black tie geek

Hey, Loot Crate. How are you? Well? That’s dandy.

Hey, so, I got another one of your boxes in the mail today. Which is awesome, you know, except for the fact that I cancelled my subscription a few weeks ago. I thought I was done. I don’t necessarily want all of…

Wait, what’s this box? 

“Black Tie Geek”? What is that? Should I be concerned? 

Oh, it’s just a lame “geek-themed” neck tie. Whatever, those are a dime a dozen. Space Invaders on a cheap tie? I don’t want to be a laughing stock.

Except…this is actually a pretty quality tie. It almost feels like it’s made of a cotton-linen blend, which makes it feel a lot more legitimate than any video game-themed tie has any right to be. 

Apparently this is Black Tie Geek’s first product ever, and I’ve got to admit, even if it’s far from the absolute best well-made tie in the world, I’m pretty impressed. It’s a bit too skinny for my tastes (but that’s the point, and I’ve gotta respect them for that), but if they continue making ties of this quality, I need to say that I’m excited for them to make even more merch.

I gave almost everything else in the Crate to my brother (except my Voltron shirt, because it’s a Voltron shirt…and the pin, because it has an old orange cassette tape on it and I love me some pins), but…and I hate to say it, guys, I really do…I feel as if this accidental Loot Crate has just convinced me to give this service another go. Is it worth $20 every month? No, not by a long shot. But it’s worth it until I get a box that I’m 100% dissatisfied with. 

And that, my dear friends, hasn’t happened just yet.