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Six Feet Under | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 5

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You punched the elevator down button and lucky for you, it was already stationed on your floor from when you came up earlier. You ran in, hit the lobby button and kept slamming the side of your fist on the Door Close button until you saw the elevator doors start to close. You caught a glimpse of Sebastian’s face as the door closed. You couldn’t read it. You gave yourself a moment to lean against the wall of the elevator and catch your breath. Once the elevator dinged, the door opened and you forced your legs to move underneath you.

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The Birth of Resistance

For February’s @jilychallenge!! So this was supposed to be all grim and gritty, dystopian alt timeline sort of AU but the Maurauder interaction ran away from me so it became more comedy and witty banter in the end… OTL  Oh well…

JILY CHALLENGE | @chierafied vs @childoftimeandmagic
         Theme: Fantasy, Prompt: Robin Hood AU

Remus Lupin pulled off the Invisibility Cloak and turned to his friends, his face grim and pale in the bright torchlight.

“It’s worse than we thought,” he said, tossing a copy of the Daily Prophet onto the plush red sofa where James was sitting.

Sirius Black snorted from the arm chair in the corner, and took a generous gulp from the bottle of Firewhisky he was nursing.

He’d been doing that a lot, since Peter had betrayed them and handed Dumbledore over to Voldemort. Lily let him be; at least she had managed to talk him out of going after Peter – even if she’d had to slap him and scream he’d be no use to anyone dead or locked up in Azkaban.

James picked up the newspaper. His face contorted with anger as he read the headline.

“Muggleborn registry?” he spat.

Lily shrugged, but didn’t look up from the cauldron perched before her. “We knew it was coming,” she said, calm and matter-of-fact.

“Still, I didn’t expect him to move so quickly,” Remus said. He wiped the map clean and set it on the side table by the door.

“I guess patience isn’t one of Lord Moldyface’s virtues,” Sirius commented.

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SCM Scorpio #8 - Wanna Bet?

{Oh, God. Four months ago. I’m such a horrible writer. Luckily, I’m on school break this week so I was able to actually finish this story! I decided to go with prompt #8. It came out longer than planned…*cough*ninepages*cough*…but hey! I’m happy with it. I was inspired by this drawing here by the lovely @sarah-doodles! Enjoy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧}


It was a rainy day at the mansion. Normally, it would have been a dreadful day to spend by yourself on your day off, but, unsurprisingly, the gods didn’t feel like working in the rain…

“This terrible earth weather isn’t conducive to my mental state. I don’t feel like working,” Leon sighed, his form sprawled lazily across the sofa in the parlor. Even in such a relaxed state, he still gave off his usual enthralling aura. A snort sounded from the other corner of the room, behind a large book. Huedhaut lowered said book to his lap, a wry smile across his face.

“You never feel like working.”

“Leo’s right, Hue. I don’t feel like working either,” a sweet voice said, tinged with an undertone of despair. “Geez, this rain is making me all depressed. All I want to do is cuddle up in bed with someone and nap…and maybe a few other things…what do you say, Goldie?” Teorus winked flirtatiously in your direction.

After spending so many months with all of the gods, you weren’t sure when exactly you became immune to Teo’s charms. From your spot near the window, you simply smiled at him, shaking your head and returning your stare to the raindrops as they raced down the clear glass. The thick trees outside the mansion drooped with the heavy rain. Puddles had started to form on the old dirt road leading to the mansion. The grey skies were even darker in the distance, confirming your thoughts that this storm wasn’t going to pass any time soon. While the rhythmic patters of the rain were a comforting sound, it couldn’t drown out the utter boredom threatening to take over your mind. Tearing your gaze from the window, you observed the gods that were present in the room.

Leon was mindlessly occupying himself with a stray magazine that you had forgotten on the coffee table at one point during one of your many visits. In the corner, Huedhaut sat quietly perusing his book, pausing occasionally to write something in the journal on his lap. Teorus must have left soon after his failed attempt at seducing you, most likely to go find Ichthys and Dui. Your eyebrows furrowed. Someone was missing…come to think of it, you hadn’t really seen him since you arrived at the mansion that morning. It was odd to not hear some form of an argument or insult from him for so long. Your curiosity getting the best of you, you directed your question to the two gods in the room.

“Have any of you seen-“


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WELCOME to the Hufflepuff Dorm Room: „the coziest dormroom of all”

It is round and earthy and low-ceilinged; it always feels sunny, and its circular windows have a view of rippling grass and dandelions. There is a lot of burnished copper about the place, and many plants, which either hang from the ceiling or sit on the windowsills. Our Head of house, Professor Pomona Sprout, is Head of Herbology, and she brings the most interesting specimens (some of which dance and talk) to decorate our room – one reason why Hufflepuffs are often very good at Herbology. Our overstuffed sofas and chairs are upholstered in yellow and black, and our dormitories are reached through round doors in the walls of the common room. Copper lamps cast a warm light over our four-posters, all of which are covered in patchwork quilts, and copper bed warmers hang on the walls, should you have cold feet.”

’The Hufflepuff Basement is the only common room that is decorated with vegetation. In general, it sports several motifs, such as circles, nature, copper and the colours yellow and black (all associated with the house). It also emphasises comfort, said to be the „coziest common room of them all”. It is at one floor below the ground and is very sheltered from the elements, generally allowing students to sleep easier than those in the towers.’

Come in & let’s drink a cup of tea… ^^


Scans - George Harrison inside Kinfauns, on one of his “favourite seats”, a “woven chair” and “on the sofa which was his favourite place for songwriting at home”, 7 October 1965

Photos: The Beatles Book

The following is an article I’ve typed up from The Beatles Book’s January 1967 issue… an interesting, descriptive look at Kinfauns around 1966, written by The Beatles Book editor:

“Long before the others got down to searching for that very special permanent pad, George brought himself a house near Esher in Surrey. It’s not so much a house, in fact, as a long rambling, white-walled bungalow and an exclusive way of life. From it George regularly commutes along the A3, to recording sessions, London Airport, and all the other favourite Harrison haunts. You drive to Esher, turn off at the crossroads and after a few lefts and rights you end up in a private road. Half a mile along is George’s house.

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Mind Tricks Part Three


Once your run was over and you had returned to the compound, you saw that Wanda had been mulling around your room. She was looking at your bookshelf and glancing at the titles.

“Oh, hi!” You said in surprise. You obviously hadn’t expected anyone to be in your bedroom.

“Hi. I’m sorry for scaring you. I just came in to see if you were in here and saw you nearly filled the bookshelf.”

“It’s not nearly as much as I have at home but–. I mean, I had at home.”

“I would like to borrow a book if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.” You smiled a little.

“Thank you. Do you think you have time to talk sometime today?”

You nodded, “That’s what I’m here for. If you give me a little bit of time to shower, we could talk soon.”

“Great. I’ll meet you in your other room in an hour.” Wanda grabbed a book off the shelf and walked out of your room.

You felt a little bit of stress leave your body. Before you wondered if anyone would be willing to talk to you and now you had someone that was ready to open up to you.

After you took a shower, you changed into jeans and your favorite beige sweater. You slipped on some moccasins and checked your hair before you left your bedroom. Having a little bit of time until you were to meet with Wanda, you went to the kitchen to grab some yogurt.

Sam and Bucky were in the kitchen when you got there. From the short part of the conversation that you heard they were having, they were talking about the incident Bucky had the night before. Their backs were facing you so they didn’t see you walking in.

“You don’t remember anything?” Sam asked Bucky. Bucky shook his head, “No, I don’t. It’s strange. I just remember going to sleep and then seeing (Y/n) and Steve in my trashed room.”

“I didn’t hear a thing.”

“That’s because you snore so loud nothing can wake you up.” Bucky joked.

“Good morning.” You said to them. They turned and looked at you as you walked over to the fridge.

“Good morning. We were just talking about what happened last night.” Sam said.

“Is that what I should expect to happen around here every night?” You joked a little but partially wondered if you should.

“Just on the days that end with a Y.” Sam joked right back. He left the room to go and meet with Steve in the training room. You were informed by Fury that the team trained regularly not only to stay in shape but to learn about the skill set of themselves. What one person lacked in one area, someone could be a pro at it.

Bucky watched as you grabbed some yogurt from the fridge and looked for the utensils. He got up walked over to the drawer where they were kept and reached in to grab you a spoon. “Here you go.”

You turned and grabbed it from him, “Thanks. I’m still trying to familiarize myself with everything around here.”

“Me too.” Bucky said, “I’m sorry about last night. I hope that it didn’t scare you. My arm has never went haywire like that before.”

“It’s okay. I’m just glad that you weren’t hurt.” You hated lying to Bucky. He seemed like a good guy but you didn’t want him to feel any guilt over what happened.

Bucky looked down at his metal arm, “I went to see Stark and he said that nothing was wrong with it. Must’ve been a glitch or something.”

“Yeah, it must’ve. I have to go. Someone is waiting on me.” You said before hurrying off. You didn’t know how much longer you could stand there and continue lying.

You ate some of your yogurt on the way to go and meet with Wanda. Once you made it to the room that was designated as your office, you saw that she was already in there sitting on the sofa.

The room that you were set up in appeared modern just like the rest of the house. One wall completely made of glass that looked out onto the woods. There was another bookshelf were you stored books linked to your profession. A black desk was on one side of the room with a black sofa on the other. There was a small chair that you placed near the sofa so that it was somewhat like your old office.

“I think I’m a little early.” Wanda said once you entered the room.

“No, you’re fine.” You set your half eaten yogurt down on the desk and grabbed your notepad and pen before settling in your chair next to her.

You noticed that she was a little uneasy. You could sense it. She was fidgeting with her fingers and couldn’t meet your gaze. You wondered what could she be so nervous about.

“I can’t get into your head.”

You clicked the pen once before responding, “What do you mean?”

“When you first got here, I tried to look into your head to see what you were about. If I could trust you, but it’s like you have a block or something. I don’t know what.” Wanda looked at you. “It reminded me of my brother.”

From the files that Fury gave you, you knew that Wanda recently lost her brother, Pietro in Sovokia. He was killed by Ultron when saving another team member and an innocent child.

“How did that remind you of him?” You asked her.

“He was the only person who I didn’t look into his head. It was out of respect for him. When you first came here, it felt weird to not know what you were thinking.”

“I don’t know why that is. Why you can’t see into my head.” You lied.

“I think you do….but your secrets are your own.”


You managed to get Wanda to talk about her childhood with Pietro. You didn’t broach the topic of their parents dying. That would be for another time. You wanted to learn of the relationship that Wanda had with her brother.

From what she told you, they were extremely close. Your heart ached as she spoke. It was clear that she missed him each and everyday.

“I often wonder what he would think of me doing what I’m doing.” She looked out the window as she spoke. “I wonder if he would be proud or want me to try and live a normal life.”

“I didn’t get the honor of meeting your brother, but I think he would be proud of what you are doing. You go out and risk your life nearly everyday to help others. I’m sure he would be extremely proud.”

“I hope so.”

You looked at the clock on the wall and saw that the two of you had been talking for nearly an hour and a half.

“Am I taking up someone else’s time?”

You shook your head, “No, you aren’t. You’re the first that’s been open to talking to me.”

“Everyone else is just stubborn.” Wanda chuckled before getting up from the sofa.

“Shall I schedule a time for us to talk again?” You questioned wondering if the talk you just shared was a one and done type of thing.

“I would really like that. I wouldn’t mind talking again in a few days if I’m not busy.”

“I’ll pencil you in.” You smiled.


You spent the next few hours after talking with Wanda finishing your bedroom. It was starting to feel homey and you were beginning to be more comfortable in it.

Some of the team had been out the majority of the day so when dinner time rolled around, you fixed yourself a sandwich and sat at the table alone. You didn’t know where everyone else was and you couldn’t help but feel a little lonely.

You hoped that it wouldn’t always be like that. You hoped that the others would open up towards you.

Once you finished eating, you cleaned up after yourself and went back towards your room. As you were walking down the hall, you heard a noise coming from Bucky’s room once again. You hadn’t seen Steve in hours and didn’t know if he was even around.

More noise sounded off in Bucky’s room and you could hear screaming. Without thinking about it for another minute, you rushed into his room and saw that he was on his bed. It looked like he was having a nightmare.

You could sense the fear that was radiating from his body.

Placing your hands up, you took a deep breath and within seconds his body was at ease. You waited for a moment to make sure that he was okay.

Taking a step back, you tried to exit the room as quietly as you could. You turned away from Bucky and started to leave.


You froze. He had woke up.

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Let the walls do all the work. We love this lively living room accented by a fun pattern using wallpaper. Tied together through coordinating decor, this living room makes an unforgettable statement.

(via Vintage Turquoise)

Made with Flickr
Between Heaven and Hell Chapter One

Chapter One of my Captain Swan angel/demon AU fic

Rating: M

Word Count: 5,000

Note: Most of this is from the original one shot I posted but I have done a rewrite on it to mainly add more detail.

Also on if you want to read/review/follow it there

Chapter One

He strode down the hall with what he hoped was a confident stride, his shoulders back and his head high.

This was everything he had been waiting for.

Will raised his hand and rapped quickly on the door. While he waited nervously for a response he straightened the knot in his tie and fiddled with his cuffs, hoping that he would pass muster with the boss. He wasn’t used to wearing a suit and the jacket felt too tight in the shoulders while the blasted tie kept threatening to strangle him. But the boss had high standards for his employees and the wardrobe upgrade was mandatory if Will wanted to impress him. No more jeans and motorcycle boots, at least while he was on the clock. Now it was buttoned-up waistcoats and proper Windsor knots, far from the most comfortable thing to be wearing considering it was nearly ten at night, but he knew going in that this gig was not going to be a nine to five life.


His palms were sweating and he wiped his hand quickly on his trouser leg before opening the door and taking one cautious step inside. The boss was sitting behind his desk with his dark head bent down to his laptop. It was the closest Will had ever been to the man and the first time he had ever been alone with him. It had taken him nearly four years of hard work and hustle to make his way up in the organization to a coveted place in the inner circle that surrounded Mr. Jones. But he had done it, he received his well earned promotion and had been welcomed into the boss’s own home, a posh two-level penthouse condo smack dab in the best area of town.

Will looked around the office with interest. The desk was large, made of dark hardwood topped with a slab of gleaming black marble and completely bare save for the sleek Macbook. There was a deep leather sofa and two leather-backed chairs, all also black. Behind the desk was a wall of glass, a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked the lights of the city below, the city the boss ruled with an iron fist from the shadows.  

“Will Scarlet, isn’t it?”

He nearly jumped at the question and his eyes flew back to where Mr. Jones was now standing up from behind the desk, looking at him with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes, sir,” he answered quickly.

It was almost impossible to look right at him. The times Will had watched him from a distance had not prepared him for what it would feel like to have the boss watch him. The blue eyes were unsettling, as cold as glacier ice and they seemed to hold Will in place and see straight into him. It was as if the boss knew everything about him, all his darkest secrets, everything he had done to get here, scratching, clawing his way up, all the people he had stepped on (figuratively and literally) on the way.

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otacocat  asked:

It's alright! I actually remember the prompt for some reason xD it was: "You can cry if you want to" or something along those lines. So if could could still maybe write one with gajeel and Levy that would be awesome! (Of course only if you want to or have time. I wont force you at all)

Thanks for waiting~! Here you go c:


A soft knock was all that could be heard on the wooden door. It was the first time she had ever visited on her own after all. It took some finding, but after some asking around, and the odd cat or two scampering around; she found his home to be down an alley way in the town. It was easier with the girls of Fairy Tail, the easiest place to find them was Fairy Hills, practically all of them lived there, give or take a few.

She heard some banging around behind the wooden door, her brows raising as she clutched onto the tiny envelope that she help in her petite fingers; the parchment now a rumpled mess as she balled her hands into a first to knock once more.

“Gajeel! Hurry up it’s cold…” She grumbled, rubbing her bare arms with only friction to aid her in her attempts to warm herself.

Of course she had come straight from the guild, she hadn’t expected to go on this goose chase to find his home and it end up being late noon by the time she arrived.

It wasn’t like she had to see Gajeel, in fact her knows had absolutely nothing to do with him; she could have easily walked a few blocks and asked Lucy for advice. In fact it probably would have been a better choice, Lucy knew better about this than anyone and yet instead Levy had found herself drawn to the dragon slayer’s house in hopes of gaining his comfort instead. Or perhaps it was because she preferred his opinion..

The door swung open with a creek at that,  a breeze of heat sweeping out from his building, and she smelt garlic and pasta; her face lighting up gently.

“You’re cooking?” She asked quietly, her eyes sparkling as she realised how hungry she actually felt now that she could smell such a delicious scent.
He grunted at the sight Levy at his front door, and she had to force herself to hold a chuckle back; he wore a red sweater, and a red band to tie back his main of a hair. Jeans finished the outfit as he wore slippers with little spanners on them; but the thing more adorably embarrassing was the fact that he wore an apron over the top of such casual clothes.

Levy thought she’d never see the day, and there he was right in front of her with that snarky look on his face like he’d opened his door to a homeless dog.

“Whaddya want shrimp?” He asked, ignoring her question all together as she slumped himself against the door frame, apparently not noticing her sudden interest in his attire.

She pressed her lips together, clutching the letter tight to her chest before engulfing her vision completely on the apron he wore; and she had such a fixed expression that he growled and turned a soft pink.

“Ugh, just get inside; it ain’t good for you to be standin’ in the cold with a tiny dress on.” He yanked away from the door to allow her to walk inside.

She nodded gently and stepped inside, the heat of his house already warming her all the way through. It was strange, his home. It was already such an inviting place and all Levy had done was step through the front door. Not that she was expecting it to be some kind of prison, but iron wasn’t exactly something one assumed as being warm and she had thought his home would be surrounded in the stuff. But now as she looked around, she didn’t see a single piece of iron amongst the mahogany furniture and red stained carpets. In fact, it was really quite cosy and very classically styled, she was surprised.


“What?” Gajeel grunted, slamming the door behind them.

“It’s nice in here, I didn’t expect something so exquisite.”

“What, you were expecting some kind of shitty house?”

She giggled gently, “You could say something like that I suppose.” Maybe like an old lacrimal garage, or tin cans being everywhere. Certainly not what she saw ahead of her.

He came around the hallway, leading her towards the open space. It wasn’t a big house, the kitchen was adjoined to where a sofa sat. But she could now smell the food much better than before, must stronger and her stomach rumbled.

“It smells great in here!” She exclaimed.

“I got enough… uh…” He scratched his head awkwardly, “I probably got enough for you too.. if ya wanna stay… for some…”

A gentle blush appeared across her cheeks as she wore an expression of surprise.

“U-uhm.. Thanks!”

“Yeah… well… better than wastin’ it…” He muttered, coughing in order to clear his throat.

“Ah… Oh… I did come here with a reason…” She whispered, following him as he dumped himself on the charcoal black sofa in an untidy manner. She settled herself opposite him on a chair with a cushion, her nerves staying high alert.

She wanted to get her question out before knowing she would be eating dinner with him very soon.

“What is it? Got somethin’ to do with that letter you’ve been tearin’ apart?” He asked, raising his brows as he fiddled with the metal on his chin. She had to rip her eyes away from his thick arms.

“I…uh… I got a letter today.”

“Hm? Yeah, I’m gonna need more than that shrimp.” Gajeel grumbled, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his chair, those beady eyes trained suspiciously on her.

“It… It was about my Dad… He died a few days ago… and…”

His expression softened, perhaps it was from the shaking that had begun to formulate in Levy; she could hear herself stuttering as she spoke.

“Why’d you come to me to say that?” He asked, his tone a little sharp as if he seemed offended she had come to him with such information.

“W-well… I know you lost your Dad… not so long ago.. a-and… well… I just… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…”

“Supposed to do?”

“I haven’t seen my Dad in years… W-what am I supposed to do? What… I can’t… even-” She leaned her head over her lap, her eyes wide as she uncrumpled the paper. “Should I be angry? Sad? Confused…?”
“You know.. you can cry if you want to…” He mumbled, though his voice had grown stronger and she could smell his metallic scent… she assumed he had moved beside her.

“But… Am I even… I wasn’t even so close…”She felt a warm hand on her back, it a soft pet and she raised her head only to see the Iron dragon slayer crouched beside her chair with his eyes avoiding her. “Gajeel?” She whispered.

“You can cry. You can be angry. You can be confused.” He turned to her, “You can feel whatever you want.”