied, pushing him back.

“Keep still,” he argued, cuddling back into you.

“Connor,” you whined, continuing to move in his embrace. “It’s hot.” This time both eyes opened, his arms holding you even tighter.

“I wish to hold you.” He whispered, a red tint staining his cheeks. That took you by surprise.

“I’m still going to be right here.” You shrugged, watching him curiously. He looked oddly distressed at the thought of having to let you go.

“I know, I just…” he muttered, trailing off when he thought it necessary. You lifted a hot palm to his warm cheeks, a small smile on your lips.

“What’s wrong, Ratohnhaké:ton?” For a second, he didn’t look as if he was going to answer, his eyes flitting down to where your bodies were touching.

“Before I met you, I thought I’d have to be alone. And,” the intensity in his gaze when he looked up was startling, “I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be without you.” Your heart clenched painfully, both arms coming up to wrap around his neck.

“I will never leave you.” You promised, resting your forehead against his. “So long as I walk this Earth, I will always love you, Ratohnhaké:ton.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, head moving up and down with his nod.

“May I please hold you?” He asked, voice light. It may be hot as hell, but you weren’t about to deny him that.

“Always,” you whispered, burying your head into his chest. You could feel his smile as he placed a kiss to the top of your head, the soft pitter-patter of his heartbeat lulling you to sleep. Before you drifted off, you heard him speak, tone barely audible.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

anonymous asked:

Hello can u do a Loki x reader where Loki takes reader on a throne with clone lokis watching thanks

AN: I didn’t know if you meant taking in a smutty way or not, but that’s how I took it. If this isn’t what you wanted please tell me and I’ll rewrite it. Anyways Enjoy!

You walked through the corridor swiftly. According to the note you had found on your bed, it was extremely important that you went to the throne room right away. And so you did as told, gripping the front of your gown in anticipation. Loki had an exceptional skill at surprising you. Wether it be a secret picnic between the two of you or a “simple” gift of the most flashy crowned jewels, Loki always took your breath away. So when you did enter your room and found the simple note saying “Meet me in the throne room right away, I have a lovely surprise for you” You were quick to leave and he’d to the throne room. Which led you to this moment. You entered the large room looking around eagerly for your king. “Hello my queen,” you heard from behind you. With a gasp you spun around quickly to see a beautiful pair of ice blue eyes staring at you, “I’ve been waiting for you.” He said as he stalked closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You immediately responded to his touch wrapping your hands around his neck, “I came as soon as I got the note.” Loki hummed as a response as he began to lean down and kiss your neck. At first his kisses were light pecks, but they soon became more sensual and rough as he ravished your neck in nips and sucks. Your hands raised to push Loki away, but they short, instead tangling within his pitch black tresses. “Loki…someone may see,” you said breathlessly, “Then let them watch.” Your eyes widened not only at his lewd comment, but the multiple versions of your lover appearing at all the doorways, “They can watch the doors and us. I’m sure it will be lovely.” Before yo could respond to the absolute insanity of the situation, Loki lifted you bridal style and carried you up the stairs to the throne. Once there he placed you down upon it. To him you looked heavenly just sitting on the large throne surrounded by gold in your undergarments. ‘Just like a queen’ he though to himself as he began to remove his clothing starting with his jacket and shirt. He looked at you expectantly with his devilish smirk, “The gown?” He asked simply. You stood right away pulling the strings that held the dress together. You let the gown fall and pool at your feet as you stepped out of it. A murmur cast around the room as each Loki fomented on your appearance, all good things of course. A bright grin appeared on Loki’s face as he finished removing his trousers and undergarments, “We think you look lovely dear. Absolutely gorgeous.” Loki leaned down and pulled you into a heated kiss, his hands wandering up and down the expanse of your back. His hands unclasped your bra skillfully and let it drop to the ground. He grasped your breasts in his hands kneading them, and causing you to mewl. Loki pulled away from you and sat himself upon the throne, reaching his arm out for you. You decline his invitation instead choosing to turn around and slowly peel off your panties. Giving all of the Loki’s surrounding you a quick show. Sly grins appeared on each of their faces as you turned around to your lover once again and sat on his lap. His erection pressed against your womanhood as you slowly ground your yourself down into him while peppering his neck in kisses. “Take me, my king,” his dick hardened at the nickname, and he grabbed your hips. He rose your hips up in line with his cock and slammed you down upon it. He let you stay atop him for a moment, relishing in the feeling of being sheathed inside you. His head lulled back as he felt your walls twitch and clamp around him, “Perfect” he whispered to himself before holding your hips and guiding you up and down on the length of his cock, slowly. “Loki, my king, please go faster,” you begged. To spite you Loki slowed his ministrations even more almost stopping you from moving altogether. You bucked your hips into his the best you could as you tried desperately to obtain some kind of pleasure. “Tell me exactly what you want, my queen,” he said as he slowly began to raise your hips. “I want you to fuck me, hard and fast,” you said even going so far as to pull his hair. Loki growled at the feeling as he raised your hips and slammed you down into him roughly. He began thrusting up into your tight, dripping cunt in time with the falling of your hips. “Call out for me. Let them all hear how much you love me fucking you,” “Loki” “Louder” “Loki” “LOUDER” “LOKI” you screamed as he thrust into you at the perfect place, hitting your g-spot dead on. “There Loki, there. Please thrust there again.” A devilish smirk appeared on his face as he angled his hips thrusting into your g-spot without fail. You were a moaning mess upon his lap, clawing and and grasping him as a means of keeping yourself grounded. Meanwhile Loki continued to use all of his force lifting your hips as fast as he could while he felt raw pleasure course through his veins, “Fuck you feel wonderful, (Y/N). You’re so tight and warm and wet. Are you close to cumming, you’re so tight.” You moaned loudly in response tugging at his hair. Loki wrapped his lips around the nub of one of your breasts causing you to gasp out in pleasure, “Loki I’m close. I’m so close.” “Call for me when you cum.” His thrusts continued when you finally released, calling his name loudly. Loki soon came after his warm seed filling you. You both sat in bliss as aftershocks of pleasure surged over the two of you. “I love you,” Loki said pulling you closer to him, still sheathed inside you, “I love you so much.” You kissed him softly burying your face in his shoulder, “I love you too.” Slowly one by one each Loki disappeared leaving both you and the real Loki in this tender moment alone. “They really enjoyed watching you cum. Can they watch agin sometime?” A small, breathless laugh spilled from your lips, “I suppose they could. We should get dressed and head to our room. I’d love to continue this somewhere a bit more private.” “As you wish my queen.”

Thank you so much for requesting! I hope it’s what you wanted, but if not please let me know. I hope you enjoyed reading!

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May I request an AU? I'm not sure if it's really an AU, but I'd love to see Sasuke become more and more (lowkey) eager to know what went on in Sakura's life in the 3/3.5years while he was gone. It would also be hella rad to see his reaction to Sakura telling him that Naruto was her first "kiss". Not sure if this has been done before, but thank you! I love you and your amazing work😭💕

you’re adorable, and ily too, anon! ♥ thank you so much! i hope this is what you were looking for. took some time to think about, but either way, here it is :)

Her fingertips felt refreshing, calming almost, although it made his body tense from the physical contact. Sasuke had only been back for month, returning home to Konoha, to his friends, to Sakura; it was all so new, so different, and for once, he felt happy in his life.

She stroked his cheek with soft fingers, albeit they were calloused and scarred from many years of fighting, yet she had the gentlest touch, much like his mother.

The couple would spend the later hours of their days on the back porch, enjoying the last rays of sun in silence, but curiosity got the best of Sasuke tonight and he wanted nothing more than to hear Sakura’s soothing voice during the final hours of daylight today.

“Sakura,” he felt her name roll from his tongue, natural and familiar. He had his head resting in her lap, against her thighs while she sat with her legs hanging from the porch in their back yard. 

“Hm?” She brushes his black tresses to the side of his face, away from his shimmering, violet eye. As creepy as some people found it, Sasuke always noticed the lively look in Sakura’s emerald green eyes whenever she looked into his mismatched orbs.

“What did you do while I was away?”

“I mostly worked at the hospital,” she replies casually, her voice soft as silk.

Sasuke purses his lips, clicks his tongue and shakes his head to rustle his semi-long hair to rest on his forehead once more. “Hn, that’s not what I meant. When I left years ago…” he finds himself trailing off, his voice lowering and growing hoarse.

Guilt churned in his stomach.

“Oh!” Her face lights up and it peaks Sasuke’s interest. He only looks up to her from his position in her lap, pulling his legs up and awaiting to hear exactly what she did.

“Well, I trained under Tsunade, but you know that. She taught me a handful of techniques, how to hone my chakra and control it with the utmost care. Alongside that, I was able to focus it to anywhere in my body,” she flexes a quick bicep and giggles, that adoring blush covering her cheeks along with the bridge of her button nose.

“When Naruto returned-” she cuts off her sentence and Sasuke feels his eyes widen, wanting her to continue but he won’t say so. “When Naruto returned, it was bittersweet. Seeing how much he had grown, matured physically, but not mentally all that much.”

Sasuke chuckles lightly, remembering the first time he had seen Naruto when they first encountered one another at Orochimaru’s hideout. 

Sakura’s fingers began to push his hair from his face again, “we trained, relaxed, hung out, caught up and discussed our lives and what each of us had been up to.” She swallows, and Sasuke only waits once more. “Our first mission with him back entailed us going to save Gaara. When the Akatsuki had kidnapped him, intent on pulling the tailed beast from his body - which they did.”

Another wave of guilt washed over Sasuke, and he knew exactly where her story was heading. He remembered hearing about it, how Sakura Haruno had triumphed over Sasori of the Red Sand, killing him with her own fists and sheer skill - with the help of Sasori’s own grandmother.

It was when Sakura pressed her small hand to her abdomen, just right of her navel and swirled her index and middle finger in a light circle. “I proudly wear this battle wound.”

Sasuke stiffens, his mind in overdrive knowing that Sakura had gone head to head with a member of the Akatsuki, knowing that she was much younger when she had defeated the rogue ninja; that alone confirmed just how much Sakura had driven herself to bring Sasuke home, intent on getting information of his whereabouts.

“Ah,” he comments lightly as she continues talking. It pains him to hear of her adventures, the pain, the misery he put her through while he was gone all those years. It doesn’t help when he sees the softest expression in her eyes as she looks at him, unspoken words lingering in the air. 

She’s beautiful, even when she looks this sad.

“Naruto and I grew close over the years, so very close.”

It’s at those words that he feels his heart kick start, a thin eyebrow raising in question while he looks from beneath thick, dark eyelashes at shimmering evergreen eyes. Sakura wore a soft smile, small enough that one wouldn’t have been able to see it.

“So close, that we kissed.”

Sakura,” he feels his own muscles tense at his warning, unaware that he had even said it. Let alone said it in that tone. Mismatched eyes narrow at her, his heart pounding against his own chest, angry that Naruto would be Sakura’s first kiss as well. He feels the electricity form around him, the fire burning through his veins.

Her eyes didn’t change though, she continued to look at him with lively eyes, the smile increasing on her lips.

“Tch, the kiss of life.”

He feels stupid, jealous, battling to fight the blush from rising to his cheeks as he realizes that it wasn’t a kiss, just Sakura playing doctor and rescuing their dobe of a teammate.

“Annoying,” Sasuke mutters before pushing his head from her lap and sitting on the wood next to her. 

Sakura only replies with a light laugh as she rests her head against his shoulder, safe in the confines of their backyard as they watch the remaining light spill over the peaks of the mountains.

A cool breeze shuffles the blades of grass, ruffles the leaves, before Sasuke shifts his body so he’s looking at Sakura now. He can’t get over that small smile that plays on her lips still, or how her pink tresses frame her high cheek bones and adoring, evergreen eyes that he had fallen in love with all too quickly.

He does what’s meant to be done, what should’ve been done days, months, years ago, and places the softest, most chaste of kisses against her soft lips. Sakura doesn’t resist, returns it in all her glory, all her love, gives it all and Sasuke returns it.

It’s short lived, over within a second or two, and before Sakura can grin from ear to ear at him, he’s standing on their porch, walking through the door and heading to their bedroom. 

The heat in his cheeks remain there, all while he digests and savors the flavor of sweet Sakura on his lips, relishing in the idea that he was Sakura’s first kiss, first love, and soon to be husband.

Her First Apartment Ch.1

Inukag college au
(Incomplete and will be posted on soon)

College Au
The woman fought with her umbrella as the wind threatened to douse her in the heavy sheets of rain. She watched her phone as she spat her wild black tresses from her mouth. Her stomach demanded she stop somewhere dry to eat her snack, or better yet, find a restaurant. She continued on her journey by sheer willpower, ignoring her body’s needs. Stopping her in her tracks, she felt the object in her hand buzz. Her mother was checking in on her progress, wary of the weather conditions her daughter was traversing through on her search. Kagome shook her head as she continued to walk, her bare feet enjoying the small pools of spring rain lapping up at her ankles with every step. If it weren’t for the damn wind threatening to blow her over, she’d be skipping from puddle to puddle in joy. She wanted to keep her sandals dry and Koga had always said that the best traction is the skin on your heel. Perfect for wet weather.
Facing the wind, as she lifted her phone to her ear, the wind picked up, the hill sloped, and the road grew slick. One second she was saying hello to her mother, the next, her foot slipped forward from under her. With a yelp, her arm flung upward and she nearly did the splits if she hadn’t caught herself midway with her other hand. Within moments she felt the sting of her palm and foot and cursed inwardly. But what her nerves had noticed instantly, was the painful twist of her ankle. She sucked in a breath. Finally stable in her awkward position she put her now wet phone back to her ear, “I’m alright. I just slipped here.”
That was an understatement. After playing volleyball in high school, she knew when she’d twisted something. It didn’t seem too bad, but there was no way a doctor’s visit wasn’t in order.
“Are you okay? You bleeding?”
“No.” She replied through a painful hiss. She wasn’t lying. “Just stings.” She added as she managed to rise and get past the slick moss, favoring her ankle. No reason to worry her mother who was nearly ten hours away and could do nothing to help.
“Well, catch the bus and try again another day. I know we don’t have much time left, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again on a dry day.”
She hung up after agreeing with her. The bus stop was more than a few blocks ahead though. Careful with every step, she traversed the pavement slowly, heading towards the first place to stop to her left. It was an apartment complex, but one she’d never seen when she’d searched online.
As she looked for the sign that would lead her to the office, she read, “Taisho Terraces”
What an odd name. But as she hobbled past parked cars, she glanced at the buildings and suddenly found it fitting. Every apartment had its own roof deck. The buildings were very fancy, reminding her of a roman style architecture. How she wished she could see how they looked in the warm sun.
Focusing back to the task at hand, she spotted the words ‘office’ straight ahead and limped over.
Just a few more steps….. she gripped the railing and with one arm, lifted herself up the first step, then dragged her favored leg up the second. It took twice as long as it normally would.
Finally at the platform beneath the a roof, she slid her umbrella down and shrunk it, shaking the drops off. Using the thing as a sort of crutch, she gripped the door handle and twisted, a crack of warmth emanating from within.
“Touga’s out! Come back la-” the boy was hit with the smell of wet human, and he peeked around the corner from the break room. There stood a tangled sopping young girl dressed in dark capris and a green t-shirt with no shoes and a black bag hanging long down her side. He didn’t know what to say. He knew not how, or why any human would even want to come-
“Erm. Can you help me?” She took a step and wobbled. At that, he noticed the smell of blood, and he was before her in blur, his hands firm against her chilled arms.
She shot a confused look at him, and took in his features. Ball cap, white hair, angled jaw line, dark thick eyebrows and …….. intense deep-set golden orbs the color of the gods. She blushed prettily at his proximity and good, albeit unusual, looks. Kagome didn’t mind the distraction from her suddenly inflamed ankle.
“You’re bleeding.” He stated. Though he was inwardly surprised that she hadn’t even sucked in a startled breath at his appearance.
“I am?” She lifted her palm, and noticed he was right. She had been bleeding after all.
He gave a sigh, knowing she was going to freak out at this, but he was too impatient to rummage around for the first aid kit.
She froze as she felt a warm calloused hand cup the back of her own. She relaxed after a moment, thinking that he was nearly inspecting it. Still….
But she didn’t have time to think further before a warm pair of lips met the heel of her palm with a slight sting at the contact.
He felt her stare and smelled her fear, but didn’t dare meet her eyes. His tongue met her flesh and he nearly groaned at the taste of sizzling blood, barely registering the fact that she had spiritual powers and a gasp from the young woman.
Despite her physically frozen state, her mind was running miles a minute. Was this some sort of sick kinky thing? She imagined his tongue traveling down her wrist and arm, inching closer and closer-
“There. Done.”
She creaked her eyes open, her mind’s eye searching her hand for pain. When finding none, she flexed it tentatively and opened her eyes wider at her perfectly flawless palm, not a nick of torn skin nor blood.
Drawing her hand to make a fist between her breasts, she glanced up shyly at her healer. His expression was devoid of emotion other than one cocked eyebrow, as if to say, well what did you expect idiot?
“Um. Thank you?”
He harrumphed, “You’re still bleeding.” And she immediately thought of her foot, but continued her stare at the unusual man before her.
Was it just her, or did his nose just twitch?
Gathering her wit, she waved her hand at him shooing-ly, “It’s just a scrape. No biggie!”
“I can’t have you making a mess on this carpet.” She heard him groan in annoyance, before she was swept off her feet, her forgotten umbrella falling to the blue carpet with a quiet thump.
Having only been carried this way twice before, the last time so long ago and by someone she now heavily disliked with a passion, she took comfort in the familiarity of the heat of another’s skin at her back and side, her arm reflexively around her healer’s neck as she was hurried across the room.
It ended all too soon as she was set down but she internally reprimanded herself for getting touchy-feely with someone she just met. She didn’t even know his name for christ’s sakes!
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The sorcerer found Almalexia and Iachesis in the study, drinking hot tea, and laughing. She was more beautiful than he had remembered, though he had never before seen her so disheveled, wrapped in a blanket, dangling her damp long black tresses before the fire to dry. At Sotha Sil’s approach, she leapt to her feet and embraced him.

“Did you swim all the way from Morrowind?” he smiled.

“It’s pouring rain from Skywatch down to the coast,” she explained, returning his smile.