black throated magpie jay

bird of the day!!

okay loads of ppl are doing (animal) of the day so im doing BIRD of the day first up is the black-throated magpie jay!! we’re starting off BIG okay are you ready for the best birb of all time

innocent. soft. curious. look at the vibrant blue and the contrasting black and white, and those frills! that mohawk!

look at the length of that tail!!! thats the longest tail possible. maybe. take my word for it (but dont actually)


one final picture.. look at that grace, that slender curves, those legs, that tail, that crest!!!!! this is truly the perfect star for the first bird of the day



Dick → Steller’s Jay

Bigger cousin of the Blue Jay. Loud, peanut-foraging, graceful flyer and excellent mimic.

Jason → Scarlet-headed Blackbird

Blackbird of the South-American wetlands. Looks badass perched on sterns, but has a very melodic song.

Tim → Northern Cardinal

Beloved songbird of North-American backyards. State bird of seven (!) states and mascot of many teams.

Damian → Red-capped Robin

Cutest of the Australian passerine family named after the European Robin.


Superb fairywren, precious Australian bird that really gets around

often they are in an eclipse plumage and then spring rolls around and BOOOMM

bonus shot of the family

Red-backed Fairywren if you prefer redxblack Nightwing.. so tiny

Discowing → Blue Tit, acrobat bird of European backyards


Small thrushes with “robin” in their names appear all over the world

Dick → White-tailed Blue Robin

Jason → Ryukyu Robin

Tim → Flame Robin

Damian → European Robin


superhero wonders hand painted by god

Dick → Black-and-blue Tanager

Jason → Red-crested Cardinal (well.. Tanager)

Tim → Scarlet Tanager

Damian → Masked Crimson Tanager


Superhero birds aren’t always in costume. Sometimes they go to fancy parties in tuxes. True magpies rank among the smartest birds in the world, and unrelated birds with the same monochromatic coloring in their plumage are often called magpies.

Dick → Black-throated Magpie-jay

Behold the avian wonder known as the Magpie-jay, corvid supreme. Dick Grayson doesn’t do subtle. Also has a white tux variant. (White-throated Magpie-jay)

Jason → Magpie Lark

Tim → Magpie Shrike

Damian → Seychelles Magpie Robin

A Robin endemic to the Seychelles that was driven to the brink of extinction by humans.


Broose → Magpie Goose

Look at this suave perfection. Unusual among waterfowl, this goose has only partially webbed feet with long, clawed toes. It often forms mating trios; a female on each wing.