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Bardot Barstool & Chair by Gabriel Scott

Bardot is a modern yet timeless designed chair and barstool, created by Gabriel Scott. With a classy combination of black sheet metal, satin finished brass or copper and leather in Nude, Slate or Navy Blue it is a perfect elegant fit for every modern restaurant, bar or office.

Innocence Lost – part 2

I kinda knew that people would want a part 2 but it was 3am last night so I just thought I’d post that, so it’s only short ahahah sorry oh and sorry if it’s a let down I’m still not used to writing smut.
I’ve got quiet a few requests to do, but I will get round to them all soon, hopefully!
Warnings: smut

Part 1

The green haired clown picked you up out of the bath and walked you to his room, distracting with kisses so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
He laid you down on his black satin sheets and pulled away from you, wanting to look at your glistening wet body. His breathing became heavy at all the thoughts running through his mind.
You propped yourself up on your elbows and half smiled at him as he rubbed himself over you, feeling relieved that it wasn’t only you who had these feelings, he did to.

With an animalistic growl he lunged at you, kissing you hard until you were pinned against the mattress, his hands pulling your legs up so he could position himself between them.
“You promise I’m the first?” he growled in your ear.
“Yes, J” you replied shakily as he grabbed your throat with one hand.
“Good” he purred choking you lightly.

He attached his mouth to your nipple sucking and nipping at it with his teeth, he was loving seeing you whine and shiver under his touch. Without warning he slowly began to rub circles around your clit.
“F-fuck” you moaned letting out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding in, giggling at your own reaction.
“It’s alright kitten, let yourself go” he purred again before entering one finger deep inside of you, thrusting it inside of you a few times before adding another.
He kissed you softly to muffle your moans but you pulled away and looked at him in his baby blue eyes and smiled “I’m ready, J.”

A wicked grin spread across his face as he moved back to position himself at your entrance, you swallowed hard looking up at the tattooed torso as he wrapped your legs around his waist and placed his tip against your wet pussy.
“This might hurt” he said simply as he thrust himself all the way in you slowly, making sure you could feel every inch.
You gasped in the pain and pleasure of the new sensation, as he smiled down at you continuing to fuck you slowly.
He started to pick up his pace as he felt you move with him, pulling him closer to you with your legs.

The groan that he made sent your stomach flying, you couldn’t believe that this was happening. Leaning down he pulled you into a sloppy kiss as he continued to thrust himself into, whilst starting to rub your swollen clit again just as fast.
You threw your head back, making sounds that you didn’t know you could make. He was getting harder and faster and you couldn’t contain yourself.
“You gonna cum?” he panted.
Not being able to reply all you could do was nod, Mr J smiled against your neck nipping at the hickey he’d left once again.
Your legs began shaking and your toes began to curl, you screamed his name as he sent you over the edge. J roared feeling your walls clench around his dick sending him over the edge with you, his thrust became sloppy as he rode out both your orgasms. Eventually collapsing himself down next to you.

He grabbed your face and kissed you one last time.
“You good?” he asked.
“Yeah” you smiled, ignoring the slight pain you still felt.
“You’ll get used to it honey.”
You laughed nervously, does this mean that your his from now on? Because that’s all you wanted from the start.

Aesthetics For The Signs
  • Aries: (Bright Red, Orange, Black) fire, leather, roasted marshmallows, red lipstick, grapefruit, lava lamps
  • Taurus: (Brown, Green, Light Pink) coffee, paved streets, trees, pink roses, lilies, sweaters
  • Gemini: (Yellow, Grey, Light Green)
  • taxis, jackets, tornados, skylines, hourglasses, ice cream
  • Cancer: (Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink, Grey) ocean, pearls, tears, books, overcast, the moon
  • Leo: (Bright Pink, Bright Red, Gold) glitter, crowns, architecture, roses, jewelry, fireworks
  • Virgo: (Green, Brown, Grey)
  • organized desk, plants, cacti, forest, books, grey sky
  • Libra: (Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Purple) ballet, statues, macaroons, lipstick, swans, bubblegum
  • Scorpio: (Dark Red, Dark Grey, Black) combat boots, satin sheets, dark makeup, roses, cherries, dark water
  • Sagittarius: (Blue, Purple, Orange) fire, road/road signs, arrow tattoos, vinyl, mountains
  • Capricorn: (White, Tan, Black)
  • smoke, eyeliner, newspaper, coffee, organized desks, blackboards
  • Aquarius: (Electric Blue, Purple, Turquoise) electronics, neon, butterflies, aliens, feathers, jellyfish
  • Pisces: (Turquoise, Blue, Pastel Blue) painting, mosaic, fog, bedding, water, shells

illyrian-queen  asked:

Rhys. Duh


“Follow me to my bedroom,” Rhys says to you.

Holy shit, you think. Yea you love Rhys and it is Valentine’s Day, but you don’t want to go this quick. Not that you haven’t been thinking about getting it on in the sheets with him, running your hands on his muscled back. His soft lips on yours.

“I’m not going to bite,” he suddenly says, breaking your thoughts. Rhys smirks at the blush forming on your cheeks. “I just want to show you something you’ll like.”

Ok woah. You nod numbly, and take his outstretched hand in yours. Because fuck it, it’s Rhys and you trust him.

Rhys winnows you both. Suddenly, the lighting is dimmed, soft music playing in the background and a sweet smell invades your senses. You’re staring straight at a large bed, its’ satin sheets black, pillows and pillows piled on top of each other. You give a quick look at Rhys and find him staring at you, a playful smile on his lips.

“I’m sure the bed looks very comfortable darling, but that’s not what I had in mind for tonight.”

You nearly faint from the overwhelming amount of smut in the air.

Rhys gently holds onto your shoulders and turns your body the opposite way, to a shelve overflowing with books.

“Tonight, I’m going to read you my favourite book.”

A bubble of laughter escapes from your lips. This is definitely not what you had in mind. But you stare at the books, the love seat in front of it and the ripe assortments of fruit surrounding a chocolate fondue and it’s totally you. Then your eyes meet Rhys’ and he gives you the most sweetest of smiles. This is going to be one hell of a night.

Dark Side II pt.4

You were looking for a killer of 5 women who had mysterious marks on their neck and  you didn’t know that the murderer was closer than you thought…

Thanks for reading! ❤️‍

Vamp!Jungkookie x Reader

/ mature / mention of blood / death /

/ Prologue / Pt.1 / Pt.2 / Pt. 3 / Pt.4 / 

Time passed terribly slowly, every minute seemed to be a century. You forgot how sun looked like, your captors forbade you uncover the curtains, threatening lack of food. You’ve been stubborn, until one of them gave you a black eye.

“At least they keep their word.” you thought sarcastically, lying on the soft bed and stroking the black satin sheets. The air was musty but covered with cherry freshener, thin layer of dust appeared on the old furniture. A few days turned into a week, week into two weeks. You were like canary in the cage, slowly losing voice. You haven’t decided which side you want to be, good or bad, all day sleeping or crying, depended on the mood. But loneliness and eternal silence weren’t the worst.

Screams. Every night, every day. Freezing the blood in the veins, sobbing, begging for death, cries … They tortured you, killing young women behind your wall. Usually, they did it in the houses of victims but then decided to have fun with your psyche. Everything became a blurry picture, and you didn’t know what was real and what dream.

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Stiles and Derek sitting on their porch carving pumpkins  

Derek buying candy and Stiles eating all of it before kids come by

Derek dressing up as 60′s Batman. Stiles: “I can see your Halloweiner”

Making out in the dark watching zombie movies. Stiles: “The dead isnt the only thing thats rising”  

Derek putting black satin sheets on their bed. Stiles jumping in “Dick or Treat!!”

Stiles and Derek celebrating  ☆・゚:*нαΙΙощёёй*:゚・☆


“I didn’t know you liked kids,” Theo whispers to Madeleine.

“I didn’t know you had kids,” she counters.

“Kid. Singular. Just the one.”

“She’s very sweet.”

“You’re very sweet,” he smirks as his hand grazes against her lower back. “And I’m sure Lila is not the only one who would enjoy having you over tonight.”

“I know,” Madeleine nods solemnly. “And I’d really love to spend more time with Sully, but I need to be heading home. I’m expecting a phone call.”

“Call them back,” he replies, his smooth, sultry voice falling over her like black satin sheets.

“I really shouldn’t,” she breathes.

“At least come and eat dinner with us. Please?” Theodore implores. “For Lila?”

“Well…” Maddie hesitates, but glancing over at the child and her dog a small smile slowly creases the corners of her lips. “Okay. For Lila.”

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