black sheep of my family

“My sister was murdered when I was twelve years old. Her husband killed her because of jealousy. After that it was just me and my mom. I stopped studying. I became the black sheep of the family. I left the house and went my own way. There was a gang in the neighborhood. They gave me a place to live. They gave me work. They gave me marijuana and cocaine. I was always high. My job was tocollect protection money from local businesses. There were five of us who made the rounds. When I turned fourteen they told me I was ready to ‘test the knife.’ There was a shopkeeper named Maria. Her husband was a pain in the ass. He would always scream at us and call us sons of bitches. So we stabbed him over and over. There was blood everywhere. I felt like throwing up. Afterwards I felt empty inside. So I just did more drugs. And the way I looked at it—if my sister got killed, why shouldn’t other people die? At least that’s how I always justified it to myself.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)



Desc: Can you do a Kai imagine where he meets a girl who has the same past as him (except the whole killing family thing was in self defense) & well shy and quiet she seems to be the only one who sees something in him & stands up for him & laughs at all his jokes & he doesn’t understand why he loves bringing her out of her shell & seeing her laugh at his dorky jokes & basically a imagine where they, two people who have been scorned by love, fall in love & learn to understand it ❤

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She ran into him by accident. It was around two in the morning, and the stars dotted the black canvas in the sky like sprinkles of golden fairy dust. It was cool out, the gentle breeze just enough to bring goosebumps to her skin, and it smelt of the fresh pine trees of the forest she was running through. Her hair was pulled atop her head in a loose and messy knot, oversized sweater hanging over her palms, her eyes hooded and lips chapped. The girl’s battered combat boots smacked against the leaf strewn ground, her breath heavy, leather bag dangling off her shoulder as she sprinted like her life depended on it. 


The girl slammed face first into something, her hands coming up to massage her face as she groaned out in pain. She inhaled a raspy breath, blinking around in bewilderment when she realized there was nobody and nothing there.

“Hello?” she uttered into the desolate forest.


The voice was almost inaudible, so faint and nervous she almost missed it. It seemed to come from directly in front of her, and yet when she stared in the direction of the voice, all she saw was the dark outline of a faded oak. Suddenly, a boy melted from the shadows, literally seeping out in human form. He was tall and lanky, with ruffled brown hair and shining blue eyes that were filled with hurt. The moonlight cast shadows across his sculpted facial curves, full lips, and faint stubble. He’d been cloaking himself with an invisibility charm, smart.

“You have magic,” the girl stated in disbelief, tilting her head and looking the boy over with curiosity.

“And that doesn’t scare you?” his voice rumbled low.

She narrowed her eyes, “no.”

The girl raised a hand towards the boy, and a golden wisp of light erupted from her pale fingertips and engulfed the two in an orb of glimmering light so they could see only each other in the folds of the dark night. The boy stared at the girl in awe, his mouth hanging open a little. He looked her over, impressed.

“You too,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she responded, feeling suddenly shy when he looked her over with those startlingly blue eyes.

“And what are you doing running through the forest in the middle of the night?” he asked, brow arched.

“I could ask you the same,” she says, folding her arms over each other.

“No, really,” he asks sincerely.

“You wouldn’t get it,” she clenches her jaw, and he picks up on the little pulse and crinkle in her eyebrows.

“I might just,” he whispers, his eyes flickering back and forth between hers.

She twirls a long curl of hair around her fingertips, eyes planted to the brown soil, heart sinking. The memories pain her to think about, and when she does, the golden orb around them falters momentarily. 

“I’m running,” she admits with a heavy sigh.


“My family,” she swallows hard at the lump in her throat, eyes coming back to the boy’s. He doesn’t seem phased at all, but he frowns when he sees her looking so fragile and hurt.

“Anyways,” she shakes her head, snapping out of her trance. “I can’t keep up too long or they’ll find me. So…goodbye, stranger.”

She moves to sidestep the boy, but he grabs at her wrist, shaking his head, “Kai.”

“Kai?” she breathes.

“My name,” his lips twitch faintly.

Her body relaxes, maybe she can stay another minute.

“Well, it’s actually Malachai,” he stumbles softly. “Malachai Parker.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” she says bashfully.

Kai scoffs, “yeah, right.”

“I mean it,” she smiles sympathetically, seeing the look of disgust he has for his own name.

Kai chews his rosy lower lip in disbelief, thinking she’s joking at first, but her facial expression holds still. A breeze swoops gently over them, and he catches a whiff of her sugary perfume, it’s intoxicating, and he wants to move closer to her but he doesn’t.

“Sorry,” he apologizes, letting go of the knit sweater he clung to.

She tells him her name, and asks what he could be doing at such an early hour.

“Running,” he mimics her.

He sees her facial expressions soften, lips bending downwards and eyes saddening. She’s so precious and delicate, nothing like himself.

“From your family?” she whispers, taking a step closer to him.

He couldn’t bear to drag such a fragile girl into his messy life, so he decided to scare her off now rather than later, since lying would only hurt her. And he didn’t want to see her more hurt than she clearly was already. Something about her…he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he only knew she didn’t deserve to be with a disaster like himself.

“No,” he said icily, stiffening his back. “I killed them all.”

The girl froze, heart hammering, instinctively taking a step back.

Good, she was scared. 

“Why?” her voice trembles.

“Because I’m the black sheep,” he laughs bitterly. “I was an outcast in my family my entire life, the broken one, the ‘faulty gemini’. My sister Jo was the perfect one, oh, everyone loved Jo. But not me. No, I was isolated from my own family,” he spits with anger. “I bet it was really nice to stand around and judge me, while they got everything out of life.”

“Why?” she asks again, sounding more curious than frightened now.

Kai cuts her off and draws closer to her, “you should go,” he growls.

“Tell me,” she demands, standing her ground despite every part of her body urging her to run.

She was clearly terrified, but was stubborn enough to try and hide it.

“What makes you think I won’t hurt you?” he says with dark eyes.

“Because I know what it feels like,” she snaps, her face inches from his malicious one.

That expression on his face melted off like ice, and he steps back, “what?”

“Show me,” she responds nervously.

“Show you?” he questions, unable to hold the facade.

He hated the feeling of control the girl seemed to hold over him. Why wasn’t she running yet? Everyone else would have…

“Show me your ability,” she demands quietly, rolling up her lavender sweater and shoving her wrists out to the boy.

“H-how did you know?”

“We’re not so different, you and I,” she says, “just…do it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he admits with a shake of his head. Funny how quickly he switched from selfish and psychotic to caring and compassionate.

“Kai,” she begs.

He takes a rattled breath, his hands clammy as he approaches the defiant girl. He can feel energy radiating from her bloodstream, and he wants it, needs it, like a drug. She doesn’t look afraid as his slender fingers lock lightly on her wrists, the cool rings that decorated his fingers pressing into her skin. Her beautiful eyes hold to his own, and he keeps them locked to hers as the orange glow burns into her flesh. Her magic oozes into his bloodstream, but it’s different than usual, stronger, he thinks. His mouth tips open as he groans from the feeling he’s missed so much, her energy diffusing throughout his body, and he can’t help but close his eyes from the pleasure. Any second now she should be gasping out for him to stop, crumpling from the pain of his siphoning, but she doesn’t. Then he drops her wrists, snapping back to reality, feeling more alive than he has in ages.

“Why didn’t that hurt you?” he breathes, still on a magic high.

“I don’t run out,” she responds flatly.

“How is that not a gift?!” Kai gasps.

“Because when I have so much it makes me overwhelmed, and I- I can’t control it. My emotions tip even just a little, and my magic comes spilling out of me. The rest of my family thought they could just fix me, because I was some sort of threat to out coven. A-and sometimes I only wanted to help, but it makes me do bad things…hurt people,” she mutters, eyes to the floor. “It’s darker magic, watch.”

The girl stoops low to the ground, where a small pink flower blossoms innocently from the ground. She brushes her fingers to the soft petals, and Kai watches as the plant dissolves into black ash under her finger pads.

“My mom came after me one day,” she shudders, “I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to protect myself.” Her wrist quickly swiped away a falling tear, and she cleared her throat, pretending it was all alright.

He wanted nothing more than to wrap that girl in his arms that instant.

“You don’t scare me, Malachai Parker,” she stands, her body alarmingly close to his.

Nobody ever called him by his full name, this was new.

“You’re not as twisted as me,” he denies. “I’m bad news, a psycho, or sociopath, if you will.”

He runs a hand through his chestnut locks, overwhelmed by the closeness of the girl.

“Stop trying to scare me,” she says. “You’re not like that.”

“And how would you know?”

“You’re not bad, you’re just…broken. I know that feeling.”

Her eyes reflect the golden sparkles around them, hair cascading across her perfect face. Her ability to care confused him.

Kai scoops down to the ground, touching the pile of ashes where the flower was moments ago. His eyes close as he uses his siphoned magic to revive the flower, and soon he’s plucked the rosy thing from the ground and is facing this girl again. She looks at the flower with admiration, the faintest of smiles on her little lips. Kai picks off the stem, and brushes back the girls hair affectionately, sliding the pink flower into the crook of her ear; it suits her wonderfully. Her cheeks blush noticeably, and she chews nervously at her lower lip. He can’t help but trail his fingers across her perfect skin, surprised that she didn’t pull away; nobody ever let Kai touch them. He liked that feeling a lot.

“Look at us,” he says, “two broken pieces.”

“Maybe two broken pieces make a whole one,” she laughs suddenly.

He loved that tinkling bell-like laugh so much, he wanted to hear it again and again.

“You know you’re like, really pretty,” Kai blurts without thinking.

She smiles a radiant smile up at him, “don’t tell me Malachai Parker is actually feeling,” she jokes.

He shoves her playfully, but grabs each of her arms afterwards so that she’ll stay close to him. When he pulls her back, her chest goes thudding against his, and she instantly resumes her nervous stance.

“Hey,” he says, his fingers crawling under her chin and lifting it up so their eyes meet. “You have too much power contain, and I don’t have any at all, maybe if we work together we could balance each other’s faults, you know?”

“Work together?” she blinks up at him. “Not, alone?”

He bends over her, the electric currents of her skin against his driving him crazy with longing. Her lips were so close, begging for his.

“Not alone,” he breathes.

Essays in Existentialism: Vegas II

Okay, so I just read your Vegas prompt and I’m in love with the story and the characters. Any way you’d maybe do a part two? Like six moths later or something? I don’t know.. just write anything really I love your work. So yeah. Go you mate. 

Previously on Vegas

The city was absolutely dripping, soaked through to the bones with the rain that refused to stop after days and days and days. The bay itself seemed wetter than normal, while streets and shoes and welcome mats never got a chance to dry. Instead, the sidewalks and streetlights and window sills remained soggy fixtures in need of a good squeeze and sunshine. 

The water-logged inhabitants didn’t notice after the fourth day, they just seemed to collectively think they’d all fabricated the sunshine, and it never actually existed. Instead, they resigned themselves to becoming aquatic, and perhaps one day even getting gills. 

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“If I did something wrong, it was out of ignorance. Maybe I was too strict with him. I was in the army for twenty-seven years so that’s all I knew. He’s really pulled away lately. He doesn’t go to church. He doesn’t care about school. He thinks he knows everything and that we don’t understand anything about his life. So he always locks himself in his room. Recently he told me that he hated me. And I lost my temper and told him that he was no longer my son. Both of us apologized but things are still difficult. I think he’s just very uncomfortable with life. Maybe he feels like the black sheep of the family. My wife and I are professors and both his sisters are doing well. I just don’t know what to do. I’m trying to pull back now and be more lenient. I punish him less. I stopped taking away his phone when he doesn’t do his schoolwork. I don’t want him to rebel any more, but when I back off, it’s hard to be strict again and provide structure. So I just don’t know. I’m reading books to figure out how to reach him. I want him to understand that it doesn’t matter to me if he’s successful in a professional way. I just want him to have some sort of purpose.”

(Santiago, Chile)

PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

[Back by popular demand!]

Part One | Part Two

- Remus decided to make a Hot Pot to take around to Sirius’ for the night, praying that he or Harry weren’t vegetarian. 

- His mother always told him “Never turn up to someones house without food or drink”, and since Sirius never said if he was cooking or not, Remus thought that making food was a good idea when he started.

- But now he was half way through cooking it, he began to think that it was actually a stupid idea.

- Oh well, its the thought that counts.

- He could easily put it in the fridge for their tea the night after if Sirius had already sorted out Dinner.

- He was stood over the hob in the kitchen stirring the stew as Teddy ran circles around him.

- “Dadddddddddddy,” Teddy elongated, “can I take my Wii to Padfoots, plwease?”

- Remus sighed for the umpteenth time since they got home from the supermarket.

- It was nice to see how excited his son was to play with his new friend, especially since Teddy didn’t make many friends back in their old town in Durham.

- But he could do without being begged to take everything but the kitchen sink around with them!

- “No, Teddy, you can’t take your Wii to Padfoots. Our house will miss it!” He attempted to reason with his son.

- “But Daddddddy! What if we want to play Lego Batmans?!” He stuck his bottom lip out in a large pout. 

- Damn those little puppy dog eyes.

- “Tell you what, Teds. We won’t take the Wii tonight-

- “-But Daddy-”

- “But! If you’re on your best behaviour tonight and things go well, then we can invite Harry over here to play Batman Lego in the week, okay?”

- Teddy seemed to ponder this for a moment before he nodded with certainty.

- “Okay!” He turned on the spot and ran away from Remus, back into the living room.

- Remus hadn’t really had a minute to stop and think of why they had been invited to Sirius’.

- He understood that Sirius was Harry’s Godfather, but was he really inviting Teddy and himself just for a play date?

- Or was it supposed to be an excuse for an actual date?

- Did Sirius even swing that way?

- “Dadddddddddddy?” 

- Remus sighed heavily again, dragging his hand down his face.

- This is going to be a long evening.

- At five minutes to six, Remus pour the stew into a travel pot and told Teddy to put on his coat.

- He caved and let Teddy take his DS with Pokemon Y around with him.

- If it meant Teddy would be on his best behaviour, he didn’t care.

- “-and we’re going to play loooooads of games, and we’re gonna sleep over at each others houses sooooo much, Daddy!” Teddy was happily chatting away to his Dad whilst he locked up the house.

- “That sound’s amazing, Teddy!” Remus smiled to his son who beamed with pride.

- He held the pot of stew under one arm and held Teddy’s hand with the other and made the very short walk over to Sirius’.

- “Are you and Padfoot gonna be bestest friends, Daddy?” Teddy innocently asked causing Remus to chuckle.

- “We might become good friends, Buddy,” he smiled hopefully to his son.

- “Would you two have sleep overs?”

- Remus choked on the breath he just took.

- “Ahhh, I don’t see any sleep overs happening anytime soon, Ted.” He blushed slightly. 

- He definitely wouldn’t mind a sleep over with Sirius …

- “Why?” Teddy asked. 

- “Erm …,” he bit his lip, unable to think of an answer to give his child. 

- “Oh look! We’re here!” He rushed, changing the conversation. 

- “Oh, can I knock?!” Teddy cheered, rushing up to the door and accidentally running into it and falling down on his bum.

- “Owww …” He groaned whilst rubbing his backside.

- “You okay, sweetie?” Remus lent down to help Teddy back to his feet. 

- The door opened then by a very concerned looking Sirius looking down at Teddy and Remus on the floor.

- “Hey, are you alright?” He asked, kneeling down so he was on the same level as them.

- “Yeahhhh…” Teddy sighed with a shame looking face.

- “Sounded like you were trying to knock my door down!” He joked with a wink to Teddy.

- Teddy blushed with embarrassment.

- “He got a little bit too excited there, didn’t you sweetie?” Remus smirked, putting the stew down on the step and helping his son to his feet.

- “Sound’s like you’re a bit of a walking disaster!” Sirius chuckled, joined by Remus. 

- “Come on in.” He stood and waved them over the threshold.

- “Thanks,” Remus sheepishly smiled and picked up the stew.

- “What’s that?” Sirius queried.

- “Oh, it’s for tonight - or for you, you know - whenever … if you already have tea sorted - I didn’t know what to bring - it’s just a Hot Pot - nothing special - I hope you’re not vegetarian - I mean - it’s okay if you are - that’s fine - its just this isn’t - vegetarian I mean -”

- Sirius was happily smirking at Remus nervously babbling.

-  This cutie.

- “Remus, it’s wonderful. Thank you.” He gently placed his hand on Remus’ shoulder and took the stew from his arms. 

- “I hadn’t actually thought about tea, I was probably just going to order in, which Lily, Harry’s Mum, would murder me for doing again - so this is better!” He winked. 

- Remus let out a sigh of relief and smiled back.

- Sirius felt something tug at the bottom of his shirt.

- He looked down to see Teddy staring up to him with wondering eyes.

- “Padfoot, where’s Harry?” 

- “Oh, he’s in the living room, kiddo. Come on, lets go get him!” He suggested, taking off in the direction of the living room and carefully holding the stew.

- “Kayyy!” Teddy cheered and chased after Sirius.

- Remus chuckled sweetly to himself as he watched his kid take to this gorgeous man immediately.

- He turned to shut the door and hang up his coat then followed them into the living room.

- “Harry!” Teddy yelled as he ran through the door and overtook Sirius.

- Harry was sat on the floor, eyes glued to a cartoon on the TV.

- When he heard Teddy, he excitedly turned around with a little gasp and jumped to his feet.

- “Teddy!” He shouted, running to hug the other boy.

- Sirius and Remus both stood by the door, cooing over the adorableness that was the boys.

- “You’d think they’ve been kept apart for years, not just met today!” Sirius laughed.

- “They must of been bestest of friends in a past life.” Remus nudged Sirius with a wink.

- Sirius grinned toothily at him.

- “Come on, you can help me set the table.” 

- After dinner, Teddy and Harry were playing Pokemon on their DS’ on the floor in the living room quiet as little mice.

- Remus and Sirius were both sat on the settee with a bottle of light beer each, laughing and getting to know each other.

- Sirius was telling Remus of all the antics he and his adoptive brother James, Harry’s Dad, used to get up to in school, and how they used to call themselves “The Marauders”.

- At some point in the night, they had gradually moved closer to each other so their thighs were just touching.

- Remus was checking Sirius out over the top of his beer bottle every time he took a swig of it.

- He truly was beautiful and had such a fun and loving personality.

- Sirius couldn’t keep the smile off of his face with how well things were going that evening.

- Then Remus’ phone rang.

- “Oh, sorry, one minute.” He smiled, fishing his phone out of his pocket.

- “Hello? … Oh, hello love!” He grinned to the phone.

- Sirius felt his stomach drop and his smile fall.

- “I did leave a note … we’re at Sirius’ … the neighbours … well, it says Padfoot cause that’s what Teddy calls him … Oh god, leave it out! Ha. … I left you some Hot Pot if you’re hungry … No, I thought I’d leave him at home alone. Yes, of course Teddy’s with me! … Ha! Don’t be a douche … Yeah, that’s fine … I think you left it in the draw … Oh god, you didn’t? … Ha! God, you’re such a klutz, no wonder Teddy is a walking disaster … yeah, okay. Alright, we’ll see you later. Night love … Love you too, Night.” 

- He hung up the phone shaking his head with a little grin.

- “Sorry about that. That was Dora, Ted’s Mum.” He informed Sirius.

- “O-oh. Your wife?” He bit his lip with worry.

- How can he meet someone so perfect only to find out he’s married?

- Now he understands what Alanis Morissette was singing about …

- Remus let out a bark of a laugh, causing Teddy and Harry to look over.

- “Oh, god no!” He chuckled. 

- Sirius stared at him with confusion plastered on his face.

- “No, no, Dora’s my best friend. She’s married to this wonderful woman called Fleur. She’s staying at our’s for the week though because Fleur has gone back to France for a few days on some work trip and she was feeling lonely in their house.” He smiled.

- Sirius visibly let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding.

- Remus noticed how Sirius’ tense body suddenly relaxed. 

- He starting chewing the bottom of his lip.

- Perhaps his feelings were requited and this was a date after all. 

- “Oh. So, she’s your ex?” He queried.

- “Oh, no, we’ve never dated.” He smiled, glancing over at the boys whose attention was back on their games.

- “She’s literally the gayest person since Adam and Steve.” He laughed.

- “But no, we’ve been best friends since we were in school. She’s met Fleur about 9 years ago now? They’ve been married for about 6 years and they really wanted to have kids and they asked me to be the Dad. At first I was super reluctant because I always thought my first kid would be my kid, you know?”

- “Yeah I get that,” Sirius nodded, completely enthralled in the story Remus was telling.

- “But then when I told them about it, they just laughed at me saying ‘We asked you to be the Dad, not the Donor, you prat. It is going to be your kid!’ 5 and a half years later, here we are.” He smiled.

- Sirius felt his knees go a little weak at how loved Teddy must be to have parents who really wanted him.

- He was glad it wasn’t a drunken mistake like his mother used to tell him he was.

- Remus smiled widely.

- “I know, a little unorthodox but …”

- “Hey, no judgement here!” Sirius grinned holding his hands up. 

- “I’m the rebellious black sheep of the family who was disowned for being gay, only for my biological brother to come out years later and now him, my adoptive brother and my best friend are in a relationship raising my godson! My life is nothing BUT unorthodox!”

- Remus stared wide eyed, making Sirius realise what he had just admitted.

- “You were disowned for being gay? Oh my god, thats horrible! I’m so sorry.”

- Sirius waved a hand nonchalantly. 

- “Well, I guess there was more to it than just that, but that was the final straw. It was a terrible family, I’m glad it happened.“ He smiled sadly. “At least I got a better family out of it.”

- “I’m glad that you did.” Remus smiled genuinely and placed his hand over the top of Sirius’ that was resting his knee.

- Sirius stared down at where their hands were touching and felt his face heat up.

- He didn’t let himself fall for people easily, especially since he suffers from abandonment issues; he gets scared that people will leave him all alone when they realise he’s too much to handle.

- He’s used to a few one night stands or a fling here and there, but he’s never had a proper relationship with anybody.

- But the way he and Remus just fell together so perfectly, he felt he could easily fall for the tall, cameral haired and forest eyed beauty.

- Which scared him a lot.

- “Can I get you another drink?” He panicked and jumped to his feet.

- Sirius took the empty bottle out of Remus’ hands and walked into the kitchen.

- He hadn’t noticed that Remus stood up and followed him in.

- He threw the bottles into the recycling bin and pulled open the fridge door, humming loudly to himself to distract his mind from thinking about how nice it felt to be touched innocently by Remus.

- He didn’t know what that gesture meant.

- Was it just a comforting gesture? Or did it mean more?

- He didn’t even know if Remus swung that way.

- And he would also have to take into consideration that Remus has a child and might not even want to start anything with anyone.

- “I’m pansexual, by the way,” Remus said from behind him, a little tipsy on light beer.

- Sirius froze then turned to look at him

- “If you were wondering …” Remus bit his lip sheepishly.

- Damn, why did I say that? I’ve gone and ruined everything.

- “O-oh.” Sirius was a little startled at the statement.

- “It’s just - you know - you told me …” he swayed a little on the spot.

- Sirius let out a breathy laugh.

- “Ah, well … thank you for telling me.” He smouldered. 

- Remus chuckled awkwardly and looked around the room.

- “If we’re on the subject of sharing,” Sirius started, nervously fidgeting, “I’m genderfluid.”

- Remus gasped dramatically and covered his mouth with his hand, making Sirius wince thinking this was already over before it began.

-  “Oh my god, have I been a proper arsehole and mis-pronouning you all night? I’m so sorry! I swear I usually ask people’s pronouns when I first meet them but I didn’t even think!”

- Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

- “No, no. It’s he/him today. But … you … you mean you don’t mind?” Sirius bit his lip.

- Remus raspberried his lips together like a horse and waved his hand through the air.

- “Oh god no. Dora’s Genderfluid as well, but she prefers she/her pronouns even on her male days.” He smiled. 

- “Teddy’s perfectly aware of gender fluidity too, so as long as you tell him the correct pronouns in the morning, he’ll stick with them until you tell him they’ve changed.”

- Sirius sighed with happiness.

- God, could this man be any more perfect?

- “Thats … that’s good to know.” He grinned.

- This is your chance, Sirius. Go for it!

- “So … hypothetically, if I wanted to ask you out on a date sometime …?” Sirius bit his lip nervously.

- Remus’ eyes widened.

- “O-oh?” 

- Sirius then grinned widely which Remus returned just as beautifully.

- “I would definitely have to check my calendar …” Remus playfully looked at his hand making Sirius giggle. “It says hereeee,” he purred “that I’m free always if you ask me out on a date.” 

- Sirius beamed at how adorable Remus was, and how he seemed just as eager to go on a date with Sirius as he was to go on a date with Remus.

- Sirius bit his lip and let his eyes roam over Remus.

- Remus felt a shiver run now his spine by how provocative it looked and how much it turned him on feeling so exposed under his gaze.

- Then Sirius stepped closer to Remus, crowding him near the sink.

- Remus had only just noticed how much smaller Sirius was when he felt himself leaning down to him as Sirius leant up.

- “Can I kiss you?” Sirius whispered, his breath tickling against Remus lips.

- With a small nod, their eyes had started to flutter closed.

- “Dadddddddy?” 

- They jumped apart and turned to see a sleepy looking Teddy and Harry stood in the doorway.

- “Daddy, I’m tired.” Teddy whined, rubbing at his eye. Harry yawned loudly.

- “Okay sweetheart. Go get your coat and say goodnight and thank you and we’ll take you home, okay?” 

- “Goodnight, Padfoot. Thankyou.” Teddy nodded and walked back into the other room with Harry.

- Sirius turned back to Remus and they stared at each other for a moment.

- Then they both burst out into a fit of giggles.

- “Sorry, he has this thing where he always walks in at the wrong time. I swear, he gets it from Dora!” Remus smiled.

- “It’s fine. It might be for the best anyway.” 

- “Oh?” Remus pursed his lips, thinking Sirius had changed his mind.

- “Yeah. I kind of want to take you out on a proper date. A meal, candles, maybe even flowers if your lucky. I’ll woo you properly then,” he winked.

- Remus blushed prettily.

- “Well then, I’ll hold you to that.” He smirked.

- “You can hold me to anything you want.” Sirius winked again earning another bark of laughter from Remus.

- “God, you’re insufferable.” He laughed. 

- “Thank you so much for tonight, Sirius, it was wonderful.”

- “Well, thank you for the food! It was delicious.” 

- They both were gazing at each other with pure fondness and felt each other draw nearer again.

- “Daddddddy.” Teddy called from the other room.

- Remus sighed and sheepishly smiled. 

- “I better …” He gestured to the door.

- “Yeah. But, we’ll see each other again, right?” Sirius asked slightly scared that this was it.

- “Of course … I’m your neighbour.” Remus chuckled and winked.

- “But, here. You can give me your number, then you can text whenever you want to.” He pulled out his phone and passed it over.

- Sirius took it off of him and punched in his digits, quickly sending himself a text and passed it back, reaching up and leaving a soft kiss on his cheek as he did.

- “I’ll hold you to it.” He seductively whispered into his ear. 

- Remus went red all over and stepped backwards, taking ahold of one of Sirius’ hands with both of his and bringing it up to his lips to kiss gently with a smirk. 

- He walked into the living room, pulling Sirius along with him, to see Teddy and Harry half asleep on the settee.

- Remus helped Teddy put his coat on then picked him up as he nuzzled his head into his neck and snored lightly.

- Sirius walked them both to the door, his stomach doing somersaults all the way.

- “Goodnight, and thank you.” Remus smiled at Sirius.

- “It was my pleasure.” He sleepily grinned.

- “I’ll see you soon.” Remus turned and walked down the path.

- “Oh!” Remus whisper-shouted back. “If you really want to woo me, it’s definitely with chocolates.” He winked with a laugh.

- “I’ll remember that!” Sirius chuckled and shut the door as Remus walked down the street to his home.

- Once they got into their home, Remus took Teddy upstairs and put him to bed.

- He pulled out one of Teddy’s favourite books and started to read it to him.

- “Hey, how did it go?” Dora popped her head around the door and asked.

- “Hey love. It went really well, I think Teddy had a good time.”

- “Uh-huh.” Teddy sleepily answered.

- “Oh good.” She smiled and walked into the room.

- She leant down and kissed Teddy’s forehead.

- “Goodnight, sweetheart.” She whispered.

- “Night Mummy.” 

- Dora was half way out the door when Teddy spoke again.

- “I saw Daddy nearly kissing Padfoot in the kitchen.”

- The book in Remus’ hands fell to the floor with a loud thud.

- “Did you now?” Dora started laughing at the dumbstruck expression on Remus’ face.

- “Uh-huh. It’s okay though,” he yawned and snuggled into his pillow, “I like Padfoot. It’d be cool having two Mummy’s and Daddy’s.” 

- “Okay, goodnight Ted!” Remus rushed out of the room bright red and embarrassed. 

- Dora couldn’t stop laughing.

Cutie pies. Do you want more? ;)

Random Story

so I am the black sheep of my family, like I am very different in every way

when we have family gatherings I am always in my room because I like to be alone and I don’t really like being around large groups of people. 

so when my family tries to hang out with me or talk to me it’s really awkward because they don’t know how to relate to me 

my aunt called me and I guess I sounded really bored on the phone (which tbh i was because I didn’t want to be on the phone)

then there was a pause for a while and she goes “so who is your favorite kpop group?” 

but the question sounded so awkward like so forced and i almost started laughing

then I said BTS and so goes “wait what” and i was like B-T-S and she replied “ohhh… thats neat” 

at this point i really wanted to end this convo so I said I had to go because i needed to take a nap


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The members of the Lightning court are fairly diverse, with a range of skin tones, body types, and hair and eye colors. Yet they all reflect their stormy territory and their scaled ancestors; they all of course have their draconic wings, which they are known for.
Wing designs by Marcella @foxboy-lucien
If you would like wings please message Marcella!

High Ladies: @mayhemories and @aelin-and-feyre
First: @runesandfaes
Second: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie
Third: @fiery-feyre and her wonderful wife @darlingfireheart
Spymaster: @foxboy-lucien
Spies: @havilliardandgalathynius @cynical-minds-for-cynical-times @shinywhiteshoe @tarafitz124 @wingsofanillyrian @zacc-efron
Executive Assistant: @queenoffantasy
Light Wielder: @destiny14444
Thunder Enforcer: @poisonbooknerd
Storm Whisperer: @kazgavejasonthecrowbar
Dragon Keeper: @bbyshadowbat
Emissary: @cassiancalore
Emissary of Mortal Lands: @dreams-of-feysand
Ambassador: @thebookishshadowhunter
Healers: @rowanismybae and @lifelillysandmagicwands
General: @therealmofgoals
Chief Strategist: @acomafxtog24-7
Commandress of Bloodshed: @rhysand-and-rowan
Cryptographer: @deathbytitanium
Captain of the Guard: @highqueenofmagic
Assassin: @acourtoffuckmylifeup
Lightning Thief: @sugarcoated44
Seer: @aelinxfeyre
Priestess: @rowaelinandfeysandfeels
Hitwoman: @seldomsmurf
Cartographer: @she-was-brave-and-she-was-strong
Librarian/Informant: @deezrmuhsheeple
Researcher: @starzablaze
Historian: @rhysand-vs-rowan
Lady in Waiting: @magic-madness-heavensin-blog
Weapons Designer: @inejcalmarekaz
Painter: @thexscarletxwitchx
The Sassy friend who Wanders in when needed: @tntwme
Random Anonymous Cat: @insert-username-here712
Court Falconer: @m0ther0fdragons
Court Musician: @veinssaxonio
Designer: @tog-trash
Cat Lady: @smokeydiamondstorm
Court Entertainer: @acourtofredqueens
Court Witch: @azuremirwae
Random Dragon: @searching-the-stars
Crazy Old Sage: @justanotherpaperheart
Counselor: @whyyoumakemesadstahp
Cook: @alexiea1
Gardener: @otaku-trash-sendhelp1000-7
Architect: @couldilienexttoyou
Shapeshifter: @highladyofluna
Story Keeper: @my-ships-will-never-be-sank
Art Shop Keeper: @skyl0rd5117
Teacher: @amberissues
Court Mother: @ponyjockey
Photographer: @autumn03
Astronomer: @court-of-shadows-and-fury
Soldiers: @aelin-rattlethestars @the-girl-of-ticking-clocks
Record Keeper: @feyre-herondale03
Black Sheep Of The Family: @aroyalbluedragon

Deadly Magic

Summary: You and the pack go into the woods to search for a chimera but things go wrong and you have to use your witch powers to save your boyfriend Isaac 

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word Count: 3,412

Author’s Note: The witch powers are based off of some of my favorite witches: Bonnie Bennett and the show Charmed 

Side Note: Bonnie Bennett deserved better


Originally posted by fyeahdanielsharman

This wasn’t how you planned to spend your Friday night; walking through the woods, tracking a chimera down, trying to stop him from causing any more damage than he already had. But most of your nights consisted of you doing something you hadn’t planned. That’s what happens when your friends are supernatural creatures. Also the fact that you’re a witch caused you to have not so normal weekends.

Isaac got out of the passenger side of your car as you met up in front of Roscoe with Stiles, Scott, & Malia.

“Alright,” Scott said as he looked between you all. “Stiles heard that someone reported a creature in the woods while they were camping here over the police scanner. A deputy was sent to check it out but found nothing.  We know it was probably another chimera, but we have to find it before it attacks someone.”

“So what’s the plan?” Malia asked.

“Me, you, & Isaac are going to go check out the campsite where it was reported at. It probably won’t still be there, but we can try to catch its scent. Y/N and Stiles will stay here while she does a locator spell.”

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Lena asks reader out for drinks and it somehow turns from a cute date to a full on drinking contest?

Originally posted by afezandbowties

“The Luthors might be known for money an’ evilness and shit…but, the Y/L/N’s are known for drinking.  That’s our thing,” you winked before slamming back the shot glass of whiskey in front of you. 

“Well, I’ve always been the black sheep in my family,” Lena smirked.  The dark haired woman emptied her own drink and waved at the bartender for another round.  “And you’re about to eat your words.”

I saw a post about Ravenclaw!Draco and it got me thinking… what about Ravenclaw!Scorpius?

Scorpius was over the moon. It was his first day at hogwarts, and he already had a friend. Astoria always told him that, if you made even one friend on your first day, you were doing alright. Albus stood firmly beside him, but Scorpius could see that he was shaking slightly. He couldn’t deny his own nervousness, either.

When the sorting hat was placed on Albus’s head, it took a long moment before shouting “SLYTHERIN!” Albus looked at Scorpius and he saw his own shock reflected on his face. Scorpius felt a glow in his chest, radiating outwards until he felt he could fly with it. They would have to be in the same house now!


It was Scorpius’s turn next. The sorting hat was placed upon his head, and it was silent for a few moments before whispering “you’re a Slytherin in your head, but a Ravenclaw in your heart. Which do you follow more?”

The answer was obvious, but terrifying. My heart, Scorpius thought, the voice in his head small and timid.

“RAVENCLAW!” Called the sorting hat triumphantly.

Scorpius numbly walked over to Albus, who looked crestfallen.

“Can we still be friends?” Scorpius asked.

Albus smiled at him.
“Of course.”

They walked over to the tables in silence, but as Scorpius was about to head over to the Ravenclaws, Albus grabbed his arm.

“Hey… I’m the black sheep of my family, too. We can do it together.”

Scorpius was no longer upset. He walked over to the Ravenclaw table, marvelling at how many first years were reading their textbooks through dinner. He happily got out A History of Magic and flipped through it with his new family, the prefects looking on, approval written all over their faces.

Scorpius helped Albus with his homework, while Albus helped Scorpius get revenge on his bullies. It turned out that being the black sheep wasn’t so bad when you had another one at your side.

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Do you have a animal ver. of you in your Vanoss Crew(anthro animals)?

Actually I don’t. x’D Well, not a anthro form or anything to do with the VanossCrew, but I do have a fursona that I used for many years to represent my-self. ^^ Her name is Meru, she was a wolf/fox mix but I later made her into a sheep, as I felt sheep represented me better, hahah. I am the black sheep of my family and I am really shy irl. x’D

Beautiful artwork of Meru by: Jidarpls on DA~ <3

my therapist calls me a scapegoat

a black sheep

the living projection of my families pain

I am a canvas splattered with the blood of my parents trauma

mom and dad call me an ungrateful bitch

to them I am destruction

an untamable fire

but if I am a fire then my mother is a match

my father, gasoline

and I am not the reason this house burned

I’ve been experiencing a lot of “hurry up and wait” since my half-brother’s passing. Being a black sheep in the family, I haven’t really been included in any tasks for the funeral preparation and such. It’s been a very awkward time for me. =(

I want to send some love out to @jehusethemoose@berrysweetboutique and @tainoodles. Seeing your sims on my dash and reading your stories has been a big help to keep me busy during this time. Additionally, I finally bought Berry’s book and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Keep doing what you’re doing here on Tumblr, dear Sims community. Some of you may not always be confident in what you post or write, but any little thing you do here can help make someone’s day just a little bit brighter. <3

I’m honestly dreading tomorrow. Like yay I get a day off of work this week but also that means I HAVE to be around my family. And me? I’m the black sheep of the family. No one cares about my interests or they think I’m straight up a devil worshiper, and my politics are a no-go for my very conservative family. 

Honestly I’m probably gonna stuff my face and spend the rest of the day listening to music, maybe work on finishing a book I’m reading. 

Red Thread IIII

A/N: I hadd to take some time for school, and I was so excited to give you guys this chapter because you guys have been so nice. So, here it is! All mistakes are my own, Constructive criticism is always welcome!  

Pairing: Hanzo/fem!reader

 Angela looked up when she heard the noise form the medical room. She took off her glasses then stood up and made her way to the room only to watch you run out of the medical ward in a frenzied hast. 

Angela ran after you out the door only to stop when she lost sight of you. The blonde ran back in and look at the three who were gaping in shock.

“What did you three do?!” she barked at the three making them flinch.

“Junkrat may have told her how long she has been comatose for…” Hana murmured as Angela’s eyes widen. 

“Do you know what you have done?!” The trio hung their heads. 

“Athena!” she shouted towards the roof.

“How can I be of service, Doctor?”

“Tell everyone our ward is on the loose! She is scared and more than likely cant see anything. Tell them to proceed with caution! Also, be mindful of touching her; her immune system is weak! She cant get sick, not now!” the doctor ran around collecting the things she would need when they had found you.

“C-can we help?” Jamison asked timidly. Angela gave them a look that they would never forget. “I believe the three of you have done enough!”

the member that we present at the base quickly dispersed after the message was delivered over the over-com to each member who was there. Genji left to look at the back of the base where it was mostly abandon. Although, it seem unlikely for you to be here it was better to look than not since no one had found you yet.

The entire area was dark, making Genji switch on his night vision on his visor as he walked though a door way with a large room. He looked around the room to find nothing disturbed other than a chair that looked like it had been run into.

He walked passed the chair towards the staircase that followed into the next room. He would have missed you completely if it wasn’t for the facted you sneezed..very loudly. The green man looked back at the junction of the stairs. You were backed up in a corner where the stair case met the wall.

You were hugging you knees, shaking making sniffing noises. Your white hair was still damp.

Slowly, but surly Genji made his way over to you. Cautious to not scare you but to make his presence known so you wouldn’t scamper off in fear.

“Please don’t come any closer..” it was just above a whisper but the green ninja had caught it.

“I’m not here to harm you.” he tried to assure but you didn’t acknowledge it. After some time you uttered nothing more, he pushed his chance to move closer. 

When he got close enough to your small form he sat down next to you, crossing his legs. You both sat in quite silence for some time before either of you said something. 

You looked over at him. He was wearing armor but it was too close to his figure to be armor. Not only that, he glowed with circular marks that were all over his body..

“Why are you wearing such tight, glowy armor?” you sniffed out staring at him with you head still on your knees. Genji turned his head to look at you; you had eyes of a blind man but if you could see him that could not be the case.

“This ‘armor” and I are one of the same person.”

“Like a parasite?” you asked innocently.

Genji let out a loud chuckle at your question. You were like a young child without the knowledge of the world you we currently in which was true in more was than one.

He answered. “No, it is my body.” 

“Like, a prosthetic?” you asked with wide eyes with the new knowledge.

“In a way but not to that extent.” You nodded at him. 

“Why are you sitting alone in here, you should be resting in the M. ward?” the man chided you.

Your eyes immediately started to tear up at his question. You then turned your head back into you knees. 

“I-I miss my family!” you croaked out into you knees loud enough for the man to hear you. He kept quiet so you could continue to vent.

“I wasn’t supposed to wake up 600 years later when I fell in! The proto didn’t have the power to kept up for that long, maybe only for a few days at most! The diamond couldn’t be sustained for that long!” you grabbed your face to hold it.

“I’ve woken up in a time that doesn’t belong to me! The people I cared for are long gone only I’ve been left behind!”You sobbed uncontrollably

“I-I feel so alone…”

Genji stared hard at you, he knew that feeling being in a place that you didn’t belong. Suddenly, the feeling of a hand encase around your shoulder to pull you close. 

“I may not know to the extent of the feeling you have of being alone but I do grasp the concept of it.” His hand rubbed your shoulder comfortingly. 

“I was, ah, how do you say it. The ‘black sheep’ of my family. I was alone even if my brother was there and we were close. I wanted something different than what my brother wanted. In turn I lost everything, even my body, but something gave me another chance. Even when i feel like I don’t belong. I always look at that second chance for comfort and I know I’m in the right place.” 

The man gently grabbed you left hand and brought it up to his visor to look at our finger. Even though he didn’t voice it, Genji knew where he had seen this color thread before.

“When we found you, this thread was sick, small, and barely hanging to life.” he put your hand back down and looked at you.

“Look at it now. It may be tangled but it is long; almost complete even. The color is returning at you get better. You might be in a world that isn’t your own but there is someone you is destine for you. Waiting for you. Along the way you’ll meet people..”

“The stinging of losing the people you love will never truly go away because they were there and you did love them. But it does get easier to cope with the loss.”  

You stared at this man. The wheels turning in your head at his words of wisdom that made out insides shake. he was right. 

You nodded at him and looked forward into the dark, the man did the same.

“uh..My name is Y/N” you spoke softly as you wiped your face of the tear marks.


“is your brother here? In this..base?

“No, I do not know where his is but i know he lives.” 

“whats is name?” you cautious asked.


“Hanzo” the name rolled off your tongue; it felt familiar.

The coldness of the room seeped into your clothing causing you to shiver. this escapade of yours wore you out. pain settled in you lower ligaments the cold making it numb but not enough to usher the pain away.

Genji hooked his arms around your legs then lifted himself with you in his arms off the ground. Once he was up he made his way out of the room back towards the medical ward.

You couldn’t see much, but after a long while you heard the swish of doors proceeded with a gasp. You turned your head over to see a man in a cowboy hat with a poncho with a dark haired woman in the room. 

Angela shot up off one of the chairs running over to you both. “Oh thank gott! What were you thinking?! You could have gotten hurt,caught a virus, or..or something bad could have happen!” She flung her arms in the arm while raising her voice higher and higher. 

You cringed at the loud noise but you felt as though you deserved it.. This woman had been nothing but kind to you and you took off. You could understand that she was upset.

The dark haired woman walked over the doctor grabbing her shoulders. “Angela,don’t be upset with her. She is in a hard place right now and you raising you voice isn’t going to help.” Angela let out a long sigh looking from her to you. 

“I apologize, I was just worried about you.” her brown eyes looked at you with sincerity. 

“I…I am sorry..I..”

“Now, enough of that darlin’. We know why you reacted the way you did and it isn’t your fault. No one would have reacted well with that type of information.” The cowboy walked over with a small smile. 

You looked at him for a long hard while. “I..I want to get better..”

The group seem to lighten up at your determination. “And…I would like to apologize to Hana for shoving her over.”

Angela clapped with joy as she watched Genji put you back in the bed“Yes! We can arrange that mien Liebling!” 

You looked over at her “Y/N…Please call me Y/N”