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Simplicité - Chapter 2 {Biadore}

This is a shorter chapter at 2.1k words, but it leads up to a beefy chapter 3 so be patient with me! I am sincerely sorry to any Courtney fans, because she is definitley written out of character in these first few chapters. I love her dearly so please don’t come for me. 😭 No TW’s other then extreme constructive crit. Enjoy!! 💕

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Vertigo, 01 - BTS Gang AU

Chapter Two

Warnings: None

Chapter Theme Song: I Can’t Handle Change by Roar

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Vertigo. By definition, this is a sensation of whirling and loss of balance. It is the flip of your stomach when standing on a ledge high in the air. It’s the tingling in your head when you stand up too quickly, and it is what you experience as you stand before Wings.

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What would you recommend wearing to go see a theatre?? Like something formal but still kinda casual?? I hope it makes sense 💕

oml this reminded me of bokjoo’s classical music date with the doctor from weight lifting fairy ; u ;


Fashion for a black Dragon (kurochi777)

Necklaces: $9.99 Two beautiful dragon necklaces. 

Claw Ring: $6.39 It has men’s ring sizes, by the way. 

Dragon Bracelet: $11.99 This bracelet is absolutely beautiful. It comes with a jewelry pouch, by the way. 

Dragon Shirt: $16.99 What a cool t-shirt! It also comes in white and heather blue. 

Scale Leggings: $10.99 I love these leggings! Unfortunately they are one size only, so check size before buying. 

Scale Booty Shorts: $9.99 If you are uncomfortable with showing this much skin, might I suggest wearing them under your clothes? 

Black Sequin Skirt: $34.90 It feels like scales! 

Scale Scarf: $14.99 With glitter! 

Hoodie: $24.99 It has rhinestones! 

The Waitress

The Waitress.

(i would appreciate if y'all take it easy on me lmaoo, it’s my first time doing this. let me know if you’d like me to continue the story)

The bright lights shining through the crystal glass windows and illuminating the street behind me, filled with pot holes full of water from it raining the night before. I look up at the nearly shaking walls of the club from the blaring music coming from the inside and let out a small shaky breathe, tugging the straps of my brown trench coat over my waist and tucking my hands under my armpits as my leg shakes nervously. I’ve been working at ‘The Laughter Box’. For a few months now after I turned 18 and needed a good job to pay for my college fee’s and apartment. Also i nearly forgot to mention, The club which is proudly owned by the Clown Prince himself, The King of Gotham city, and that’s right you guessed it folks. The One and Only, The Joker.

I can’t even remember how i found my self wandering through the wicked streets one day, walking into the thick scented place of tobacco, whiskey, and cologne and asking for a job. Me being new to Gotham i didn’t know better of who i would be working for one day, let alone nearly falling in love with in the future. After going through endless interviews with tall guys always in suits and having a cold scowl painted on their face, which may i add none of them were The Joker, i finally got the job mostly because of my body and my looks.

The job is great, I get paid well and the clothing there isn’t too revealing of my body. The body guards around the club always take care of the drunken idiots that have gone way over there limit and slips a few touches here and there which i am always grateful for that the guards are there.

I smile politely at the bouncer in the front of the club that’s holding back an endless line of eager people that are dying to get into the club, knowing how expensive it is to get in i can understand why they are so antsy to get in. Showing him my I.D and knowing my name is under the list of employees he lets me through with out a question, not even a glance towards my way as i hear some people groan. I push through some of the already sweaty and intoxicated bodies as people dance to the rhythm of the song playing, the DJ displayed on a stage that’s clear with steps and girls dancing around him. I mutter a small 'excuse me’s ’ as i make my way past the bar, waving to my good friend Derek who’s bartending. Once i slip my way to the back where some of the other Waitresses and Bartenders keep their coats and what not I hang up my trench coat on a hanger, my (your hair color or y/hc) crinkled up and pushed aside like a slight elegant and messy hairstyle, it falls effortlessly down my shoulders.

I grab a tray to hold my drinks and put on my name tag on. I look in a mirror one last time to look at my uniform which is a Black crop top that’s crossed over my cleavage which may i add is quite nice, the straps of my top 3 fingers wide and coming mid waist to show my slim body. A black and gold sequin skirt that hugs my hips tightly but nicely fitted and comes mid thigh with some black pumps.

I run a hand through my hair and close my eyes knowing that it’ll be a long night “ don’t worry (y/n), you can handle it like every other night” i whisper to myself. After my little pep talk to myself i groan and start to walk back out to the party, flashing a pearly white and toothy grin at people as i pass by and making my way over to the bar where Derek is. “well, don’t you look flattering (y/n)” Derek says as he pours a drink, smirking and looking over to me as he hands the glass full of mixed alcohol and points to the guy i’m suppose to deliver the drink too. I roll my eyes as i tug on the end of my skirt and let out a small chuckle “Thank you Derek but just because you have the same name as a hot doctor on Greys Anatomy, doesn’t mean you have to act like him either” I say laughing, seeing Derek’s mouth shape
into an 'o’ as he acts hurt.

He leans closer and looks up to the second floor where a wide glass window almost the size of a bus and nudges my shoulder, pointing up at it as i turn my gaze to it and see the gold drapes pulled back and a few buffed up men in suits with guns in their holsters. “Boss man is supposedly to be up there, he wanted to see the girls dance” Derek yells over the loud music, I swallow and lick my lips as my thoughts get the best of me and starts to wonder what he could possibly look like.

I’m quickly pulled out of my trance as Derek gives me a light shove “go on, do your job sweetheart” he says with a light chuckle and goes to the other side of the bar to take some more orders. I nod and start to make my way through the crowd, delivering a few drinks to some men and getting a few whistles here and there nothing too extreme or nothing i can’t handle. After maybe an hour or so i’m leaned up against the bar, talking to Derek as he gives me a few more drinks when i feel a tap on my shoulder. I narrow my eyes and turn around to see one of the dancers that are usually on, she’s a bit taller seeing as i’m only around 5'5 or 5'6 and she smiles sweetly at me “Hi there i’m sorry to interrupt your conversation but one of our dancers won’t be making it in and i really would appreciate if you could fill in, i could teach you the steps and i’ll set you up in one of the cages so you don’t bring too much attention if that’s okay” she explains, her fingers fidgeting with each other infront of her as she looks nervous. i lift one of my nicely shaped eyebrows and look a bit stunned “i mean, y-yeah i’m sure it’s okay” i stutter slightly, she squeals and claps and starts to drag me to the back of the club to get me dressed.

I follow closely behind as she has a tight grip on my hand, but my eyes automatically moving some where else and looking up at the office of Mistah J. Once i get to the Back of he club where a bunch of other dancers are finishing last minute touches i’m quickly put in a chair where girls start doing my make up. I sit there patiently as they add dark red lipstick to my plump lips, slight eye make up and some false eyelashes that are longer and more full. Once they are finished with that and not even bothering to make small talk they pull me up to my feet and hold different outfits to my body.

After what seems like hours the girl hands me a dark red dress that matches my lip stick, The dress coated in black glitter and has two slits up the thighs as it’s the same length of my skirt. The top is a low cute V and shows off my cleavage quite nicely again, they hand me some black heels and i slip them on. Trying to steady my balance and what not the girl that pulled me in here stands up on a counter and smiles wide with a nervous laugh “okay girls, We all know that this performance is more special since Mistah J will be watching. so please please do exactly what we did at rehearsals” she says and starts to step down “i don’t want to clean up another dead body” she mumbles as she walks away.

When i hear her my (e/c) big eyes widen more and i run a hand through my hair, it being a stress habit. A girl tugs on my hand and makes sure my gaze is focused on hers as she smiles “it’s okay, there’s a cage that we will put you in and you just have to dance and grind. you’ll do okay” she assures me and i nod again, actually speechless as she pats my shoulder and tells me to break a leg.

Once i get out there i look over at Derek, seeing him meet my eyes too his jaw drops and he leans forward against the bar. a slight blush creeping up on my cheeks i start to move my way to the center stage that lifts up in the air for the dancers. Once i get there one of the big guards help me up the steps, giving me a slight slap on the ass with a smirk. I let out a gasp and turn around to face him, crouching down and smiling innocently as i trail my finger against his sharp jaw “I don’t think your boss would really like to see one of his goons harassing the dancers sweetcheeks” i say, giving him a slight peck on the cheek as his smirk slowly fades and his eyes show fear. i start walking to a cage that holds at the end of the stage, trying to prepare myself for the night.

When i get inside the cage i lean against the gold bars and let out a sigh, running a hand through my hair again and thinking to myself 'what was i thinking! i don’t even know the guy’ I feel the cage start to rise making me jump a bit and i steady myself, looking down to see some of the other dancers already starting to move their hips. I wait till my cage has come to a halt before i start to dance, i look around me at all the people watching and slowly turn my head to look at he all too familiar window, those soft drapes still pulled back but now something catches my attention.

That bright green hair, so nearly slicked back and not a strand out of place. Those piercing blue eyes that hold so much evil and wicked thoughts behind them, the pale smooth skin almost like silk. And then i get to those cherry red covered lips, Slowly forming a mischievous smirk and showing off those shiny grills that make my whole heart stop. The Clown prince.

I quickly turn around to face the other cage that’s yards across from me and i close my eyes, feeling a slow and R&B type of song play that has lewd and erotic lyrics. I feel the beat take over my body now and not wanting to disappoint all the people watching i start to sway my hips slowly, bringing my back against the other bars of the cage and sliding down slowly, my legs slightly spread to give a slight tease. I dance and shake and sway my hips to the beat, sometimes facing Mistah J and seeing him bite his bottom lip. Making a shiver run through my body all i could think about is not tripping in these heels. I slide my soft hands along my soft smooth legs and thighs, running my finger tips along my body and through my hair as i close my eyes and enjoy the fun time i’m having.

After one song i feel my cage being brought down and i narrow my eyes, stopping and watching as the same goon that slapped my ass earlier talk into a phone. Once the cage is brought down and the guard opens the door i step it slowly, my hand being taken in his as he pulls me down and starts to drag me past the crowd to an elevator “excuse me, where are you taking me?” i ask astonished. But he simply ignores me, once we make it to the elevator he pulls me in and presses the button for the second floor.

I see him tugging on the collar of his blazer and see him gulp, my arms cross under my chest as i look down and think of what we could possibly be doing that would need me to go to the second floor, where the handsome psychopath is at. Unsure if i’m excited or more nervous i just bite the inside of my cheek and let my mind run. I hear a ding at i feel my self being snapped back into reality after thinking of what those sinful lips could do to me. The guard nods his head toward the large dark red french doors that has res lights at the top of me and nudges my back a little “Boss would like to see you” he mumbles. I let out a gasp as i look at him dumbfounded, my legs pulling me toward the doors slowly and feeling my fingers wrap around the cold metal handles. The guard quickly grabs it for me and opens it, My eyes looking up at him as i step in and turn my head to meet the eyes of The Clown himself, that same sexy smirk that was plastered on his face before.

hey there, kitten.