black screw

My TV screwed up with the show titles like

how can you screw up this bad

I dont even know what its suppossed to say



my personal favorite


look its my favorite super hero the chicken Spider-Man

how do you even screw up this badly????

like how even

orphan black???????


Idol stars choose a variety of hair colors to transform their image concepts for different albums. Yet not everyone succeeds in pulling it off. Park Jimin on the other hand not only makes it his own easily but also changes his whole aura. From gangster to erotic to sensible to even aristocratic attire, he switches between themes making his fans never able to get another bias it seems. So let’s track together Chimchim’s HAIR TIMELINE:

Black au naturel

  • Pre-debut fetus (Who knew this lil boy will be the death of many)

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Dark brown haired baby

  • June 2013 “No More Dream”, “We are bulletproof” and “N.O" (He got abs and cheeks you wanna pinch and love)

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Black haired cutie

  • January 2014 "Boy in Luv”, “Just One Day” in both Japanese and Korean versions (What happened? WHERE IS THE BABY?)

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Brown haired danger 

  • August 2014 to about beginning of June 2015 “Danger” (No comment … it was just RUDE to the chore)

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Red haired Jam

  • End June 2015 “Dope" (He got Jams and it’s strawberry -Imma make Jin proud with this line hahaha-)

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Ginger haired sunshine

  • November 2015 (his red hair faded) "Run” Korean and Japanese versions  (That hair + Jimin’s smile were something no one could resist)

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  • It was quite bright too

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Legendary Sexy Black

  • April to September 2016 Fire MV (It’s rumored to be one of the best ever, I mean, the boy looked soooooooooo fine: we had a sharp jawline, abs, hip thrusting, forehead, high notes ….)

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Silver haired royalty

  • October 2016 Blood, Sweat & Tears (Bow down and respect God’s creation)

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Blond haired angel

  • December 2016 end of the year award show (He wasn’t human, PERIOD)

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Pink haired mochi with a twist

  • January 2017 “Spring day” “Not today”. (He was VERY cute during Spring Day…

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  • And VERY disrespectful during Not Today?!!!!

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Silverish are you back? 

  • The start of March 2017. (He went back to a light silver brown kinda shade but it didn’t last long. That month he kept experiencing different shades. Thus Jimin’s stans suffered well).

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Brown haired confusion

  • End of March 2017. (back to brown for the wings tour and he kept trying all kind of shades of brown until now. Sometimes it was super light

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  • Other times, almost black but it’s not … black (btw, screw you snow filters for giving me fake hopes every time)

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  • Well … now death the comeback is near, and we have NO IDEA what to expect.  One thing for sure, a new Jimin is in the making and no Jimin can deceive. BRACE YOURSELF ARMY and RIP JIMIN STANS !!! 

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Shiro is actually Kaltenecker and here’s why

Okay to go more in depth with my original post on explaining why I think Shiro became Kaltenecker:

Kaltenecker was never necessary in the Space Mall episode. Sure he was chilling in the Earth store as a nod to “aliens abduct cows” or whatever, but the thing is the writers didn’t have to have the shopkeeper give the cow to Lance. In fact the only thing they needed to escape from the mall cop was the hoverboard the cow was on. So the writers could have just had the paladins take the hoverboard, but they took the cow as well. Why? Because Kaltenecker will play an important part in the following seasons.

We all know the clone Shiro theory that’s been drifting around and I totally believe that’s true. The thing I don’t agree how however, is where Black teleported Shiro. It widely accepted that Shiro got teleported to Matt but how “safe” is Matt’s location? He’s a rebel, he’s thrown into fights (as seen in the leaked clip). No the safest place to Black would be the castle ship. It has a somewhat functioning particle barrier and it’s where all the other paladins are. So maybe Black was trying to teleport Shiro into the Castle

But here is where the teleportation goes wrong. Zarkon corrupts the Black lion’s power, which causes a teleportation malfunction. As a result, Shiro does get teleported to the Castle - but now he’s inside Kaltenecker’s body. Basically, Shiro became a cow.

Why Kaltenecker? Well Shiro and Kaltenecker are really similar, which is why it was easier for the Shiro to be teleported into Kaltnecker’s body, rather than an inanimate object like a lamp or something.

  • They both have a black and white color scheme
  • Kaltenecker has a pink nose, Shiro has a pink scar on his nose. Coincidence??? I think not
  • The cow is a living vessel, unlike any other inanimate object

Jeremy Shada said it himself, Kaltenecker is coming back. But it makes no sense, why have the cow come back for no reason? For example, Coran has a bunch of Olkari cubes, but they haven’t come back this season. My point is, random little things from the show don’t come back without any reason. And Kaltenecker’s reason for coming back is because he’s actually Shiro. Kaltenecker’s main importance in season 4 will be the team trying to figure out how to remove Shiro from the cow.

Basically Shiro is possessing a cow’s body and can’t get help because no one can understand his moos.

Some more evidence

Now you may be saying “but we saw real Shiro fighting with Matt in that one leak!” And yes that’s true, but for all we know that can be clone Shiro fighting with him. You could argue that it’s real Shiro since he’s wearing the paladin armor, but Clone Shiro has his own black paladin armor too. He’s also seen wearing the armor in that Lance blushing leak. There is no evidence that says the Shiro that is fighting with Matt is the real one.

TLDR: The Black lion’s teleportation power screwed up and dumped Shiro’s consciousness into Kaltenecker so now Shiro is possessing a cow

i love this owl man and no one can change my mind