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Japanese Fans Rank Their Favorite Manga Authors

Some of these guys really don’t like to show their faces do they?

Quick: who’s your all-time favorite manga-ka? Not an easy question, is it? Still, it’s one thousands of readers of Japanese site Charapedia were willing to tackle the past week, serving up a list of 20 of the country’s most manga creators.

Who came out on top? Let’s find out.

20. Akira Amano

19. Yuki Midorikawa
Natsume’s Book of Friends

18. Nakaba Suzuki
Seven Deadly Sins

17. Kazuya Minekura

16. Akira Toriyama
Dragon Ball

15. Rumiko Takahashi
Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½, Inuyasha

14. Kohei Horikoshi
My Hero Academia

13. Hirohiko Araki
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

12. Yoshihiro Togashi
Hunter x Hunter

11. Harukawa 35
Bungou Stray Dogs

10. Hajime Isayama
Attack on Titan

9. Hiro Mashima
Fairy Tail

8. Hiromu Arakawa
Fullmetal Alchemist

7. Masashi Kishimoto

6. Gosho Aoyama
Detective Conan


5. Yana Toboso
Black Butler

4. Haruichi Furudate

3. Sui Ishida
Tokyo Ghou

2. Eiichiro Oda
One Piece

1. Hideaki Sorachi

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“I have lived through a fucking world war,” I said, my voice low and venomous. “I have lost a child. I have lost two husbands. I have starved with an army, been beaten and wounded, been patronized, betrayed, imprisoned, and attacked. And I have fucking survived!”

- Claire, ABOSAA


You may not know this, but I often wear surgical masks when I don’t feel like wearing makeup. My skin is very problematic, and I am quite self-conscious when I am not wearing at least BB cream.
Also, I like to collect articles of clothing with @valeriebastille drawings and bad English (or French) for casual wear.
T-shirt: Anna Sui with a drawing by Valérie Bastille
Skirt: Vintage
Cardigan: Liz Lisa Doll
Shoes: Anna Sui
Bag: Dolly Girl by Anna Sui
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Earring: Moi-même-moitié

Kaneki has been associated with dragon scales from the beginning…(THICC)

Even his claw here looks like a dragons claw

And now he has become one…

Also, “In the Orient, dragons symbolize wisdom, longevity, sexuality, fertility, procreation, and regeneration. They are seen as mythical beings having magical powers and symbolize water in the Asian cultures. The dragons of ancient India have been the Nagas’, serpents that existed in the underworld and harbored enmity with the Eagle-Man God, Garuda. These creatures were considered the wise and benign guardians of the life-giving properties of water.”

I’m thinking, maybe Kaneki is the Garuda to oppose the naga serpent who is the big bad evil of the series that Ayato found?… or maybe… Kaneki is the new naga and some one like hide is the Garuda…? It is classic for two best friends to become enemies and one ends up being killed by the other but will Ishida pull off a code geass or will Kaneki and Hide both survive(please Ishida)… Hmm…