black smoky eyes


’We sort of look alike,’ Russell points out, and says their disguises are often planned that way so that, undercover, the characters will look as if they should be together.


magnus + favorite eye makeup looks (a.k.a. “i’m glad his colored streaks are apparently making a return, but when will his more unique makeup designs come back from the war”);

1x01 - smoky dark grey undereye // 1x02 - exaggerated inner corners // 1x06 - champagne shimmer undereye liner // 1x08 & 1x09 - iridescent black triangles // 1x12 - full black smoky eye

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Gem haul! I went to a witch shop about an hour away from me and they were having a crystal trunk show. It was amazing!

I got a big tiger’s eye, huge amethyst, a black tourmaline chunk, 2 flourite pieces, a bloodstone, 3 little smoky quartz, and a citrine point. The tigers eye and the amethyst really called to me.

Green Eyes and Auburn Hair (x reader) pt 1

Note: this was suppose to be a request for a ship but I got carried away and decided to make a series. Huzzah!!! I hope you like it!!!

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So, this will be a reader insert as usual. 

Y/N L/N = your name and last name (my sister had no clue so maybe others out there don’t know either :) )

y/bff/n = your best friend’s name

Requested by: @thoughts-from-a-ravenclaw

It wasn’t the first time Hogwarts accepted a transfer student from Ilvermorny, but this was the first time the entire school has seen one in years. Needless to say, the school was on a frenzy on the first day that Y/N L/N arrived on Hogwarts. Whispers of a beautiful transfer student with auburn hair, green eyes, and a beautiful freckled face began at the last week of summer, and was carried along  the train and the grand hallways of Hogwarts. 

She was the talk of the town.

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