black stilleto

My very first post … a snapshot of my high heels closet. 3m long shot even if it doesn’t seem that long on the picture.
New pairs have been added since then to reach a total of 30 pairs of high heels pumps and more or less 20-25 knee-high and thigh high boots.
Hard to wear them all and I even sometimes forget about some or just don’t wear them anymore. One of my 2017 resolution is to clean my closet and potentially sell a few before buying new ones 😂. I guess high heels fashion is my addiction 😍👠


I’d like to thank @arriana_t6984 on Twitter for this story.


Arianna is a 35 year old secretary, medium height, slender and leggy with long brown hair. One night, she decided to go to a club. She dressed in a very skin tight red tank mini dress with black strappy stilleto heels. She met some of her friends their and a night of debauchery commence. A lot of dancing and drinking. Even though she was not a drug user, she did try some ecstasy. She was flying. At about 2am the club closed down for the morning. Totally waisted, she decided to walk home. She only lived about 3 blocks so it shouldn’t too long before she’s safe and at home and would probably collapse on her bed for the night.

Just a block from her apartment, a van pulled up. Two men emerged and grabbed Arianna. One picked her up under her arms while the other picked her up by her legs as she was kicking and screaming.

“Let me go, let me go!!!” Arianna screamed.

“Shut up bitch!!” Replied Rick. Bruce was the other guy. I was driving. They got her in the van. Then they handcuffed her arms behind her back then used ankle cuffs to secure her ankles then another chain attached the two cuffs putting her in a hogtie. She was gagged with a ball gag and then a hood was put over her head. Then I took off to bring her back to our slave training facility.

While we were driving Bruce and Rick started groping and fondling Arianna.

“Mmmmphh” moaned Arianna under her gag. Rick then noticed her panties were damp.

“Hey I think this slut’s enjoying this. Feel her panties” observed Rick.

“They all like that. These whores don’t want to admit it but they love hah!”

I bet it’s gonna make a great sex slave. A great fucktoy.

“Mmmmphh ”

The sound of what we were saying gave her a sense of horror. A sex slave?

After about 45 minutes, we arrived back at the slave training facility in an abandoned warehouse in rural Virginia. We undid Arianna’s ankles restraints and Bruce and Rick grabbed each arm and dragged her(Arianna was resisting all the way) and brought her to an elevator. We went down to the bottom floor 3 floors down(this had previously been a fallout shelter built during the Cold War). We brought Arianna to a metal frame that bound her by her wrists, ankles, neck, and waist. I took a scissors and started tearing off her dress, followed by her thong panties. We were delighted that there was no bra so I started feeling up her tits and pinching her nipples. I removed her hood and to her horror, she saw other girls bound in different positions. I then took a gun and injected her with an implant in her neck. It was the equivalent of a shock collar.

“Ok, welcome to your new life. You are now a sex slave. You spend 30 days training after which you will be auctioned off to your new owner who will be the one who is lucky enough to put in the highest bid for you. You are now property, merchandise. You have no human rights anymore. What ever you were a few hours ago was a lifetime ago.

Oh by the way, in case you get any ideas about trying to get away, you’ve been implanted with a shock chip. It’s controlled by this remote. If do try something, I will push this button to give you a nasty shock. Would you like a demonstration?”

“Mmmmphh!!” As Arianna shook her her.

“Sure” I replied with a sadistic smile. I showed her the remote. I teased a little. Then I pushed the button.

“Mmmmphh!!!!” Arianna convulsed as her tendons tightened then she collapsed and her breathing was heavy.

“Oh come on, I had it at the lowest level hah hah!!”

I removed the gag which was covered in drool and put on her head a tight rubber hood. She could neither see or speak. We put earplugs in her ears that for 30 minutes played white noise and then for a couple minutes would play pretty much what I said to her just now and repeat all night. I attached nipple clamps to her nipples. I put a wired butt plug up her ass. And attached a hitachi to her clit. The hitachi was on a timer. It would run for four minutes, just enough to edge her but not let her cum. Then it would shut for 5 minutes then repeat the cycle all night long. We also gave her some water. The water was laced with a pill that had a stimulant that would increase her sexual urges. As part of the slave training, she would be deprived of sleep and food for 72 hours. Also the butt plug had a sensor that if Arianna somehow dosed off, it would trigger electro shock. Arianna’s life as she knew it was over.

Too be continued


Fake gel nails for my sisters graduation.
I only like stiletto/almond shaped nails on me :)
I picked out this glittery topcoat because I wanted just that
but the lady said I should do a color underneath so I picked black.
When my nails were all done, there happened to be a group of African-American girls walk in and they gushed over them :3
The lady who did my nails liked them so much she made me literally show everyone in the salon C:

Leaving With A Beautiful Woman

A/N: So you and Spencer have been dating for a while and one night he goes out with his team and he makes the mistake of telling you where they are going. You show up and they notice him fawning over you so they dare him to go kiss you and he does because the two of you are already going out.

“Are you sure that I can’t come, Spence?” You whined to your boyfriend as he changed his clothes. “I do not see why I can not meet your team yet.”

He turned around while he tied his tie and looked at you. “I’m sorry, y/n. It’s just that they can be extremely protective and I do not want them to drive you away.”

“Please.” you scoffed “Drive me away? From you? Impossible.” The two of you grinned at each other and he kissed you on the lips.

“Besides, you would hate the place that we are going. It is called the 18th Street Lounge. Apparently, there is lots of dancing and loud music and people. I don’t even want to go, but Morgan said that he would personally go to my home and drag me with him if I didn’t”

He turned back around and finished getting dressed. You thought about what he said and formed a plan in your head. When Spencer left, you kissed him on the cheek and told him to have fun. He looked at you suspiciously. You did not usually drop things so easily, and you went from begging him to take you out with him to wishing him to have fun and waving good bye happily as he left. Nonetheless, he left without forcing.

As soon as the door shut behind him, you sprung into action. You smiled almost maliciously as you retold your plan to yourself. The plan was to dress in something really nice and revealing and then show up at the club Spencer and his team were going to. You were going to pretend that you did not know him and flirt overtly with him. I knew Spence pretty well. It would embarrass the hell out of him. And hopefully, his team members would not figure out that I was actually his girlfriend.

You dressed in a skin tight, black dress. The neckline scooped low and the sleeves were three-quarter length. The dress cut short about mid-thigh. You wore tall, black stilletos that made me taller by a number of inches. You quickly threw on a splash of appealing, dark make-up, just the way that you knew Spencer liked. Then you were ready.

You left the apartment, locking the door behind you. You located your car in the parking garage of the building. You sat in the car for a moment and looked up the address of the club that Spencer had mentioned. You found the address easily and drove to the club, encountering minimal traffic.

You had felt absolutely zero anxiety up until now, but now your nerves were starting to catch up to you. You had always been a fairly spontaneous person, contrasting your boyfriend’s calculated personality. But was this too much? What if he did not even end up going here? This plan could backfire so easily in so many ways. You took a deep breath, contemplating if you should actually go through with your plan after all.

Then, you reached for the car door, throwing all inhibitions in the wind. You exited the car and walked into the crowded club. You headed to the bar. You were tense and needed something to loosen yourself up to this idea a little more. A drink would definitely do that. You ordered a drink and leaned against the bar.

You looked around for Spencer. You knew that he would not be dancing so that ruled out the dense crowd of people on the dance floor in the center of the room. You looked around at the tables lining the walls of the club. You searched tops of heads for the iconic golden locks of hair that belonged to Spencer Reid. You had searched for a while and you began to be disheartened when you finally saw him. He was smiling and laughing, surrounded by six other people. It was the rest of his team.

You moved to a spot at the bar that was closer to him so that he would notice that you were there. You opted to send flirtatious looks his way until he looked over at you. Finally, the vibrant blonde woman that was sitting next to him, elbowed him in the ribs and nodded her head in your direction so that he would see that you were checking him out. She said something to him that you could not hear because you were so far away, but you assumed that it was something along the lines of “A girl over there has been checking you out for the past half hour. She subtly pointed in your direction and he followed her finger to see the person that she was pointing at. When he saw that it was you, his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

You giggled at his reaction and looked down at your drink as if you were embarrassed that he had caught you sending googley eyes at him. When you looked back up, he was staring at you incredulously from where he sat. So, he had noticed your fairly revealing outfit. You smiled at him.

He knew exactly what you were doing, though. No matter how absolutely gorgeous you looked, he was going to be stubborn. You could tell that another one of his friends had noticed you, too and was urging Spencer to go talk to you. He shook his head, refusing.

So that is how it is going to be played, huh?

As the night continued on, you slowly flitted closer and closer to your boyfriend’s table. But you did not allow yourself to get too close, no, he was the one that would approach, not you. That was the game. Whenever you felt that you got too close to him, you simply floated back to the bar and started all over again. You talked to a number of men while you were there so that Spencer’s team would not think that you had just come for Spencer, but he way the only guy that you had your eyes on.

Finally, after lots of teasing and flirtatious glances between the two of you, the eccentric blonde that had pointed you out earlier, practically pushed Spencer out of the booth that they all sat in. He walked over to you nervously, dodging people as he walked, zig zagging awkwardly.

When he got to you have gave you a small smile and said, "What are you doing, here?” as if he was nervous so that his friends did not notice any change in his behavior.

You smiled cheekily at him. “This is what you get for not letting me come with you. Next time, I suggest not telling me where you are going.” You laugh and gracefully touch his elbow as if you are harmlessly flirting with just any guy.

He smiles back at you. “Oh, so now that that is out of the way.” He reaches forward and kisses you. He pulls your face to his and presses his lips to yours. When he pulls away he smiles at him and you smile back.

“And what exactly was that?” you ask

“We were playing Truth or Dare. Alright, y/n, I have to get back to the table now. Bye.” You wink at him and he turns around and heads back to his table.

He is greeted by the shocked expressions of his team members.

Penelope is the first to speak up. “Spencer, dude, you are way cooler than I thought you were.” she breathes out, shocked.

Morgan is the next to do anything. He offers Spencer a fist bump. “Respect, dude.” he says “I had no idea that you had that much  game.”

Everybody else expresses their shock to him and he smirks proudly at their reaction. They had no idea.

You lingered at the bar, waiting for Spencer to return. He came back within minutes. He told the rest of his team that he was going to get another round of drinks but they all knew that he was just going to go and talk to you some more.

He came up behind you and you could feel his breath mingling with the tiny hairs on the back of your neck. You involuntarily let out a shiver at the feeling. “What do you say we get outta here?” he asked you.

“What about your team?” you asked

“My team? Please, they would be absolutely thrilled if they saw me leave with a beautiful woman.”

You thought about his offer a few short moments then nodded. “Alright, I will be right back.” he said to you. He grabbed the drinks that he ordered and headed back to his table.

“Um, guys. I am going to head out.” Every single one of his friends looked over in your direction to see you slipping your jacket over your shoulders. You were preparing to leave, and it was obvious that you were about to leave with him. They smirked at him.

“Alright, Spence. Have fun. Be safe.” They all told him.

He wandered back to you with a smile gracing his face. It was the smile that you had fallen in love with.

As soon as the two of you left the building, you clasped your hands together. The two of you walked over to his car. You stood by the driver’s side door for a moment.

“I’m so sorry, y/n.” he whispered to you,“I should have let you meet the team in the first place.”

“Spence, it’s okay. I get it. You were worried that they would not accept me and that you would have to make a choice. You don’t have to explain anything.”

He smiled down at you, ever-so-grateful to have you in his life. He sighed at the beauty of your words and the way that you spoke. There is a long, understanding silence between the two of you.

“Have I told you how absolutely beautiful you look tonight, y/n?” his eyes scope across your body taking you all in. You giggle at his compliment.

“You may have mentioned it.” You say “Hey, what do you say we get out of here?” You pull your pointer finger down his chest suggestively and he nods eagerly. The two of you head back to your apartment together.

It is there that he proves to you just how happy he was to have left with a beautiful woman. He was really happy.