black tetra


More tanks/plants/fish! McKoi and his tank are doing great, which is nice. 

 The extra ten gallon is still cycling and I still need to decide: one or two female pea puffers, or a school of celestial pearl danios with some red cherry shrimp? More research required. 

 Photos 6 and 7 are the current sad state of the rotala wallichii, which deteriorated when I left for 6 days. Thankfully all the pink growing tips are new and doing well, so eventually I will trim out those nasty algae covered stems. 

Last photo is the cryptocoryne undulata, which is finally looking nice and big! (Can you spot the noodle?) The 40 gallon has been a bit gross and sad lately (the 20 long is much worse) but it will be getting a canister filter upgrade as well as an inline CO2 diffuser to go with it! Hopefully after the next two months I will be getting it back in shape.


Newest pics of my tanks! I rearranged both of them today. One new plant for each and a slightly different layout of the 5 gallon.

Top: 15.5 gallon tank with honey gouramis and black widow tetras.

Bottom: 5 gallon tank with my betta Domino <3

My Pets

Initially, all of this information was found in my description, but it was getting out of hand! 

Ball Pythons:

1.0 Pastel “Helios

1.0 VPI Axanthic “Atlas”

0.1 Fire Pinstripe “Eos

0.1 Disco Fire “Asteria”

1.0 VPI Axanthic proven het. Genetic Stripe “Hyperion”

0.1 Captive-hatched import pos. Cinnamon or Mahogany ”Whiskey”

0.1 VPI Axanthic Genetic Stripe “Ygritte″ 

0.1 Bell Hypo 66% het Genetic Stripe “Secunda”

1.0 Pastel Axanthic “Apollo”

0.1 Fire Pinstripe het VPI Axanthic “Hestia”

1.0 Enchi Fire Yellowbelly “Prometheus”


0.1 Leucistic Texas Rat Snake “Harvard Winston Reginald” aka “Harvey

1.0 Lavender Corn Snake “Wash”


1.2 Sonoran Desert Tortoise “Oak” “Watermelon” and “Buttercup”

0.2.10 Black-skirt Tetra (glowfish and wild-type)

2.0 Betta Fish ”Catch” and “Lutece”

0.1 Mutt “Kaia”

Rats- Pets Serenity and Serendipity and the feeder breeders

Previous animal pets:
1.0 Disco Fire “Rhea” now owned by @i-m-snek
1.1 proven double het VPI axanthic genetic stripe “Styx” and “Cronus
1.3 het VPI axanthic 66% pos het genetic stripe “SH1″ “SH2″ “SH3″ “SH7
0.1 VPI axanthic 66% pos het genetic stripe “SH5
0.2 Genetic Stripe het VPI axanthic “SH4″ and “SH6
0.1 Betta Fish “Booker”

The 40 gallon community after a heavy trim. The foreground carpets (marsilea quadrifolia, narrow leaf microsword, and dwarf hairgrass) are coming back in after being totally removed last month. The CO2 regulator is back in working order, I am monitoring the tank for any leaks in the system.

Looking for advice, fishblr. My friends have a 29 gallon with about four black skirt tetras, about four zebra danios, and two nerite snails. They are going to add a few more of each of the fish to make complete schools, but they also want to add a gourami (didn’t say what kind). I don’t know anything about these species but my gut says that the gourami is pushing the stock limit. Agree/disagree? Or if it is okay, what species of gourami would you recommend?

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I haven’t done an update on my main tank for a while.

3ft - 170 litre - Freshwater Community.

-Pair of Pearl (Lace) Gourami’s.
-Nine Black Widow Tetras.
-Eight Danios (Pearl, Leopard, Zebra).
-Twenty two Neon Tetras.
-Twelve Peppered Corydora’s.

I have changed some stuff around and removed/moved some plants. I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking at the moment.


It’s been a couple of weeks since a full video of the 40 gallon, so here it is with thinned foreground plants and some river rock added. It won’t be long before they all strangle themselves again! (That’s what I get for picking “easy carpet” species!)

I will have bucket loads of plants for interested parties: still waiting on warm weather for shipping!

Research a fish all you want

But there’s something about actually knowing that fish that words can’t describe.
Like, every fish really is different. For instance: a red-tailed tinfoil barb, like a betta, may be a voracious eater, but having actually met one of each and watched them, I can tell you that they’re completely different kinds of eaters.
Or, black skirt tetra- schooling and social, pretty lacey discs that swim together, right? But danio, also schooling and social, are more playful and zippy.
Fish can be described as the same. Same temp and same pH preference, same places of origin, same tank size requirements or schooling recommendations- and so on.
Reading about them all eventually becomes dull, as it seems to all very much be the same thing. But actually getting to know the fish in person makes a huge difference, and reading more about each one makes me even more fond of the unique life that every single fish lives.
I absolutely love fish.