black suit spider man

great hoco moments:

- i like bread
-guy in the chair!!!
-the glowy thing iS A BOMB!!!1!!!
-i sound like my dad
-”my dad never really gave me a lot of support and im just trying to break the cycle of shame“
-the interrogation mode voice
- i’M NOT A GIRL!!! I’M A BOY–i mean I’M A MAN!!!
-you know i larb you
-just a typical homecoming…….on the outside of an invisible jet…….fighting my girlfriend’s DAD
-murph the cat
-peter speaking spanish
-i was…….watching….porn
-this is your chance, peter. KISS HER
-“i’m shocked”
-the way michelle says hi to peter by giving him the finger
-none of this would’ve happened if you had just LISTENED TO ME :/
-a film by peter parker
-peter getting ready for homecoming
-peter’s face when they were taking pictures before homecoming
-37 minutes
-flash slapping peter’s ass
-”i just wanna thank you for letting me be a part of your journey”
-hot date with black widow
-cmon peter………CMON SPIDER MAN!!!!! :/
-”suit lady”
-peter jumping rope with his webs
-”been carrying this since 2008″
-the “monument built by slaves” moment
-couldn’t bear to lose a student on a school trip. Not again.
-i just like coming here to sketch people in crisis
-assistant to mr. holland harrison osterfield

robertarm  asked:

Can we see your version of the black suit!?

Here ya go!

The white parts of the design are kind of the symbiote’s inner workings, while the black parts act as a protective layer over top. So I guess my Peter went from being a Pepsi can to being an Oreo, haha. 

I’m toying with the idea that the eyes are just gaps, and that the lenses of his red and blue suit are showing through. I didn’t want the black suit to feel overly ‘convenient’, hence why it’s not able to make an edge-perfect symbol.

I’ll get into some detail about how he acquires it later down the road, but I’ve talked more about the symbiote/Venom here!

Thanks for checking it out :)

(oh yeah, I also noticed it has a bit of an inverted ‘Future Foundation’ look to it. Unintentional, but fun nonetheless!)

Web Warriors #11

  • Mike Costa (w)
  • David Baldeon (a)

|Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco|

Spider-Man 3 Gothic

  • “Oh look, Spider-Man 3 is on” you say. You leave the living room for a very long time. “Oh look,” you say upon returning, “Spider-Man 3 is on”
  • You are not sure what the filmmakers were trying to embrace with this film. They embrace it fully.
  • The colors are too bright. Tobey Maguire’s eyes are too blue. There is a man made of sand in a green striped t-shirt.
  • “…and that taste…” Harry Osborn runs his fingers across his pursed lips “…strawberries.” You can see the beginnings of the man James Franco will become.
  • A man becomes angry. He pulls his hair in front of his eye. You remember this look being popular in your youth. His eyes are rimmed with liner, though you never see him apply it. You remember this look also being popular in your youth.
  • You recognize all the films faults, but nostalgia makes you indifferent. A secret part of you enjoys what you see.
  • The angry man dances down the street. “I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye” the dancing man says. You laugh as you did when you were a child. You know the lines to this movie too well. It’s been years since that boy broke your DVD with a finger skateboard.
  • Peter Parker can play jazz piano. He dances down the bar, stealing a martini along the way. “Thanks.” he quips. He is always quipping.
  • He sips the martini as he swings from the jazz club chandelier. The camera zooms in on his lips, his swaying hips, his snapping fingertips. “Now dig on this.” He whispers. You also knew this line.
  • Peter Parker backhands Mary Jane Watson. It was an accident, but still you wonder how this fever dream was released in theaters everywhere May 4, 2007
  • Spider-Man sits atop a church spire at night in the rain. You had this poster. You hung it above your bed. It was the last thing you saw before you fell asleep. You live in a new house in a new state and the poster is gone. Sometimes you still see it before you fall asleep.
  • The boy from Win A Date With Tad Hamilton is there. He is not as charming as he usually is. You are confused.
  • Black Ooze spills from the angry man’s shoulders to the clanging of church bells. The boy from Win a Date eats it and becomes less charming still. His mouth is too big for his face and they show that face too much.
  • “Never wound…what you can’t kill.” The boy from Win A Date says ominously. The scene has not earned the line.
  • “Up Next, The Amazing Spider-man” the tv announces. They must be having a marathon. You do not get up from the couch.