black stance

Black women: make a bunch of hit songs about how they love black men.

Black women: make music videos about love starring, almost exclusively, black men as their romantic interests.

Black women: statistically the least likely to date outside their race.

White woman: *moves her left pinky toe on time to the downbeat.

Black men: “yall god damn nappy headed weave wearing black Bitches better watch out! These wonderful white beckys coming for yall!” gets thousands of likes and retweets from other black men cosigning.

Black women:….maybe we should rethink our stance…

Black men: *loses mind* FINE go head and kill the community if u want, bed wench.

Black women:

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I’ve had enough of these fake ass, wanna be enlightened/hotep/ pro-black ass people.

I’m pro black as fuck and I support the LGBTQ community- ESPECIALLY the BLACK men, women and trans individuals with no remorse. I don’t draw a line between gay and black, straight and black or religion and blackness.

His notion made no sense and his argument was even weaker.

Ima continue to be pro black and continue to support my brothers and sisters who are LGBTQ’s.

This whole thing just kinda gave me a headache though.

I love yall.
I love everybody.

No one should feel ousted for the color of their skin or who they love.

One love, always.