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Unlocking special G3 Quests

There are a few special quests for G3 that have hidden lock conditions.

  • Golden Rajang: Condition: Hunt 80+ Fanged Beasts (Kecha Wacha family, Lagombi, Congalal family, Rajang all count). The Hunt-a-Thon for Kecha in the village is a good wa y to unlock this fast.
  • Apex Diablos: Hunt 15+ Diablos/Black Diablos
  • Apex Tidal Najarala: Hunt 25 Najarala/Tidal Najarala
  • Apex Gravios: Hunt 35+ Gravios/Black Gravios
  • Apex Tigrex: Hunt 40+ Tigrex/Brute Tigrex/Molten Tigrex
  • Apex Zinogre: Hunt 40+ Zinogre/Sygian Zinogre

Hope that helps!


I bring to you, Fashion Hunters. Female version. Thanks to MHVuze

I was worried that MH4U would have even more bikini armor (AND NOT BECAUSE I’M A SJW OR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP), because even if I like to see some thighs tits and ass once in a while, a full set of armor is always “cooler”.

For G rank armors (which is where you’ll mostly be), Fatalis and Crimson get the old “Dragon armor”, Gore Magala gets a full body armor (with cape), black tigrex looks awesome, Corpse Nerscylla looks amazingly gundam, fan favourite Amatsu comes back…

All good in my book.

Very very good! :3

Male Armor showcase: