black stilleto


I’d like to thank @arriana_t6984 on Twitter for this story.


Arianna is a 35 year old secretary, medium height, slender and leggy with long brown hair. One night, she decided to go to a club. She dressed in a very skin tight red tank mini dress with black strappy stilleto heels. She met some of her friends their and a night of debauchery commence. A lot of dancing and drinking. Even though she was not a drug user, she did try some ecstasy. She was flying. At about 2am the club closed down for the morning. Totally waisted, she decided to walk home. She only lived about 3 blocks so it shouldn’t too long before she’s safe and at home and would probably collapse on her bed for the night.

Just a block from her apartment, a van pulled up. Two men emerged and grabbed Arianna. One picked her up under her arms while the other picked her up by her legs as she was kicking and screaming.

“Let me go, let me go!!!” Arianna screamed.

“Shut up bitch!!” Replied Rick. Bruce was the other guy. I was driving. They got her in the van. Then they handcuffed her arms behind her back then used ankle cuffs to secure her ankles then another chain attached the two cuffs putting her in a hogtie. She was gagged with a ball gag and then a hood was put over her head. Then I took off to bring her back to our slave training facility.

While we were driving Bruce and Rick started groping and fondling Arianna.

“Mmmmphh” moaned Arianna under her gag. Rick then noticed her panties were damp.

“Hey I think this slut’s enjoying this. Feel her panties” observed Rick.

“They all like that. These whores don’t want to admit it but they love hah!”

I bet it’s gonna make a great sex slave. A great fucktoy.

“Mmmmphh ”

The sound of what we were saying gave her a sense of horror. A sex slave?

After about 45 minutes, we arrived back at the slave training facility in an abandoned warehouse in rural Virginia. We undid Arianna’s ankles restraints and Bruce and Rick grabbed each arm and dragged her(Arianna was resisting all the way) and brought her to an elevator. We went down to the bottom floor 3 floors down(this had previously been a fallout shelter built during the Cold War). We brought Arianna to a metal frame that bound her by her wrists, ankles, neck, and waist. I took a scissors and started tearing off her dress, followed by her thong panties. We were delighted that there was no bra so I started feeling up her tits and pinching her nipples. I removed her hood and to her horror, she saw other girls bound in different positions. I then took a gun and injected her with an implant in her neck. It was the equivalent of a shock collar.

“Ok, welcome to your new life. You are now a sex slave. You spend 30 days training after which you will be auctioned off to your new owner who will be the one who is lucky enough to put in the highest bid for you. You are now property, merchandise. You have no human rights anymore. What ever you were a few hours ago was a lifetime ago.

Oh by the way, in case you get any ideas about trying to get away, you’ve been implanted with a shock chip. It’s controlled by this remote. If do try something, I will push this button to give you a nasty shock. Would you like a demonstration?”

“Mmmmphh!!” As Arianna shook her her.

“Sure” I replied with a sadistic smile. I showed her the remote. I teased a little. Then I pushed the button.

“Mmmmphh!!!!” Arianna convulsed as her tendons tightened then she collapsed and her breathing was heavy.

“Oh come on, I had it at the lowest level hah hah!!”

I removed the gag which was covered in drool and put on her head a tight rubber hood. She could neither see or speak. We put earplugs in her ears that for 30 minutes played white noise and then for a couple minutes would play pretty much what I said to her just now and repeat all night. I attached nipple clamps to her nipples. I put a wired butt plug up her ass. And attached a hitachi to her clit. The hitachi was on a timer. It would run for four minutes, just enough to edge her but not let her cum. Then it would shut for 5 minutes then repeat the cycle all night long. We also gave her some water. The water was laced with a pill that had a stimulant that would increase her sexual urges. As part of the slave training, she would be deprived of sleep and food for 72 hours. Also the butt plug had a sensor that if Arianna somehow dosed off, it would trigger electro shock. Arianna’s life as she knew it was over.

Too be continued

My very first post … a snapshot of my high heels closet. 3m long shot even if it doesn’t seem that long on the picture.
New pairs have been added since then to reach a total of 30 pairs of high heels pumps and more or less 20-25 knee-high and thigh high boots.
Hard to wear them all and I even sometimes forget about some or just don’t wear them anymore. One of my 2017 resolution is to clean my closet and potentially sell a few before buying new ones 😂. I guess high heels fashion is my addiction 😍👠