black tabby classic

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how accurate are the genetics of crookedstar and willowbreeze's kits?

crookedstar - cinnamon classic tabby

willowbreeze - black silver mackerel tabby 

willowkit - black smoke (canon)

Minnowkit - chocolate silver mackerel tabby (this is spotted but shh, was dark gray)

Silverstream - black silver classic tabby (canon)

Part three of the RC allegiances visuals~ 

Greenflower - black classic tabby longhair
Stonefur - solid blue shorthair
Mistyfoot - solid blue shorthair
Whitepaw(claw) - solid blue-and-white shorthair
Ivypaw(tail) - black mackerel tabby shorthair
Silverpaw(stream) - black silver classic tabby shorthair
Grasspaw(???) - solid cinnamon silver smoke longhair
Sedgecreek - black mackerel tabby medium-shorthair
Heavykit(step) - cinnamon classic tabby shorthair
Shadekit(pelt) - solid blue longhair

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Au where leafpool was the donor for trans!Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's kits. And like. There were three kits who ended up being The Three, their pelt colours were different (I don't know cat genetics so I can't say what the kits look like). I know that at least ONE of them would've been called Acornkit tho

I like this AU! I like this AU a lot!! That’d be so lovely

according to the cat coat calculator i have, bramble being a black classic tabby and leafpool being a chocolate tabby with white, we have: “Kittens will be shorthaired. Toms can be black, chocolate, grey, or lilac. Mollies can be black, chocolate, grey, or lilac. Ticked tabby is the dominant pattern. Half of them will have less than 50% white spotting, half will have none.” so a huge variety of colors! i like to think a chocolate kit would be acornkit. maybe one would be lilac as well bc lilac is just pretty. anyone have ideas for the other two kits and their names/genders/pronouns for this au?

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What would genetically accurate Runningwind look like? He's supposedly a "wiry light brown tabby."

his canon line is almost genetically accurate so 👍

harepounce - solid cinnamon 

stagleap - blue mackerel tabby 

one-eye - blue mackerel tabby

halftail - black classic tabby 

runningwind - black mackerel tabby 

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yoo the cat in the picture you used in that last ask about silver/white is crazy pretty, what would it be called technically? :o would it be a silver tabby bicolor or do i sound like a total idiot rn lol

it’s an american shorthair, black silver classic tabby bicolor! 

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if a solid black smoke and a black classic tabby had kits, would you get a black smoke classic tabby? or a silver classic tabby?

black silver classic tabby or a solid black smoke

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Can purebred only patterns/colors be passed on to mixed kittens? Like a Bengals marbled stripes/rosettes or a black amber classic tabby coat that comes from Norwegian Forest Cats? I have a marbled tabby bengal mix oc and an amber tabby oc and Im wondering if they're even possible.

honestly it’s such a gray area and it really depends on 1. what genes the purebred parent carries (whether they’re homo or hetero dominant etc), 2. what genes / patterns the moggy parent carries, and 3. luck

i do know that sometimes the marble pattern with bengals can get passed down (i’m p sure the other parent has to be a classic tabby though). i’m unsure about regular rosettes and what other genes they would need in order to show through. the problem with this is that purebreds are rarely crossbred with moggies so there hasn’t been much research done on it (i mean who’s gonna breed their $1500 bengal to a non-purebred cat??)