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Okay, I’m struggling to understand something here……

yeah i ofc want flint to be happy, but i just… i never thought it was possible? introducing this as an option just feels really cruel, especially if they never follow through with it? like it was mentioned just to have a Huge Twist, but lol ofc flint wont get a happy ending, why you even hoping. LET THE MAN BE HAPPY

I am definitely not disagreeing on that front, and I will be right there with everyone being super upset and angry. And I am super worried. I’m hoping for a lot because the alternatives are literally too painful :| I don’t want to see Flint get broken again, that’s so unnecessary and cruel. #LetJamesFlintRest2kForever

But I guess part of why I’m struggling with why people might not feel it’s realistic is because I have always seen the possibility of Thomas being alive even though I know I’m super biased. But there’s always been small things.

Name: Kaia
Ancestry: Vikings!
Zodiac: Virgo
Where do you live: Norway
How are you feeling today?: Everything hurts and my head is stuffed with wool.
Favorite song right now: Paranova - Antimatter
Play any instruments?: I have a bass. I should play it. I’m bad. :f
Are you craving anything? Pizza 90% of the time. Pizza is always good!
Signature drink?: Super edgy kid here… water. :P
What’s your signature scent?: Girlfriend scent.
Favorite color: Purple, turquoise, black
Sound you love: Absolute silence, rain falling on leaves, dry leaves cracking.
Sounds you hate: Dogs barking, people who just talk because they love hearing themselves talk.
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Name: Bry.

Ancestry: Italian, Irish, a bunch of other white shit, and Japanese.

Zodiac: Scorpio.

Where do you live: Illinois.

How are you feeling today?: Manic.

Favorite song right now: Vanished by Crystal Castles, I’ve had it on repeat.

Play any instruments?: I used to play violin and viola, I taught myself some piano but I’m not very good.

Are you craving anything?: 🙄

Signature drink?: Irish cream and halcion, clearly.

What’s your signature scent?: Everything and Nothing by Tokyo Milk, when I can afford it, and Paris Hilton (original) daily, or Lady Gaga Fame, when I’m feeling spicy.

Favorite color: Black, grey, green rn

Sound you love: Bass, cats purring, Martin Gore’s and Dave Gahan’s voices

Sounds you hate: Dogs barking, vacuum cleaners, garbage disposals, electric shopping carts backing up, babies crying …

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Name: Beatrice.

Ancestry: 100% Italian.

Zodiac: Gemini.

Where do you live: North of Italy.

How are you feeling today?: Really sad.

Favorite song right now: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

Play any instruments?: No, I played flute last year at school but I didn’t like it.

Are you craving anything?: The trailer of My Friend Dahmer.

Signature drink?: Coke I think.

What’s your signature scent?: I don’t wear perfume, only deodorant.

Favorite color: Red, black.

Sound you love: Piano, Jeffrey’s voice (sooo relaxing).

Sounds you hate: When children cry. I hate it.

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Name: Margarita

Ancestry: i only know that i have slavic roots and that’s all

Zodiac: Capricorn

Where do you live: Schelkovo, Russia

How are you feeling today?: ok

Favorite song right now: cant choose between Gaga’s monster and RHCP’s Save the population….

Play any instruments?: not really; but ok i can play piano a lil bit

Are you craving anything? not really

Signature drink?: ummm… idek????

What’s your signature scent?: nothing

Favorite color: black, red, pink

Sound you love: rain and ocean

Sounds you hate: any kind of loud noises

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remus headcanon
  • i have a headcanon
  • the marauders notice how Remus gets really moody when he reaches the 2 day mark before a full moon
  • each month varies in emotion
  • some months, he’ll be really sad
  • he’ll push his food around his plate, drag his feet when he walks, go to bed early, not even bother to get a cup of tea, lay his head on the table during class, not chime in on conversations, and have the boys constantly worry about him
  • other months, he’s completely pissed off
  • he’ll sigh in exasperation when he drops something, snap when someone asks him more than one question, rub his eyes and groan when he’s asked to do something, and sit on a common room couch with a mixture of annoyance and disgust on his face as he tries not to roll his eyes at everyone, making the other boys nervous whenever they’re around him, like he’s a bomb ready to explode
  • and sometimes, just sometimes, he’ll have a mixture of both
  • he’ll listen to his sad records but let out an aggravated groan when they skip, he’ll stare off in class and when he misses something the teacher said, he’ll hastily flip through his book and try to catch up, whilst having a pissy-pouty look on his face
  • the boys don’t even try to test him during this mood
  • when he’s this way, he has a no tolerance for any bullshit
  • and so, one day in 6th year, a day before a full moon, he was in that particular mood
  • they were all in transfiguration
  • James was sitting with Lily today, she let him; she’s starting to like James
  • Sirius is next to Peter, chatting about nonsense, and Remus is at the next table with his head on his crossed-arms
  • he likes being alone during classes before a full moon
  • but of course, only the marauders new that
  • so a snotty Slytherin sat next to Remus, seeing that there was no other seat available
  • neither one was too happy about this arrangement
  • toward the end of the class, Mcgonagall was talking about how transfiguring muggle-owned things isn’t tolerated because it’s too risky in exposing magic and confusing and scaring the muggle half to death
  • and of course, the Slytherin sniggers
  • “What is it?” Mcgonagall asked the slytherin
  • “I just think it’s funny,” the Slytherin starts,” that muggles can’t really seem to grasp anything.”
  • James can feel Lily tense next to him
  • James purses his lips and knits his eyebrows together, ‘here we go again, guess i’m going to have to get my knuckles bloody after class’
  • “Come again?” Mcgonagall asked with a puzzled look
  • “I just mean,” the Slytherin continues,” haven’t they noticed something’s up by now? Haven’t they noticed magic before? I mean the ministry can’t erase everyone’s memory… I guess their just slow… uneducated and slow.”
  • at that, Remus slowly lifted his head off the desk and turned to look at the kid, wearing the most ‘i can’t believe someone actually thought that in their head and then decided to said it out loud’ expression on his face
  • then the Slytherin kid says, in a voice just low enough for Mcgonagall not to hear, but everyone in a ten foot radius to, “Maybe that’s why mudbloods are so slow and horrid at magic, take after their stupid parents. Aren’t i right?”
  • and just as Sirius and James are about to pound this kid into the ground, Remus takes a handful of the kids hair from the back of his head into his fist, and slams the kids face on the table so hard and fast, James almost missed it
  • “REMUS!,” Lily and Mcgonagall shout at the same time, both standing up, Lily knocking her chair over
  • the kids nose starts gushing blood, undoubtedly broken, as he wails and fumbles to get away from Remus
  • and Remus just has this half bored, half disgusted look on his face as he watches his classmate flail about
  • Peter has the same shocked expression as James, and then James and Sirius share a glance, and before they know it, they’re on the floor laughing their arses off
  • since then, that was always the first story that got brought up whenever someone mentioned Remus for the next two years, and the story that always made Remus grin wide whenever he was in one of his ‘moods.’