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I cover Congress, and one of the coolest secrets about my job is the furry, four-legged friend I get to bring to work everyday.

Mickey Chang is my effervescent, forever loving, black and white Shih Tzu. You may not know this — but the U.S. Capitol is the most dog-friendly workplace you will ever find. And come on — anyone who has to watch Congress all day needs a therapy dog.

And besides, Mickey loves schmoozing with senators.

Lawmakers have been bringing their dogs to the U.S. Capitol since the 1800s, according to the Senate Historian’s Office.

“In the late 19th century and the early 20th century, all the reporting about dogs has to do with dogs fighting or being on the loose in some way,” says Assistant Senate Historian Dan Holt.

Despite Partisan Rancor, Democrats And Republicans Can Agree On Dogs

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I’m an emotional mother, because guess who turned 6 months old today?

This little dude. My Wilbur. The Wil-burrito. The light of my life. :’) I still remember when he was just a tiny little puppy, and now he’s a giant mop looking thing. I remember when he was born and being the way I am, I always wanted a Cow. A Black and White Shih Tzu.

I named him, ironically, after another farm animal though. From the book Charlotte’s web, this lil’ dude is named after the pig, Wilbur. :)

He’s such a dork. He loves snow, has a couple winter jackets that he likes, sits on my feet when I watch TV, insists he’s more important that me reading(Which he is).

He’s getting his first Puppy cut today, when I get home from work so I guess we’ll see how much he likes that! He’s also going to Petco to pick out some toys for turning half a year old.

My lil’ turd.


“Pikachu is a sweet, mellow, and snuggly dog. He is a total lover of everyone- humans of all ages and dogs of all sizes - but he loves spending time with his person the most. Pikachu has a great time exploring his new world while out on his walks and playing fetch, but where he really excels is with his snuggling!” 

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ATTENTION MARYLAND FRIENDS WHO LIVE IN THE BALTIMORE CITY AREA!!! Daichi’s dog Russell went missing this morning in the Catonsville area. We think he was taken from the yard. If you have seen any sign of him PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT DAICHI, KEI, OR ME. THERE IS A REWARD FOR HIM BEING RETURNED. PLEASE SPREAD THIS AND SHARE SO WE CAN FIND HIM. MORE INFO BELOW.

12lb black/brindle shih tzu mix. Male, neutered. Friendly but skittish of strangers. Answers to Russell. Was last seen wearing a grey shirt with black text that says ‘I’m why we can’t have nice things’ still has his collar and tags on him.