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Wrong Place Wrong Time (21)

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Part 21 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 3,261

“NO! NO! NO!” Sehun screamed, running back into the building. There were a chorus of screams now from all of you, but if you weren’t mistaken, yours and Sehun’s were the loudest. Sehun ran back inside the building, and came out again holding a gun, running towards May.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” He shot straight at her without thinking twice, her body falling to the ground limply. Another shot. And another. And another, until Sehun had run out of bullets. He sank down to his knees watching the van being engulfed by flames. It was amazing how fast fire spread and the damage it did in a short amount of time. You had experienced it once at the Hotel launch, but this one was much worse. Why? Because Minseok was inside.
His body burning to nothing more than ashes. What made this circumstance even harder to bare for you was the fact that he was burning alive. Minseok wasn’t the nicest man you’d ever met and so you couldn’t explain to yourself why you were so upset, but you just were. You were sobbing uncontrollably in the back of the car, forgetting all about the pain in your leg.

“We need to find something to put the fire out, quickly!” Junmyeon shouted running back inside the building. Jongin following him closely behind. You were screaming and your throat was sore, but you couldn’t stop yourself, this was by far the worst thing that you had ever experienced.
Kris put his hand on your shoulder trying to offer you some comfort, but you shrugged it off.

“Get off of me! I don’t know you! This is all your fucking fault, Minseok is burning alive because of you and your stupid twisted games, if you never abducted me he would still be…” You turned your head back towards the van. “You should be the one in there, not him” You whispered, tears were streaming down your face. The flames were huge now and Junmyeon and Jongin were still in the building.

“What’s taking them so long?” You screamed, opening the car door and getting out. You had forgotten your stab wound and you fell to the ground, crying in pain. But you needed to help; Minseok wasn’t allowed to die, not yet. But when you looked up at the van deep down you knew it was too late.

“This is all your fucking fault!” Sehun shrieked at you, standing up from where he was slumped on the floor. “If we didn’t come looking for you, if he didn’t suggest finding you, he’d still be alive!” He picked you up bridal style and started carrying you towards the fire. “You deserve to burn! Test trial it here first, before you burn in the underworld, bitch!”
You squirmed in Sehun’s grip trying to release yourself, punching his jaw, biting his arms. But it was no use, the anger in Sehun brought out what seemed to be an iron armour, his eyes were dark and he was immune to any other pain because he had already experienced his maximum.

“Sehun stop it! Put her down!” Junmyeon shouted, exiting the building with Jongin, a fire extinguisher in both of their hands.

“I will put her down, but i’ll do it in the fire!” He called back, still advancing towards the burning van. There was no use in fighting, his grip was too strong.

“Sehun fucking stop now!” Jongin was running up to the two of you, grabbing Sehun in a headlock and dragging the both of you back towards the car, Sehun fell over, you found yourself falling with him and landing directly onto your left thigh, causing you to scream out in pain, Jongin grabbed the two of you backwards along the grass all the way back so you were sitting against the car, as if on cue you heard a loud bang.
The flames growing double its size as the van blew up, causing all of the windows to smash, shards of glass flying out in every direction.

“NO!” You screamed, punching the ground. “NO! NO!” Sehun sat there next to you in silence, staring at the van, silent tears running down his face.

“Fuck, Jongin, we still have to put it out” Junmyeon was crying furiously now, but the two boys grabbed the extinguishers nevertheless and ran towards the burning van, it felt like years before they finally put it out, but you weren’t sure whether or not time was just going slow because of what had happened. Your breathing was erratic, you were hyperventilating and your chest was tight you were in a heightened state of shock.

“Let’s go…we have to go…” Jongin whispered, tears streaming down his cheeks, picking you up once again to seat you next to Kris in the car, he slid in beside you and buried his head in the crook of your neck, actively sobbing, his hot tears were sliding down your neck onto your shoulders, making you cry harder. You couldn’t find it in your heart to hate him at the moment, you didn’t have time for that you could do that later, all you could think of now was Minseok.
The car was full of sniffing and spluttering. Sehun was in no fit state to drive, so Junmyeon decided to take over. The ride home was excruciatingly painful; physically, emotionally and mentally.
Sehun was no more than an empty shell.

“I’ve lost Luhan, I’ve lost Minseok, and I’m all alone…” He rocked back and forth in his seat, repeating the sentence like a mantra it had a ghostly ring to it, making you shiver.
Your head was banging and your throat was sore. It was a miracle that Junmyeon got you all back home safely, you limped slowly to the front door, Jongin supporting you and that’s when it hit you.

Minseok was gone and he was never coming back home.

You  dragged your lifeless body into the living room and to your dismay Chanyeol, Kyungsoo and Jongdae were sat inside.
“Y/N! You’re back!” Chanyeol scooped you into his arms and held you for quite some time. You didn’t care to return the affection, you were too tired, too sick, you were scarred.
“Gosh, what happened? Baekhyun! Baekhyun! Y/N is injured, we need your help.” You stared blankly ahead at nothing in particular; all you could see was the flames consuming the van and the shards of glass flying everywhere when it blew up.
“Y/N what happened?”
But you weren’t listening; you drop onto the couch, just staring into space. You didn’t want to talk, you just wanted to hide away. Your eyes were red and sore, your throat too.

“Hey! What happened, why are you so silent.”Jongdae asked, throwing a cushion in your direction but still you didn’t answer. Just then Baekhyun came into the room followed by all the other boys.

“Why the fuck is this traitor back in this house and… K-Kris?!” Jongdae’s eyes opened wide along with Chanyeol’s and Kyungsoo’s. “B-but you’re supposed to be dead.”

“CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT DEATH?!” Sehun screamed, a flood of tears escaping him again and rushing out of the living room, Junmyeon let out a heavy sigh and followed him.

“Someone explain what the fuck is going on here.” Chanyeol hissed, not removing his eyes from Kris once. Baekhyun had already set to work on your thigh and you were trying to suppress the screams that were threatening to leave your throat when the antiseptic hit the wound.
Jongin let out a deep breath and explained to the boys who exactly him and Kris were.

“So you’re fucking telling me all this time you had us believe that you were dead and you were working with this prick.” Chanyeol pointed angrily at Jongin whilst staring at Kris. “I don’t fucking believe this. I don’t buy this shit! You can’t be on our side you fucking killed Luhan!”

“We can explain why that happened.” Jongin cleared his throat, taking a step further into the room.

“Wait. Where is Minseok?” Kyungsoo asked, standing up from his chair and frowning.

You began crying again at the mention of his name, pushing Baekhyun away from your leg and limping over to the door. Jongin allowed you to support your body against his frame and helped you out of the room.

“What was that all about? Where is Minseok?”

Kris lowered his head, shifting over uncomfortably in his seat.
“Minseok’s not coming back. He’s dead.”

 A week later and you were stood in front of your mirror wearing a black dress and black ballet pumps, your hair was scraped back into a bun and you carried a black side bag with you making sure it was full of tissue. It was evening now and the sky was getting dark. You had to do this at a discrete time of day since no one else was allowed to find about the burial, after all you were an underground organisation and you couldn’t reveal your existence, at the same time it had to be bright enough for you to see everything. 

You had seen Junmyeon the night before creeping over to the door in the dead of the night wearing a pair of black leather gloves and about 4 metres worth of white muslin cloth wrapped around his arm.

“W-where are you going? You’re not one of ‘them’ are you. Kris said there were more of them.”

“No, no Y/N. I’m going to retrieve Minseok’s body, I’m praying the vans still there, he deserves a proper send off you know…” Junmyeon’s voice began to crack, but he cleared his throat before he had the chance to begin crying again.

“Oh. Right. What is that?” You pointed at the muslin around his arm.

“I need to wrap him up…”

You bowed your head quietly. “Oh yeah. Sorry, my brain is…I can’t think straight. Will you be okay? I mean will you be able too…”

“I’ll be fine Y/N, besides I don’t have a choice.” He smiled at you sadly. “We’ll bury him tomorrow, so you should go and get some sleep, don’t wait up okay.”

You had told the boys that you knew a good spot to bury Minseok’s body and suggested the graveyard that his parents and grandfather were buried in. Yixing who was awake by this time, questioned you as to how you knew all of this information, but you were still in too much of a wreck to reply. You knew all of the boys were questioning why you were so emotionally affected by the death of Minseok and how involved the both of you were behind their backs, but their suspicions could wait. Giving Minseok the best send off that you could was all that mattered right now.
There was a soft knock on your door, before the door opened and Baekhyun poked his head through the gap.

“Are you ready to go Y/N?”

You took a deep breath and shrugged your shoulders. You weren’t ready, but did you really have a choice at this point? You walked towards the door and left, closely following Baekhyun. Everyone was filing into the two cars that were waiting outside, including Jongin and Kris. All of the boys were dressed in black suits, any other day you would’ve acknowledged how good they looked but not today. Your mind wasn’t focusing on the specifics.
You were sat in a car with Chanyeol, Yixing, Baekhyun and Jongdae. The car was fairly quiet apart from the odd questions being thrown your way, but you ignored them.

“How did you know about the graveyard Y/N.?” Yixing asked. You didn’t reply.
“You’ve been awfully upset about his death. I didn’t think you liked him, he tried killing you. Multiple times.” You still didn’t answer. You stared out of the window, your eyes still red and puffy from all of the crying that you had been doing this week. You just wanted today to be over with.

Pulling up a bit further down from the church, you all got out of the car and walked towards the graveyard You, Chanyeol and Yixing all on crutches; the three of you looking like a circus freak show. By the time you had reached, Kyungsoo and Jongin had dug up the coffin belonging to Minseok’s mother opening the casket. You felt sick, you had never witnessed anything like this before, there were bones and decayed pieces of flesh and the stench was completely rancid.
Finally, you’d met Minseoks mum albeit in the worst way possible.
You turned around your heart palpitating in your chest due to the shock, you didn’t sign up for any of this. Baekhyun cradled your head close to his chest, whispering that everything would be okay in your ears. But you weren’t sure if you could believe that.

“Why?” Jongdae asked, looking at the open coffin in disgust and holding his breath, the smell was unbearable.

“We had to.” Kyungsoo said, dropping his spade to the ground with a thud. “We couldn’t bury him under his own headstone, they’d see and find out so we had to put him with his mum, it was the only way.” He brushed his dirty hands on the sides of his suit trousers and took a step back, trying to relieve himself from the smell. You began crying on Baekhyun’s shoulder now. And this time it wasn’t because of Minseok specifically, but you had realised what a state your life was. Digging graves and burying bodies that weren’t registered dead. You were so corrupt and it made you sick.
Just then you saw Junmyeon and Sehun walking through the graveyard towards you, carrying Minseok’s body wrapped in the white muslin over their shoulders, tears streaming down their faces, as they lowered him into the coffin above his mothers corpse.

“How do you know that you’ve identified the right body?” Chanyeol breathed, the situation was so surreal and none of you wanted to believe that this was happening.

“This was the only male body in the van. The bone structure definitely belonged to a boy.” Junmyeon said his face long, tears spilling onto the muslin. They closed the lid and lowered it back into the hole.

“Kris, how many of you are there. Your ‘squadron’.” Junmyeon asked, looking up at him.  

“A handful, why?”

“When I went back for Minseok the second van was gone.” Junmyeon said looking at the coffin that was now back in the hole.

“Oh, yeah it was probably one of the others cleaning up the evidence; we normally have a last clear up before we really leave a location. I’m sure we weren’t found out.”

It went silent again; you brought your head away from Baekhyun’s shoulder now and turned to look at the hole in the ground.
Minseok was in that hole.

“Has anyone got anything prepared, anything they want to say before we start filling the hole up again? Jongdae asked, shuffling over and looking down at the coffin.

“Yes.”Sehun stepped forward, beside Jongdae in front of where Minseok’s body was now resting.

“I –Minseok I don’t know what to say, I feel like I’ve failed you… I’m so sorry this was never supposed to happen. It should never have been you. It’s only been a week and I miss you so much, I can’t do this…I can’t do this without you Minseok. I’m so lost. You’ve been everything to me, a rock, my friend, the brother I never had. I mean fuck it Minseok, you were basically my mother.” He laughed sadly, tears streaming down his eyes. “There were so many things I wanted to do with you, so many places I wanted to go. We were supposed to grow old together, get married to beautiful women that would become best friends, have children that would become best friends. But that’s never going to happen. Minseok I can’t –I’ll never forget you Minseok, I love you and…” His voice cracked and he burst out crying, causing you, Chanyeol and Baekhyun to burst into tears too. Jongdae, pulled Sehun’s head into the crook of his neck and began rubbing his back, doing all that he could to comfort him.

“Junmyeon? What about you?” Jongdae said, shushing Sehun at the same time.

“Me? I –no, I can’t. Minseok didn’t like me much, It would be wrong to…”

“Hey, don’t be stupid that’s not true, Minseok was tough but he loved all of us.” Chanyeol croaked from beside you, walking slowly closer towards Junmyeon and resting a hand on his shoulder.

“Okay. I umm… Minseok I –I’m sorry I made you do things you didn’t want to, believe me it wasn’t my intentions it wasn’t purposeful. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the leader you wanted. I know I wasn’t good enough but… I had more respect for you then you’ll ever know and I’ll hold that respect until the day I die. Xiumin, we’ll all miss you, this house will never be the same again. Rest in peace Kim Minseok.”

“Rest in peace Kim Minseok.” You all said in unison. You watched quietly as Kyungsoo and Jongin began shovelling the dirt back over the coffin, you snaked a tissue out of your side bag and begun blowing your nose and drying your eyes.
Moments later and the coffin was completely buried again. Sehun did the honours of placing some new flowers beside the headstone.
Pink carnations, to symbolise never forgetting him.

You all began to file out of the Graveyard, when you paused momentarily looking back at the flowers on top of the grave.

“Y/N? Let’s go.” Junmyeon whispered, putting his hand on your shoulder, but you shook your head.

“No I –I’m going to go into the church auditorium, he was religious and I’d like to pray for him.”

Junmyeon nodded, removing his hand from your shoulder. “Okay we’ll wait for you in the car.”

“No don’t, I want to walk back. I need the air. I need some time alone Junmyeon this has all been too much for me to handle.”

He hesitated a while, but then nodded again, pulling a phone out of his pocket and placing it in your hand. “Here, it’s a burner, if you change your mind redial the last number, Kyungsoo will come and pick you up.” He bowed his head quickly and left.

You took a deep breath and walked towards the Church, slowly entering the auditorium. You took a seat on the back row bench, resting your crutches beside you and staring up at the cross at the front of the Church. You closed your eyes for a moment and let out a breath. You were so physically and emotionally drained, you wondered how much more your body could take. Just as you were beginning to know Minseok you had lost him and it hurt you more than you knew it ever could and now somehow the house had to move forward and cope as though nothing ever happened.

“It’s weird I never thought I’d be a guest at my own funeral. I always thought I’d be the star of the show. Can’t say this is a bad place to be though I guess I shouldn’t complain” A disturbingly familiar voice from behind you said.

Forgetting about the pain in your thigh, you stood up and spun around on your feet almost losing your balance 


 “You know we’re going to have to dig that body back out right? Because that definitely was not me.” He smirked, pulling you into a hug.

Beastly Beautiful | Jeonghan | Ch.1

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life (SoL), drama, Romance!Jeonghan, Jeonghan!AU, OnceUponASeventeen!Jeonghan

Word Count: 3.7k+ 

A/N: This is my first series and I’ve decided to make it an AU! It’s under the Seventeen Series category! I apologize if this wasn’t written well, still a newbie but I’ll do my best! Inspired by Beauty & the Beast, a modern version ;) Happy reading!

Summary: Two different people, two different personalities, yet destiny puts them together.

Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4 || Ch.5

Pack up your bags, we’re moving.

It was most probably the seventh time you heard your father said that particular line. Most of your life was spent in the clouds, wandering about. You had a pretty normal life: having a luggage as your closet, leaflets as your books, and airplanes as your transport. Well, mostly normal.

Being the youngest of six children and a sibling to three older brothers and two older sisters, it was normal to not have any idea what was going on. You had so many unanswered questions. Not until fourteen years ago, that one incident cleared your blurred mind, the answer to your confusion.

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Neko needs to leave me alone.

Okay, so I may have submitted a story here a while ago about a girl named Neko and it wasn’t published. Well I am rewriting it and hoping it stays on track. (All names are changed.)

Well, Neko was this girl who was a furry and a complete and total Weeaboo. She wasn’t too annoying (besides the lack of personal space and loud nyas and Kawaiis) and I never really had a problem with her until these 3 instances, all of which in chronological order.

At one point I dated my friend, Kitty. She was really accepting of me being a Transgender man and we both were really close (not related but we are still friends, but dating her makes me uncomfortable)… well one day I was holding her hand and we were walking to the cafeteria when I heard a squee. Neko ran over and told us we were her otp and she shipped us. I kinda laughed it off, even though I found it creepy, and smooched Kitty on the cheek just to see how Neko would react… well, Neko knows I am a Trans man. Everyone in my grade knows. So hearing, “Kawaii Yuri” was really off putting for me. Especially since Neko went to the gay club (it’s called Diversity alliance but it was the gay club tbh) with me and I am very open about being Trans.

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TF2 Mercenaries

I’m too lazy to do them all at the same time, so here’s the first three.


Things you need:

Red T-shirt -5$

Black BDU’s -20$ (Can be used in past costumes i’ve wrote about)

White knee high socks -5$

Black running shoes -?

Black cap -10$

One sided headphone -?


Just put all the clothes on, and your done! wrap your hands with a white cloth, and shabang!

Make the bat using my EVA foam tutorial

I got a bucket o’ chicken


For this one, Its just a couple of clothing articles.

Red tshirt -5$

Black vest -10$

Grey BDU’s -20$

Black belt -5$

Black belt side bag -5$

I honestly dont know what to use for the ammo belt while still being cheep. Be creative? EVA foam?

Same thing as the last one, just put every thing on…

Pick up some red boxing gloves if you want a prop


Maybe the easiest here.

denim over all’s -20$

Red tshirt -5$

Rubber glove -?

Tool belt -10$

Orange hard hat -20$

If you want a prop, go with a acoustic guitar/Red tool box


Scout ~50$

Heavy ~45$

Engineer ~55$

The Golden Snitch (Stuart Twombly X Reader)

Things weren’t going well with your team . Graham’s team had won every trial ,and that was stressing .Your future and the one of other 6 people was in risk .

You can not stop thinking about it . It was hard to pay attention to Lyle’s speech about which is gonna be the next trial , and how hard you’ll have to prepare if you really want to get an official job at Google .

“Hey y/n , is everything alright ?” Stuart whispers into your ear because you don’t look good.
“Yes .. I think ” you shrug and clear your throat “where are the others?” .
“I think that Neha went to the restroom , I don’t know about the other four” Stuart answers .
“Do you think that we are gonna win the Quidditch match ?”he ask trying to make conversation.
“Quiddicht match? What are you talking about Stu?” your facial expression changed from concern to astonishment in matter of seconds .
“I believe that you weren’t paying attention to Lyle’s news . the next trial is gonna be a Quidditch match ” Stuart replies as if it was something without any kind of importance.
“Omg! I’m screwed..” You pass your hands through your hair .
“Why do you say that?” The boy with brown caramel eyes ask.
“Why ? because I’m a total disaster at sports , well at most of them ” you stare at him directly in the eyes ” I haven’t play Quidditch in my life . Only at videogames but that’s it”
“Don’t worry . I’ll help you with that , everything is gonna be fine ” Stuart says standing up and taking his backpack to leave .
“We’ll practice today at 4:00 in the park that is close to Google.”

That was the last thing he said before dissapearing through the door without even letting you accept his offer .

At 4:00 p.m you were sit down in the green lawn of the park waiting for Stuart to appear . Suddenly you distinguish someone approaching to you when the person was closer you could see that it was Stuart .

He was carrying a couple of broomsticks , and a big black side bag is hanging from his left shoulder. Stuart smiles when he saw that you were there .
“Hey , Stuie” you greet .
“Stuie?” He says , leaving the bag next to you on the lawn .
” yeah , Stuie . I’m gonna call you like that since now ,and I’ll be the only that can call you Stuie” you answer with a cheeky smile .
“If you say so …” He says ignoring your comment . “Now get up , we’ve got a lot of work to do.”
You stood up and he gives you one of the broomsticks then open the black bag , and takes out a set of balls .
“The first thing I’m going to do is to explain a few things to you about the game . Okay?”
“Okay” you stare at him .
“So… well , there are seven players on a team. Three chasers score goals worth 10 points each with a volleyball called the quaffle. They advance the ball down the field by running with it, passing it to teammates, or kicking it. Each team has a keeper who defends the goal hoops. Two beaters use dodgeballs called bludgers to disrupt the flow of the game by ‘knocking out’ other players. Any player hit by a bludger is out of play until they touch their own goals. Each team also has a seeker who tries to catch the snitch. The snitch is a ball attached to the waistband of the snitch runner, a neutral athlete in a yellow uniform who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game. If the score is tied after the snitch catch, the game proceeds into overtime.” Stuart explains this to you in matter of minutes .

“Are we gonna play , right ?” You ask
“How we are only 2 , we will practice each position separately . First , we are gonna practice throwing the quaffle to that hoop and after that we’ll continue with the other 6 positions left.” Stuart tells .

It was funny practicing with Stuart ; you were having a great time with him . Sometimes you failed but he continued cheering you up .

You really like him , and you wondered if he has the same feelings for you .
Finally it was time to practice being a seeker , and Stuart was going to put the golden snitch on his waistband ; you’ll try to capture him.
“Ready?” Stuart asks and you nod .

The boy with brown caramel eyes starts running . You follow him ,’ Damn he is fast and sneaky’ you thought .
It took you 8 times to finally catch him , and when you did it you had to jump over him .
You were on top of Stuart. Your face was so close to his , both of your breathing and his started to get more heavy .
You wanted to kiss him so badly .

Stuart was gazing at you , his hair was messy and he was completely exhausted . But he still looked handsome . He removed a strand of hair from your face , and placed it behind your right ear .

Suddenly Stuart muttered “you are so beautiful” making you blush.
You stayed in that position for almost 3 minutes, until you realized what was happening.
You lie down next to him, looking at the sky that was getting dark.
“Thanks, Stuie” you say taking his hand. Stuart realizes what you did but doesn’t say anything. He only keeps looking at the sky with a smile on his face.

When you finished practicing , Stuart offered to escort you back to the building in which the female interns are leaving . But you denied his offer , by telling him that you didn’t want him to come back too late , and that he needed to rest for tomorrow’s match.

Still, that didn’t stop you from leaving Stuart with a kiss in the face region that is close to his mouth .

🌟🌟 I’m gonna try to write more about him but every imagine will be like the continuation of the last one . Also I’m accepting suggestions for outfit preferences or ideas for imagines about teen wolf , the maze runner , the internship ☺️. Love you ✌️.
I’ll Make You Proud Dad-     When You Love Someone Pt.1

Originally posted by gleefinn

Summary- Growing up in two different houses was difficult. Finding out as a young kid your father hunted the monsters under your bed you had two options fight or flight. At 9 you started the silly games until your father died on a hunt when you were 18. Family doesn’t end in blood you learned when your father’s friend John Winchester was a hunter and his sons Sam and Dean Winchester took you in and made you one of them. Along the way your feelings grew for Dean and vise versa more than you wanted to admit.
Pairing- Dean x Reader
Word Count- 1,721
Warnings-  Death, Grief ???
A/N- This is literally like my first thing I’m writing like i’ve never done a one shot, dabble, imagine nothing like every on tumblr! I’ve been wanting to write for such a long but I never like knew how to work this shit out and I still don’t so if ya’ll wanna help me out that would be really appreciated. So try not to be so harsh I would love feedback of course, so enjoy my loves.
Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

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