I want every black person to know that they are beautiful, unique, gifted, jaw dropping, magnifest, iconic, show stopping, and most importantly: an inspiration 💎. Let the Black Girl Magic, Black Boy Joy, & Melanin Excellence make people shook today.

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C: I have a semi-crush on this guy. I spent some time with him and his friend and at one point his friend saw a girl and said she was cute. My crush looked me died in the eyes and said she was not his type. Later this girl was flirting with him and I had left to go somewhere and left my stuff with him. When I came back I grabbed my stuff and left. He got so upset when I was leaving. I told him that I didn’t want to be a cockblocker. He told me he wasn’t flirting and I could still sit there.


it’s !?!?!! dark skin appreciation day ??? and man oh man !! i get made fun of for being so dark but fuuuuck yooou i’m a cutie patootie


C: It’s official: I hate having crushes. I have a crush on this guy who is in two of my classes. He is really sweet and whenever we are together we just chill, which is weird because normally with crushes I freeze up. Something happened a couple weeks ago were he had to help me out and he came through and he went above and beyond the call of duty. Im kinda worried that this crush is really just because he helped me. It’s like do I like him because he is Spider-man or because he is Peter Parker?