black tailed gull

July 13, 2017 - Black-tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris)

These gulls are found around the coasts of southeast Russia, Japan, Korea, and eastern China. Their diet depends on the area of their range and season, but includes small fish, crustaceans, insects, offal, mollusks, and polychaete worms. They build nests from dry grasses on sandy or rocky shores, cliffs, or islets in colonies that can include as many as 10,000 pairs.


breeding ground of gull #3 by kazu saito

日御碕 出雲

I made my own Animal Crossing NPC!

Her name is Ms.Information (until I can think of a better name) She is a Black-tailed Gull from Japan. She wears a uniform similar to a Japanese stewardess’ but will often change depending on the event. In this case, she is celebrating the Lunar New Year!

Her job? She will be waiting near the town tree on special days to teach the player about holidays and traditions from around the world and give out gifts!

anonymous asked:

Alright so I may or may not be tipsy and just have rewatched the first few episodes of yoi and during the beach scene in the eng dub yuuri very offhandedly mentions that the gulls there are black tailed gulls which are native to Japan and actually Russia too but like totally different from the seagulls here (I live on the us Atlantic coast) and like I'm impressed they did that much research on just /seagulls/ like w ow but now I need to know how the boys handle seagulls stealing their food

(Tipsy ranting about birds anon continued) cause like their birds Are nice and hunt for food and anyone who’s ever been to the Atlantic knows our gulls are fuckin ruthless and I have seen them steal a hot dog out of a bun like no mercy in these birds and I wanna know how the podium fam feels expecting these birds to be nice like theirs always have been and they’re n o t

Haha I haven’t been to the coasts very often, but I remember being terrified of birds that would hang around by the outdoor seating tables where people were eating because I knew they were going to steal my food.

I bet Victor would totally be gullible and try to feed a bird a tiny bit of his food when Yuuri would warn him not to because of what would happen, but then the gull would steal his entire food no mercy. Yurio would make angry cat hissing noises if any bird got near his food. Makkachin would bark and chase them all away like a good doggo.