black silver tabby cat


The Silver Cross-Clan/Half-Housecat Fam (aka Grey and his silver gals, aka Grey has a type)

Greystripe: blue silver tabby

Silverstream: black silver tabby

Stormfur: blue smoke

Feathertail: black silver tabby

Millie: black silver tabby

Bumblestripe: black silver tabby

Briarlight: chocolate smoke

Blossomfall: chocolate silver tabby

anonymous asked:

so let's say a red silver somali tom and a silver marble tabby bengal queen had kits, what would they look like? rip I had a really hard time figuring out how the red silver genetic combo work pls help thank you

well you can get black or blue silver boys, and black or blue silver tortie girls. all the kits will be ticked tabbies with residual markings :)

(for color ref only)

boy - black silver ticked tabby 

girl - black silver ticked torbie 


some redesigned Gallifrey cats! with… actual realistic colors and markings this time lol. Mainly because I’ve got a whole Warrior Cats AU in my head rn cause i’ve read those books too much. also here are their AU names and stuff:

Braxiatel – Silvermask, deputy of ThunderClan. silver (black) classic tabby.
Narvin – Nettleshade, warrior of ThunderClan. silver (black) classic tabby with white.
Leela – Lightfang, warrior of ThunderClan, former rogue. chocolate mackerel tabby with white.
Romana ii – Dawnstar (Dawncall), leader of ThunderClan. cream classic tabby.
Romana i – Icestep, warrior of ThunderClan, later warrior of the Dark Forest. silver (black) ticked tabby (shaded silver).