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Try To Make Your Fandoms Sound As Bad As You Can

Team Fortress 2: A bunch of grown men with badass hats shooting each other over glowing dots and briefcases.

Gravity Falls: Noah Wiseman must uncover the secret of his great uncle’s brother’s diary while battling a mystery flavored Dorito chip

Steven Universe: A bunch of rocks slam into each other and make out and stuff

Gorillaz: The Satanic lovechild of Shrek and Keith Richards starts a band with a blue haired stoner, a loli, and Captain Protein Shake.

OFF: “I came here to chew some Big League Chew and kill spooks and babies. And I’m all out of Big League Chew.”

Hetalia: An Italian man wants spaghetti but his Aryan hubby says no.

Black Butler: Demons, cake, pedophilia, death and corsets. What more can you ask for, really?

Lucky Star; Dammit, Konata, stop being so relatable.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Barney the Dinosaur’s human incarnate starts some mischief and the little furry babies are pissed.

The Babadook: [Babadook screaming like an angsty scene boy]

Homestuck: Together a gamer geek, his cousin(?), Mandy, and Henry Danger fighst alongside some pissy candy corn headed internet trolls to save the world from a mutant dog…beetle..carapace…thing…and aaah shit here come the cherubs!!

Steam Powered Giraffe: Musical robots with a love of Bobby Darin and a hatred for elephants and rock candy.


Inked of G.G the Giraffe and one of their paper weights named “rabbit” i think from steam powered giraffe

i was colouring it but found it didn’t really work, my colouring skills are just lacking.

“attune your ears to the grinding gears!”

i swear i’ll draw the other robots soon! ;_; i just find i have trouble making them look right

Ah. Didn’t know I’d be seeing a Steam page with a game I’m in charge of. It’s almost surreal. (Thanks @selendra, for helping me build the page! …And for paying for it. xD)


“Women of Xal” is an upcoming Otome visual novel heading towards a Kickstarter near you! The cast is Black folk PoC heavy and mixes in politics with a reverse-harem in a Matriarchal society. We hope to launch within 3 weeks, so stay tuned! And thank the ladies on staff, because they’re doing the most work by a mile.

Can you tell I love my rainbow nourish bowls?😛 this one was filled with a mix of black + brown rice, steamed broccoli, squash, salad, grilled mushroom and a big dollop of pesto hummus (recipe from my Ebook!). So simple, yet so perfect👌🏼🌿💦
P.S. There’s a NEW POST up on my website about how to survive long plane flights as a vegan🤗✈️ Link is in my bio!

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