black smudge

  • James Patterson: I worked so hard on the whole Maximum Ride series. This talk of plot holes and ghost writers is nonsense. I love the whole Flock! Maximum Ride, -looks at smudged writing on hand- Fnick, -squints harder- Igloo, -tilts head to side- Narwhal, -leans in closer- Gamecube, -stares at black smudge and sweats- and... Carrie.

Harry potter loves that one Slytherin boy, *looks at smudged writing on hand* Dicko Mouthful

[credit to awesomehannaha]

Los Santos is a big city. It’s a big black smudge on the map with dark alleys teeming with unforgiving creatures, a breeding ground for thieves and murders alike. Everyone’s trying to get to the top, clawing and fighting their way up the criminal web, defending their territories viciously. Los Santos is a big city, but it’s controlled by only a select few. These seven people that wear the crowns weren’t always sitting pretty at the top of the food chain. They were all common criminals, nameless faces trying to survive in a place where your life is only worth as much cash you bring and chaos you cause. Not everyone had impressive backstories, but they all made the Fakes who they are today. 

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me entering hell

satan: welcome sinner, are you planning on staying here for long? *evil sarcastic laughter* I recommend our very new masochist chamber downstairs, and on your right you’ll find our asylum for iggy azalea fans-
me: ye I’m just looking for brendon urie where he tho
satan: it’s one of them again patrick show her the door
demon patrick stump: k this way sweetie
*I open a door and find myself in a room full of people with smudged black eyeliner and band shirts. on the corner I recognize gerard way sitting and whispering mama lyrics slowly. I accidentally leave the door open when I hear a familiar sound near me-
me: this is where I truly belong


Finally did my Zevran makeup including his dumb tattoo!

Looking in photos, his whole eyelids were dark, and his lashes were very thick, looking like liner.

So I swept on some contour powder all over the lids of my eyes to darken them.
Then used some black liner, but smudged it to give it a more natural look.
Had to lighten my eyebrows with a little concealer.
Wore nude lipstick and drew the tattoo on with a brown eyeliner pencil.

Also had my gold contacts in!!
So obviously, white liner on the bottom waterline to take away some redness.


I saw debate before as to whether or not Ardyn wears eyeliner. You can literally see his waterline (as in, the part of the eye that you can’t put eyeliner on without it making your eyes water, and or the part that wears off the most clearly fastest depending on the person.) It seems like a weird design choice to make if that wasn’t what was intended. It’s not just his lashes, you can see the smudged dark black/brown line and then his skin before his eyes. 

You can even make out where the top and bottom lid’s line comes together at the outside corner. As someone who has worn makeup, been around people who do makeup for a living a large part of my life I see no other visual that this could possibly be trying to express. It’s one thing to ‘line the eye’ as a design choice ( back in the Duscae demo, everyone had much darker eye outlines, less realistic etc.) but to show the line and make the water line so visible makes me think that it’s a conscious effort to show that make up is in use here. 

Look, Ardyn’s eyeliner is really important to me for a lot of reasons. 

I never posted this here! 

So like, my friend Jaidy and I are kinda obsessed with this musical, Razia’s Shadow.

And the official studio recording has Brendon Urie in it and his character is like this leader of like this dark and demonic kind of place and I just can’t get the image of Brendon Urie dressed in like a black general’s uniform with black eye liner smudged all over his eyes out my head. I’m so in love with this musical. I wanted to try something art nouveau-ish.