black tourmaline in quartz

🌱 Alternatives to Lavender 🍃

• Roses
• Oranges
• Coriander
• Basil
• Thyme

• Corn
• Sweet Basil
• Alder
• Saffron
• Apples

• Cinnamon
• Cloves
• Sweet Basil
• Ash
• Apples

• Ash
• Blackberries
• Birch
• Coriander
• Thyme

• Coriander
• Fig
• Purple Loosestrife (or any Loosestrife)
• Marigold
• Olives
• Violets

Crystal Alternatives:
Love: Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Garnet, Lepidolite, Sunstone
Fertility: Carnelian, Amethyst, Milky Quartz, Moonstone, Moss Agate
Visionary: Clear Quartz, Aqua Aura, Amethyst, Fluorite, Tourmaline Quartz
Protection: Tourmaline Quartz, Iron, Silver, Jet, Black Onyx
Peace: Blue Lace Agate, Sugilite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Purpurite
Von’s Spoonie Spell Bottle

For Self Love, Protection and Energy.

You’ll Need:

- A Small Bottle with a Cork

- Sealing Wax (Bronze or Gold worked for me)

- Pink Himalayan Salt (Self Love and Protection)

- Black Tourmaline and/or Obsidian Shards (Absorbs negativity and protects)

- Rose Quartz Shards (Self Love)

- Dried Ginger (Energy and Warmth) 

- Clove and Cinnamon (Energy, Love and Warmth)

- Gum Arabic (Personal Association: Sweetness and Self love, since it’s used for making sweets. “Official Association”: Protection and all of that.)

The Bottle: 

Fill the small bottle up, first layering the salt, then the stones and lastly the spices, concentrating on your intent. 

Next, cork up the bottle and seal it, reminding yourself you’re enough, you’re worth it and you deserve love. 

Lastly,clasp the bottle in your hands and whisper “I am loved, I am protected, I am filled with energy” and many times as you need, usually until your hands pulsate, kiss the bottle and voila!

You can also make these bottles for your spoonie friends, it doesn’t have to be for you, just fill it with love and intent. It’s a nice gift ~

If you make it, send pics! 

Stones for Empaths

Rose Quartz: helps push away negativity, provides a bit of extra energy, excellent for grounding.

Black Tourmaline: protects from negative energy

Amethyst: helps to heighten and sharpen an empath’s intuition

Lepidolite: eases any anxieties empaths have when around other people. This crystal is well known for its power, peace, and its ability to promote luck, love, and sleep.

Malachite: removes emotional blockages and helps calm when you are in a stressful situation. Absorbs any negative feeling you might hold inside of you.

Amazonite: helps balance emotions.

Obsidian: repels negative energy, grounds you, and balances emotions.

Citrine: repels negative energy. Relieves depression and mood swings. Opens the mind to new thoughts, helps with dream recall, and increases self esteem.

Alphabetically arranged list of popular precious and semiprecious stones by their magickal intentions.

Anaphrodisiac (Opposite of Aphrodisiac): Onyx

Aphrodisiac: Pearl

Animals: Boulder matrix opal (to access one’s animal guides), cat’s eye (for all spellwork relating to cats), cylindrite, faustite, ganophyllite, horneblende (for communicating with the physical and spiritual animal worlds), stibnite (a totem stone for the wolf), and tiger’s eye.

Astral Projection/Astral Travel: Agate (Brazilian), alexandrite, ametrine, angelite, apophyllite, astrophyllite, azulicite, benitoite, calcite, caledonite, celestite, florencite, geode, iolite, jasper, kyanite, lepidocrocite, lepidolite, linarite, lodestone, milarite, mohawkite, obsidian (blue or electric-blue sheen), petalite, quartz crystal (espesially double terminated and quartz penetrated by black tourmaline crystals), ramsdellite, richterite, rutile, sapphire (blue), spinel (dark blue), tellurium, tephroite, tunnellite (to strengthen the silver cord), and turquoise.

Banishing Evil Spirits: Diamond, emerald, jasper, and jet.

Bravery: Agate (tawny), amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, carnelian, diamond, garnet, lapis lazuli, sard, sardonyx, tiger’s eye, tourmaline (red), and turquoise.

Clairvoyance: See Psychic Powers.

Divination: Azurite, emerald, flint, hematite, jet, lamprophyllite, mica, moonstone, mosandrite, obsidian, opal, palermoite (stimulates the ability for palmistry), sapphire, and tiger’s eye.

Dreams: Amethyst, augelite, azurite, beta quartz, Chinese writing rock, dickite, garnet, jade, jasper (red), kyanite, lapis lazuli, manganosite, moonstone, opal, peridot, quartz crystal, rhonite, ruby, sapphire (green), and tourmaline (blue). See also Prophetic Dreams

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I’m really starting to brew some great ideas for my first official jewelry collection of the year. It’s going to be called Crystal Armor or something like that… I’m going to center it around BIG statement pieces that feel powerful and protective. I know right now in these times a lot of people feel unsafe, so I’m going to be working on pieces that empower you and make you feel strong. It’s going to be both with the design and with the metaphysical properties of the stones (a lot of citrine and black tourmaline and smoky quartz and amethyst…)

Just wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been thinking up. It will probably be a while before I’m ready to show what I’m working on, but I hope you guys like the sound of the idea. 💙

(P.S. since these pieces will be in the higher price ranges due to materials and the long time they take to make, I’m also going to be making more simplicity necklaces with stones that share those metaphysical properties I was talking about!)

Pluto ♇

Associations: Death, the underworld, astral travel, realms, transformation, metamorphosis, cooperation, regeneration, mystery, power, change, crisis 

Botanicals: Acacia, barley, basil, chrysanthemum, columbine, cypress, damiana, dogwood, dragon’s blood, eucalyptus, fern, foxglove, galangal root, hops, larkspur, oats, pansy, passion flower, psilocybin, saw palmetto, silverweed, skullcap, strawberry, valerian, wheat, yohimbe 

Crystals: Smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, black tourmaline, kunzite

Metals: Plutonium

Colors: Black, white

Numbers: 0

Elements: Water

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Day of the Week: Tuesday

compiled from my personal grimoire


New Moon altar ready for some Aries energies!


Invoking the goddess Lilith who wants to lend her snake-shedding, renewal energies to my spell work. 🐍🌹✨

I’m offering a red candle topped with rosemary (a new moon herb, good for cleansing) and glitter, a shed snake skin, a snake hair stick carved from bone, some of her favorite gems and jewelry (black tourmaline, hematite, jet, obsidian, raven black aura quartz, ruby aura quartz, smoky quartz, and labradorite), and an obsidian carving of the spirit energy that came from my deck this morning - Crow.

CROW ~ Spiritually strong, creative, watchful

The Crow has long been a symbol of magic. A Crow personality is drawn to the supernatural and has a gift for seeing the unseen, knowing the unknown. It is said the the Crow holds within its mind’s eye the three realities: past, present, and future. Crow energy is potent and should only be tapped into when the mind is clear. Those with Crow tendencies must balance their life with a healthy diet, joyfrul friends, and regular self-study.

When in balance: psychic, strong, clear
When out of balance: ungrounded, hypersensitive
To bring into balance: daily meditation practice

Planets & Minerals/Crystals 🌟

[☾] Moon - moonstone, selenite, pearl, milky quartz, aquamarine

[⊙] Sun - topaz, citrine, goldstone, gold, amber, carnelian, tiger’s eye

[☿] Mercury - blue lace agate, fire agate, aventurine, opal, alexandrite, mottled jasper, citrine

[♀] Venus - emerald, jade, rose quartz, celestite, turquoise, peridot, malachite, sodalite, coral

[♂] Mars - ruby, garnet, red jasper, bloodstone, sardonyx, lavastone, red tourmaline

[♃] Jupiter - yellow sapphire, yellow apatite, yellow jasper, green aventurine, azurite, lepidolite, kyanite

[♄] Saturn - hematite, jet, onyx, obsidian, blue sapphire, halite, black tourmaline, black diamond, garnet

[♅] Uranus - quartz, diamond, aquamarine, amazonite, blue topaz, tanzanite, opalite, aqua aura

[♆] Neptune - sapphire, amethyst, turquoise, fluorite, labradorite, aquamarine, celestite, vauxite

[♇] Pluto - smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, black tourmaline, kunzite

compiled from my personal grimoire 

updated on 9-7-2016

Crystal Lot Auction~ ✨

I’m auctioning off a lot of crystals from my personal collection! This includes: clear quartz, labradorite, agate, smoky quartz, lepidolite, aventurine, obsidian, astrophyllite, tiger’s eye, fluorite, heulandite, lapis lazuli, aura quartz, optical calcite, black tourmaline, and peacock ore.

comment below to place your bid 😊 auction ends tonight at 12am PST

Starting bid is $150 including shipping!

Let’s survive this retrograde - Jar

Not sure I believe in retrogrades effects but I know that a lot of you do, so I created this little jar to help you survive this tough time. I only used simple ingredients as I wanted it easy to do. If you need equivalences cause you don’t have some, let me know!


  • salt for general protection
  • dried Rosemary for Mercury: to always hear the truth
  • Black Pepper for Mars: to make the right choices
  • dried Sage for Jupiter: to keep a clear mind
  • dried Basil for Saturn : don’t fall into bad habits!
  • Black tourmaline or Smoky quartz for Pluto: to avoid losing yourself
  • a jar
  • wax to seal it if you wish

How to proceed:

  1. Take the time to light a candle, meditate if you wish to and focus on your intent: surviving the retrograde safely.
  2. Add the ingredients in the jar/bottle one by one, expressing (out loud or not) your intent for each one.
  3. Finally, add the lid to your jar/bottle and seal it with the wax if you wish. Focus your energy one last time on your intent for this jar.
  4. Carry it with you during the retrograde!

Good luck :p


I recently saw a post on essential crystals to carry at all times! I LOVE the Idea! So now i have these rocks in my handbag all the time!

  • Amethyst: Calming & Helps with people in shock
  • Bloodstone: Helps stop bleeding
  • Blue Lace Agate: Aids fevers & burns
  • Calcite: Increases healing time 
  • Black Tourmaline: Hyperventilation & headaches
  • Rose Quartz: Calms down the heart
  • Malachite: Pain relief
  • Clear Quartz: Focuses healing energy (Not pictured, it was in my elixir)