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Not Strong Enough (Adam Cole One Shot)

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This one is for @bizclizbaybay <3 I hope you like it!!!

The reader is the younger sister of the Young Bucks and Adam falls for her. Inspired by “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica.

Sexy times with baybay ahead

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I get excited when Louis wears Louis Vuitton like the black wedge sneakers, because we're closer to him wearing one of their monogrammed jackets saying 'Louis' He would look so cute.

“who are you wearing tonight louis” “louis”

Indecent Proposal - Chapter 5

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Jared’s POV

“Wow, that was crazy,” Melody said as we were driving away from the restaurant.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until I post that pic of us holding hands,” I said and chuckled, “That’s when the real madness will begin.”

“You’re not helping,” she said obviously terrified.

“Relax, you’ll get the hang of it eventually,” I said and continued to drive.

“I’m not so sure. I never wanted to be under the spotlight,” she said and sighed, clearly worried about the way our situation will develop in the future. Somehow I felt like I should maybe comfort her, but I went with my incessant need to pick on her.

“Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to suck it up, won’t you now, wifey,” I said never taking my eyes of the road. 

But the moment I finished the sentence I felt a pit in my stomach. This didn’t feel right, as it would usually do, when I tried to make her feel bad. I could feel the despise coming from her eyes, even though I wasn’t looking at her. This felt even worse, but I just ignored the feeling and kept driving.

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His One Weakness ~ Hoya

This is for hoyahowon_! I hope that you like this, thank you so very much for waiting and please enjoy these Hoya feels!

Request: Hoya ask you go out for dinner with Infinite. At the same time Hoya got jealous because you always talk with Sungkyu xD (because my second bias is Sungkyu LOL) And the others member tease Hoya and all. Hahahahahahaha. After the dinner you two got home. And he was sulking. Sooo you persuade him. At first he dont care at all. After you make agyeo infront him he got melt. Hahahahaa. And there’s go the storyyyy~~~ Kekeke I hope you like it. Btw, you can add ur own ideas too ^^

Rolling your car into an empty parking space, you shifted your car into park before pulling down the visor. Raising your hands to your hair, you raked your fingers through your hair before you carefully gathered your hair up into a cute pony tail. Tying it off, you twirled the ends around your fingers while your eyes looked over your face that reflected in the small mirror.

Once you fixed your hair and pulled the collar of your black button up shirt a little before you pushed the door open and stepped outside. Stabilizing yourself on your black wedged sneakers, you pulled your purse out from the car and slid your phone into a back pocket of your jeans. Pushing the door closed, it shut with a thud before you pressed the button on your keys, arming the car.

The cool night breeze gently blew by while you headed towards the restaurant that you were meeting your boyfriend and his band mates for dinner. Neon lights hung over the modern entrance, soft light spilled from the large windows through the shutters that pressed against the glass.

Pulling the stainless steel handle of the large door, you slipped through to see a man waiting at the front to see if he could seat you.

“Hello Miss, would you like a table?” He questioned with a soft smile on his lips.

“Would you mind showing me where Infinite is sitting?” You questioned letting your fingers play with each other not knowing if they would allow you to do so.

“Do you have a reservation with them?” His tone turned a little dark as he tilted his head towards you.

“I am one of the member’s girlfriend” You told him, watching the shaking of his head, lowing your head your heart started to race while your tongue traveled over your lips.

“Please take a seat and we will get you a table in a few minutes” He says showing you the benches where you could sit and wait. Nodding in understanding, you took your seat on the hard benches.

Pulling your phone from your back pocket, you pulled out your messaging app and clicked your boyfriend’s name, Hoya.

I am here at the restaurant, however they wont let me through to you guys. They must think I am a fan or something~

Sending your text, you placed your phone on your thigh as you waited for Hoya’s reply. Just a few seconds later, your phone lit up with a new message.

Don’t worry Jagi, I am on my way - Hoya

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Shut the storybooks you thought you knew, and start a new chapter at Ever After High™ – because with three dolls in one pack, there are lots of opportunities to choose your own ever after! In an epic tale of superior competition and everyday mishaps, both Ever After Royals™ and Ever After Rebels™ find themselves racing against time to plant the e-corn seed that becomes their class’s yearbook tree. Cerise Hood™, Lizzie Hearts™ and Hunter Huntsman™ must use their tri-castle-on winning skills – track and shield, croquet and archery, respectively – to ensure a happily ever after. Each wears his or her competition outfit in the school’s colors and adorned with its iconic logo. Cerise Hood™ doll, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, beats the clock in a buffalo check top with her signature red hood, black leggings with a golden stripe, a leathery belt and red wedge sneakers. A golden canteen and silvery stopwatch are fierce accessories. Lizzie Hearts™ doll, daughter of Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, rules the croquet field in a sporty dress with Wonderland-inspired print, golden ruffle collar and wrist cuffs, fableous earrings and black wedge sneakers with heart detail. A golden flamingo croquet mallet and crown-like visor are love-ly sporting gear. Hunter Huntsman™ doll, son of the Huntsman from Snow White, hits the mark in a leathery sleeveless top with a signature purple hood, black denim pants and tall brown boots. A bow, quiver with golden arrows and archery arm brace are right on target. With all three dolls in one pack, girls can recreate hexciting scenes from the webisodes or choose their own ever afters! Includes Cerise Hood™, Lizzie Hearts™ and Hunter Huntsman™ dolls wearing fashions and accessories; sporting gear includes Cerise’s canteen and stopwatch, Hunter’s bow and quiver of arrows and Lizzie’s croquet mallet. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Damn Hot- Jack Gilinsky


            People always asked you and your best friend, Zoe, what it was like to be the girl versions of Jack Johnson and too be quite honest you guys never knew how to answer it. You guys would look at each other, smile and then turned back to the person that asked and just say it’s odd because you guys grew up with them, and that was the honest truth. You both had known Jack and Johnson since you guys were kids, and only ever crossed paths during parties because you four went to different high schools and only ran in the same group of friends on odd occasion. Between you two girls, Zoe spat out the words in a quick manner while you belted out the chorus’ and because of that you guys got thrown in with Jack & Jack and it was comforting to know that Jack & Jack were behind you guys supporting you both, they were the guys you would call and play the track then asked them what they would say; Johnson was capable of saying more than ‘You Killed it!’ like Jack, and offer you guys more advice, and for the most part, because of Johnson your songs turned out amazing.

            The only problem you ever had with being who you guys are was the making music videos aspect, including the music video you guys were making at the moment, but luckily both the Jacks, Sammy and Nate were there to calm you down. It wasn’t like you couldn’t look into the camera while lipsyncing the words, you had done that so many times in the past years, it was the fact that the song you and Zoe were covering had a steady beat and caused your hips to move in a sexy way, it was more of a song that should be left to be done by Iggy Azalea because it was her song and she could be sexy, you on the other hand didn’t feel like you would do it justice.

            You were standing in the back room of the club that you guys had rented out for the video of your cover ‘Beg For It’ and ran your hands over your hips. The washed out high waisted shorts with a flimsy white tank top with the words ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ in black, the shirt that a low back so you had put on a black bandeau with straps on your back, so it didn’t look like you weren’t wearing anything underneath. You had your favorite black scuffed wedge sneakers and your hair was pin straight, your makeup absolutely perfect.

            “What’s going on, Y/N?” You heard behind you and whipped around, feeling your heart jump at the sudden voice.

            “Jesus, Jack, what the fuck is wrong with you?” You breathed, putting your hand over your heart as if that would help you calm down your heart.

            Jack laughed and shut the door behind him, “Sorry, Y/N, I didn’t think I’d scare you.”

            “Yeah, well,” You said and rested against the counter. “What’re you doing in here?”

            “Checking up on you,” Jack answered, his dark eyes scanning your outfit, his jaw doing that thing where it tensed and sent your knees wobbling. You and Jack had been friends for a while, but it had always been strictly just friends because it always seemed like he had a girlfriend, but that never stopped the sexual tension from thickening between you guys whenever you were around him, it also never stopped his eyes from wandering over your long legs and full chest. You always ignored the wandering eyes and jaw clenching because you didn’t want to be that girl, but you had to admit it, the older you two got the harder it was to turn away from the close, sexual positions you guys sometimes found yourselves’ in. Like the time he was dating Leigh and you somehow ended up straddling him after he insulted you about your video gaming skills and you wrestled about it, his heavy and warm hands fanned out on your thighs, just shy of the curve of your ass, and your hands keeping you up right next to his head. His eyes had darkened and looked down at your lips, staring at them for a couple seconds before they dragged up to your lips. You had felt the pull, his eyes and plump lips drawing you in, and you let it until his lips had just ghosted over yours and you remembered his girlfriend, to say you shot off his lap and all but ran out the door was an understatement, and since then you had kept your distance. But Jack has been single for a couple months now, and he was trying to break down the wall you had put up that night.

            “Zoe sent you in here to check up on me,” You clarified, folding your arms over your chest.

            “Well, she said you were freaking out about not being sexy enough so I took it upon myself to come see you before we started.” Jack said.

            “She even told you!” You exclaimed, feeling your cheeks redden with embarrassment.

            “Yeah,” Jack smiled. “But how the hell can you think you aren’t sexy enough for this video? I’ve seen you dance, Y/N, there isnt anything ugly about that.”

            You took in a deep breath and shrugged, you watched as Jack walked towards you and turn you to face the mirror. Jack stared at your reflection and you found yourself giving in to his heavy eyes, “Everything about you is sexy, your thighs, your hips, everything.” He said, and you felt his heavy hand go to touch your back, making a shiver start from your shoulders and rack through your body, all the way down to your toes.

            “Jack,” You whispered, but the only answer you got was Jack turning you to face him.

            “Close your eyes,” His voice grumbled and you did as told, letting him walk until his hips were pressed against yours, you could feel his hot breath fanning over your face and making you relax, his fingers pulled up your top only slightly so he could feel your skin. “It’s all about confidence, and I know you have it. There isnt anything you have done around me that doesn’t give me a raging hard on, the way your hips move take my breath away. We’re at a  club, act like the cameras aren’t around, and move those hips for me, pretend its only us.” He whispered, moving his lips from your ear, to the corner of your mouth, one of his hands coming up to slide up your neck, cradling the back of your head as you dipped it back, letting the fog take over and just wanting to feel his lips against yours. “Fuck, Y/N, I’m so damn hot for you, I can barely breath around you,” He groaned.

            Just like always, something broke apart the sexual tension that Jack was acting upon, this time is was Nate. “Come on, you fuck bunnies, we’ve got a video to shoot,” Nate said and walked out as if he hadn’t just caught you two nearly kissing.

Lets Go For A Walk Love! || George & Kendall

Kendall was so annoyed right now that she needed to do something to help her. She was glad George told her to go for a walk and get some fresh air. The best part was that he would be with her, so maybe that would make her less annoyed at the world. She walked to her room to find something cute to wear. Kendall wore her skinny jeans, a grey plain v neck shirt, and slipped on her black sneaker wedges, a dark grey infinity scarf, a black leather jacket, and her purse. Her makeup was simple and her hair was down. She grabbed her keys and phone as she headed out the door and locked it. Right across from her was George. She saw him and gave him a little smile. “Hello there,” she hugged him tightly before letting go, “ready?” she asked before they left the building. Seeing George already made her feel a little bit better, and she was happy about that.