black system


Remembering the Black Panther Party

They stood up to police brutality and fed poor kids. They were hated by the FBI.

They were unfairly demonized by our “democratic” government and preyed on by law “enforcement”, and sent to jail for trumped up (no pun intended) charges.

2017 and we are still fighting the same fight!

Not much has changed. They still stand watch over their communities. A person might not know it. But they are there and strong. They have passed the torch on to their children and grandchildren and I am grateful they are there. .

Signs as metal bands
  • Aries: Megadeth
  • Taurus: Pantera
  • Gemini: Mastodon
  • Cancer: Iron Maiden
  • Leo: Slipknot
  • Virgo: System of a Down
  • Libra: Metallica
  • Scorpio: Slayer
  • Sagittarius: Lamb of God
  • Capricorn: In Flames
  • Aquarius: Judas Priest
  • Pisces: Black Sabbath

“You may wish for someone’s world revolve around you like the universe revolves around
the sun, but is that what we truly wish for good. Because the universe will one day implode and a nothingness deeper than the blackest black will arrive and stay till light reigns anew.” -yours truly

Of course, everyone thinks of this as the greatest plot twist of all time and completely unexpected, but McGonagall taught for years. Can you imagine how many times she used this tactic on James? Sirius? Remus? Hell, even Lily probably had a biscuit with McGonagall at least once. Things like this make me remember that Minerva McGonagall was not only a professor, not even only a Head of House or Deputy Headmistress. She was a second mother, someone who saw these kids more through the ages of eleven through seventeen than their own parents. Can you imagine her taking on the struggles of a hundred odd kids? Keeping track of who had issues at home, who just had a break up, getting messages from the house elves that there’d been a girl in the kitchens every night for the past week stress eating?

 Obviously, when Sirius ran away, McGonagall knew she had to protect him from his family, and probably had tea with him a least once just to check up on things. James definitely went to her all the time at the beginning of the war to tell her how scared he was for Lily the muggleborn and Remus the werewolf and Peter who wasn’t a fighter and Sirius who was too much of one. She noticed when Lily stopped sending letters to Petunia and she definitely noticed when that garish wedding invitation arrived and Lily left the Great Hall in tears because, she later found out after confiscating a note between Dorcas and Alice, it said she was only invited because her mum wanted her there. Remus, I bet, had monthly visits, right before the full moon, and she would help him with subjects he didn’t quite understand so he could keep his good school record.

 She met with James right after he and Lily got together and pulled out her favorite, special occasion biscuits to celebrate. She brought a box to their wedding, too, and they both recognized them and laughed, because Lily had had the same meeting the day after James.

Minerva McGonagall’s biscuits and her strange changes of emotion halfway through a conversation were the backbone of many a Hogwarts student, and I like to think that she set up a system, purely accidentally, of sending boxes of biscuits to former students who needed them, and receiving boxes from former students who were thankful she had them when they, in turn, needed them. I like to think that she had a drawer in her office full of biscuits she never asked for but always received, and occasionally when she read the newspaper, she would reach into the drawer, tie a box up with some ribbon and a short note, and send it off. Minerva McGonnagall building a support system through biscuits for students who needed it, inside and outside school, is a favorite headcanon of mine. And Minerva McGonagall seeing the need for support and doing the best she can to provide it is not only a headcanon, but the truth.