black satchell

Feather-set’s Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers

This satchel idea was brought to me from a friend’s friend who went through a painful, abusive relationship. They left their harmful partner and wanted to find a way to protect themselves so that they can keep the ex-partner away. 

What it does: this satchel will help protect you from an ex-lover or abusive partner that you’ve decided to break contact with. This helps protect you from toxic people who might otherwise take advantage of or hurt you. 

Before making this satchel: make sure that you’re not going to allow your harmful ex back into your life. Don’t call them, text them, stop them on the street to say hello, etc. Do not allow them to puncture your space by any means. And if they do manage to come up to you, leave as soon as you can. 

What you’ll need:

  • A black satchel 
  • Rose stems with thorns 
  • Sea salt
  • Hematite, onyx, iron, or some black stones
  • Sage, rosemary, bay leaves (or two of these, or all three for maximum protection)
  • An item to represent you (charm, hair, clipped nails, personal trinket, etc)

Casting: You are free to cast the spell however you wish, though I would recommend burning a black candle while you put the items into the satchel, saying the intent of the pouch as you fill it. Chant something like 

This bag is my shield and these items keep it strong
All these things protect me from (name)’s wrongs

Everyone’s casting styles are different, so you are free to do your own version of whatever spell you want to accompany this. 

Meditate on the purpose of the satchel. Feel the powers of the herbs and stones protecting and holding the items that represents you; in turn, imagine your psychic shield wrapping around you, protecting you from the harmful person’s presence. 

Wear the satchel on you when you’re out or feel uncomfortable, until you feel safe and secure knowing they will no longer bother you ever again. 

Why I chose these items: I’m very fond of plant/herb magick and crystals, so there’s one. Salt is a very protective mineral that is very commonly used to ward off negative presences. Rosemary, sage, and bay leaves are also protective. Rose thorns are the shield that roses, the symbol of love and frailty. Hematite, onyx, and other dark crystals are protective, especially hematite. Black is a strong colour, and is very defiant and protective. 

Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P.1

Warning: none

Word count:1014

Request: nah just a story I’ve been making up in my head and decided to share

A/N: So this is just a story/fantasy that I’ve been building in my mind and decided that it’s ready to put into words there are multiple parts next update should be up by Saturday. This is a Pan imagine, fanfic, smut whatever you want to call it but there is not smut, yet. This is just the intro, Pan isn’t even in this yet, sorry. But this is in the OUAT universe.


I wake up suddenly feeling sick to my stomach and my head pounding. I look around and see nothing but ocean for miles, it’s already night and I have no idea how I got here. I begin to panic causing a wave of nausea to wash over me. I lay on the plank face down throwing up into the dark water. I begin to cry and curl up into a ball on the rough scratchy wood. “I want to go home.” I whispered and cried my self to sleep that night.

I woke up suddenly when I felt I was no longer bobbing up and down. I groggily sat up and looked around at my new surroundings. I was on a beach and not to far up the coast I could hear slurred shouting and cheers I looked to my left to see a dock full of ships. What the hell? I stood up causing a head rush to nock me off balance. I quickly tried to steady myself so I wouldn’t throw up again. Once I was solid on my feet I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I then opened my eyes and began walking toward the sea side town. As I got closer I could smell the rotten stench of rum and sweat the odor alone caused my stomach to churn. But I continued on hoping I could find an adult that’ll let me borrow their phone. I walked into the town and was confused to say the least. Everyone was dressed up as pirates the men all had beer bellies and the women all wore dresses from the colonial age. They were all sloppy and gross, they all seemed as if they’ve never seen a shower in their life, and the worst part was they were all drunk. My first instinct was to walk through with my head down maybe they won’t bother me but then I looked down at my own clothes. I was dressed in skinny jeans a black tank top and black converse, not the kind of attire for a girl that would blend in with this crowd.

Then I heard someone shout in my direction “Oi!” I looked up and saw a larger drunk women came walking my way, my eyes widened in shock and I almost made a run for it but I was frozen. “You, ‘ello love, you alright?” She asked she seemed generally concerned and i just shook my head. “Yeah unless you want Cap'in to getcha you should not be dressed like that.” She said waving a finger over my body her words slurred and hard to understand through her thick British accent. I cleared my throat,“Uhm, I’m sorry. Captain?” She laughed a high shrill laugh that caused a sharp pain to go through my head. “Cap'in Hook ‘course who'da think?” She asked while linking arms with me and pulling me along through the town. “It’s alright deary I’ll getcha a noice dress and you won’t look like no lost boy no more.” She said her grammar literally made my headache intensify. And what the hell is a lost boy. I didn’t say anything as she pulled me into a run down boutique as soon as we entered she left my side and went hunting for the dress that would, to use her words, ‘The dress that’ll make ya look da most plump’. Minuets later she came back with a pile of red and black cloth. “This should fit jus fine, ‘ere ya go. Go on see how it fits.” She shooed me to a cleared out corner after dumping the heavy load in my arms. She stared at me and I just looked back confused, after a second she let out a huff. “Alright I’ll turn around,” she said spinning in the opposite direction, “but surely there’s nothing to be ‘barrassed bout, a sweet lil tiny thing like yourself.” She said as I took off my shirt I looked down at myself furrowing my eyebrows. Obviously I’m not as “plump” as her but I’m proud of what, little, I have. I shook my head to clear the thoughts. I hate dresses so I left my pants on as I put the large skirt on over them. “Uhm do you think you could help me with this part?” I ask and she turns around taking the corset that I was holding out. “Sure thing deary, but going to have to loose that…thing.” She said pointing at my bra with an odd look. I pouted but unhooked it anyway letting it fall to the floor. She walked behind me and wrapped the itchy cloth around my top half.

“Alright, so w-why,” I began but was cut off with a tight tug causing me to let out a sharp gasp. “Why is this necessary?” I ask letting out heavy breaths trying to get oxygen to my lungs. “Well Cap'in ain’t to fond of lost boys.” She explained tightening the death trap even more. “I’m, ugh, not a… lost boy” I said my words staggering through heavy breaths. “If ya are or not don’t make to much a difference to Cap'in. You young and you dressed like one.” She said as she finished lacing up the corset. “There ya go how ya feel?” She asks I take deep even breaths letting my lungs get used to the restraint. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m good.” I said turning to face her. “Ya look good too.” She said winking. I picked up my shirt and bra and followed her as she walked to the other side of the boutique she picked out a pair of black heeled boots and handed them over to me then a big black satchel. I removed my converse putting them in the satchel with the rest of my clothes and put on the boots. I wobbled a bit as I stood up, even though the heel is only about 2 inches. “Alright deary time for me to show ya ‘round.” She said linking arms with me once more.

Today In History

‘Leroy “Satchel” Paige, the first Negro League player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, was born in Mobile, AL, on this date July 7, 1906. Paige signed with the Cleveland Indians on this date in 1948 and two days later became the oldest rookie and the first Black to pitch in an American League baseball game.’

(photo: Leroy “Satchel” Paige)

- CARTER Magazine

To Create an Ink for Necromancy:

Taught to me by the Geist, Morigan Gwen.
To be done on the day and in the hours of mercury, when the moon is waning, and out of sight from the sun.
Take a hand-full of fat, trimmed of all flesh, and wrap it in good cotton or linen.
The mage then digs a hole a foot into the earth, and a foot across it in all directions, then lines it with smooth stones. Up on the stones they lay kindling and set a small blaze, ensuring it is strong, but not high.
They then stir the coals and embers, and push them aside, and onto the hot stones the necromancer gently lays the fat parcel and covers it thinly in embers and coals.
A thick black smoke will come from the pit, and the necromancer will use a propped cauldron or metal bowl the catch the soot that comes from it, being most careful not to smother the flames.
When the fire dies out, the witch takes the bowl and scrapes the soot into another metal bowl.
Into the bowl they add a half spoon or so of ethyl alcohol, or otherwise strong wine or vodka, and a few drops of water. It is stirred well, and should there be soot left out of the solution, the mage will add more alcohol, in small drops.
And Thirteen drops between the necromancer’s blood and Mullein oil are added, that is to say 1:12, 2:11, 3:10 and any other combination that would result in a total of 13 drops, as Thirteen is the number of the dead and all their domains. The blood makes for good tribute, and the oil a good essence to both thicken the mix and give it good properties.
It is then stirred, poured off, strained, bottled, and bagged in a black satchel, that the envious sun should never see it, lest it steal it’s properties and burn away it’s enchantment.

Best of luck

The Sleepover

A Joshaya Fanfic (with a touch of Rucas!)

Story by: @hoffkk

Summary:  Josh makes a surprise visit and decides to stay the night, crashing a sleepover between Riley and Maya.  With the parents away and another special visitor joining in on the fun, a friendly game night becomes much more intense.  Sparks fly, emotions run high, and suddenly all bets are off.

Notes: I do not own these characters or anything GMW/BMW related….I just love them to death!  I hope you all enjoy this story!  Let me know what you think!


It was a quiet night. Auggie was sitting at the end of the coffee table drawing pictures with his new set of colored pencils, while Riley was hanging upside down on the couch playing Ninja Fruit on her phone. With her back against the seat cushion, feet tangling over the back of the couch, and hair hanging down and splayed all over the floor, Riley was slicing her way to a new high score when they heard a quick knock at the door, followed by the sound of it being thrown open only to find one of their favorite relatives standing in the threshold.

“Muh family!” Josh called out.

“Josh!” Auggie exclaimed as he ran across the room to hug his uncle.

“Hey!” Riley called, before flipping her legs over her head and landing on her knees in front of the small, round coffee table, which Auggie had been sitting at with a loud Oomph!  Wiping the hair out of her face, she sprang on to the balls of her feet, extended her arms out like she was ready to karate chop someone, and yelled, “I’m a ninja!”

Josh just stood there with his arm around Auggie and an amused look on his face as he replied, “I can see that.”

“Yeah…you should stick to fruit.”  Auggie added dryly, referring to her recent obsession with the app, she had been playing.

Riley straightened herself, pushing some hair behind her ear as she rolled her eyes at her brother. Then, with a smile on her face, she spoke.

“It’s good to see you, Uncle Josh.”

“You too.” He said, chuckling softly.

“So, what brings you here?”  Riley asked.

“I had to take care of some things at NYU, so I figured I would just come surprise you guys and stay the night.”

“You’re sleeping over?!”  Auggie asked excitedly.

“Yep.”  Josh answered, holding up the black duffle bag he had been clutching in his other hand, that wasn’t around his nephew’s shoulders, as proof.

“Yes!” Auggie shouted, making a “cha-ching” gesture with both of his little arms.

“Aw, you’re here and staying the night?  Yay!”  Riley said, clapping cheerfully.  Then suddenly, something clicked in Riley’s head, causing her eyes to widen. “Wait… you’re here and staying the night?  Oh, no…”  She trailed off, worry evident on her face.  

“Um… are you happy about it or not?  I’m a little confused.”  Josh responded, his brow still furrowed from his niece’s words.

“Of course, I am.” Riley assured.  "I just… I’ll be right back.“  She finished quickly with a tentative smile, then grabbed her phone from the couch and scurried down the hall to her bedroom.

"Did that make sense to you?”  Josh questioned, turning to Auggie.

“Nope,” Auggie stated. "But she never makes sense to me.”  He finished with a shrug of his shoulders, then went back over to where he had left his art supplies and proceeded to show Josh all of the drawings he had done.

Josh praised his nephew’s talent all the while wondering what the heck was going on with his niece.


Riley was pacing across the open space in her room between her bed and the bay window as she dialed Maya’s number for the third time.

“Come on!  Pick up!”  Riley pleaded into the phone, hoping to get a hold of her friend before it was too late.  Maya was due to arrive any time now for their own sleepover, but now that Josh was here to stay the night, Riley wasn’t so sure Maya coming over was the best idea, especially since the last time they had seen each other was the morning after that college party she and Maya had crashed to “save” Josh.  The two of them had ended things on seemingly good terms, but that didn’t mean that having them both over wouldn’t be awkward for everyone involved.  Suddenly the ringing stopped and Maya’s voice flowed through the phone.

“Hey, Riles, what’s up?”  She greeted.

“Maya, hey…” Riley trailed off, not knowing exactly what to say.  She knew that honesty was the best policy, but she didn’t want to hurt Maya with the truth.  She was weighing her options in silence when Maya spoke up again.

“Riley?  You still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. It’s just- I don’t think tonight is gonna work out for our sleepover.”  Riley told her.

“Why not?” Maya said, utterly confused.  They had been planning this night all week and had so been looking forward to it.

“Because…I’m feeling a little under the weather.”  Riley lied. She hated lying, but she hated how emotional Maya could get over Josh even more, not that it was her fault exactly. You can’t help the way you feel, right? “Yeah, uh, my stomach feels queasy… I’m lying in bed as we speak.”  She added to her lie.

“Oh really?” Maya replied, sounding unconvinced. “Cause you look fine to me… cute top by the way.”

“Oh, thanks!” Riley beamed, coming to a halt, facing her bed, and smoothing out her top, a tie-dye tank with fringe at the bottom and a silver sequent peace sign on the front of it.  "I got it- wait…how did you-“

"Turn around, honey.”  Maya cut off her friend’s question.

Riley turned around and saw Maya in her window, waving and smirking at her as she held her cell phone to her ear.  She just waved back and smiled sheepishly, giving a little wave of her own as she said, “Hiiiii.”

Instead of responding, Maya decided to just end the call, tossing her phone into the front pocket of her large, purple and black satchel, which hung across her body securely.  It was technically her book bag for school, but since she was never one to bring books home, it was mostly used as a sleepover bag.  Meanwhile, Riley had tossed her phone onto her bed, and unlocked the window, allowing Maya to gain entry to her room.

After closing the window, Riley took a seat on her bench next to Maya who had just discarded her bag on the floor.

“Look,” Riley began. "I am so sorry for lying to you like that.  Are you mad at me?”

“I’m a lot of things right now, mostly surprised and confused, but mad?  No, I’m not mad at you, Riles.”  Maya replied.

“Really?” Riley queried, glad that she didn’t seem to upset her friend too much with her fib.

“Really.” Maya confirmed.  "I know you, Riley.  You wouldn’t lie to anyone, especially me, if you didn’t have a really good reason.“

"You’re right, and I do.”  Riley nodded curtly as she spoke her words seriously.

“So what is it?” Maya wondered aloud.

Riley took a deep breath before launching into what was, no doubt, a touchy subject for Maya:  Uncle Josh.

“Josh is here. He made a surprise visit and is staying the night.”  She explained.

“Oh.”  Maya said casually, trying to remain indifferent to the situation.

“I should have just told you that from the beginning.”  Riley responded as she pushed some of her long brown locks back behind her ear.

“So, why didn’t you?”  Maya asked curiously.

“I don’t know.  I guess, I thought I was protecting you.” Riley tried to explain.

“Protecting me? From what?”  Maya probed further.

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Steel Panther at Sound Academy (Part 1)

Toronto. May 22 2015.

My first Steel Panther show…the boys did not disappoint!

Forgive me… I’m more or less a Tumblr virgin. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. :P

I think I’ve figured out my way around…!

Part 2: here.

i love when people draw percy w approximately one mBillion pouches/pockets because this overprepared motherfucker…. hes got everything dude……. in a modern au he would have a like plain black satchel with purple/blue and gold and literally anything vm could ask for is in there. textbook? yep. silverware? yep, and suspiciously nice silverware to boot. pepperspray? two kinds and a pocketknife. bandages. spare gloves. a coffee mug. three separate screwdrivers. pads. safety pins. one (1) bullet. a fucking quill. one of pikes headbands. yarn. he doesnt even knit.

Rush Hour Crush

Title: Rush Hour Crush
Pairing: Ren / Aoba
Rating: Explicit
Kinks: Chikan (train), Public Sex, Molestation 

Missing the last train home is bad enough - but to miss it on your birthday? Deflated, Aoba resigns himself to the crowded carriages. Pressed against the door he gazes out at the passing scenery with disinterest… that is, until a hand brushes against his backside. Shaking it off as an accident Aoba does nothing.

But things quickly heat up, and it becomes a journey home like no other…

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Power of Three (5.21 AU)

For @the-notsoevil-queen, @ginaandrobbie, for @the-alpha-incipiens who, long ago, requested something with page twenty-three, and for @theonewithoutaclue . Tagging @technicallypsychiccupcake and @storiesseldomtold because ILY guys.

5.21 Alternate Ending | OQ + CS + WickedQueen | 2k words

When Emma entered the Mayor’s office, she would never have expected the sight in front of her eyes – Zelena was sobbing, clinging to Regina, who was instead crying silently – Robin was lying next to them, eyes closed.

“What the hell?”

The only answer she got, were louder sobs from Zelena. Regina looked at her – in her eyes, something was off, as if a flame had stopped burning.

“Hades…” she motioned towards Robin’s lifeless body, Emma was already kneeling and placing two finger on his neck – no pulse.

“… and he tried to kill me too,” Regina sniffed – and Emma felt tears prickle in her eyes, because Regina’s voice was too quiet, broken.

“…and then… Zelena stabbed him with the crystal,” she murmured, and now Emma could understand why Zelena was crying so desperately.

She suddenly looked up. “Regina, split your heart!” she exclaimed, surprised that the queen hadn’t already done it.

“It’s no use,” a lonely tear fell down. “His… his soul has been erased, Emma!”


“The… the crystal, it deletes one’s soul, I can’t bring him back!”

“Oh my god,” Emma’s hand flew to cover her mouth. “But…”

“No buts,” Regina cut short, in a blunt attempt of putting her conceal-don’t-feel mask on. “That’s what happens when someone loves me, Emma. They get hurt. Surely you remember of Camelot? Of the ball, of the dreamcatcher? Of Daniel?” She was hissing between her teeth now, and Emma flinched at her surge of anger.

Regina got up, squeezing her sister’s hand one last time – Zelena was staring at the floor, a blank expression had replaced her tears – and reached the Mayor’s desk, opened a drawer and pulled out something familiar.

She turned, and unfolded page twenty-three in front of her eyes. “This? This was a cruel joke, Miss Swan, as I’ve told you before,” she exclaimed, fingers clenching around the paper. “This whole soulmate thing was a cruel joke. He didn’t deserve this, and certainly not for me,” she spat out – Emma stared at her, concerned, as she began pacing. “Because Roland – and the baby –” she gestured towards the crib, suddenly speechless, and slammed the page back on her desk.

“Regina – what do you mean, his soul has been erased?”

“Haven’t you your father’s wit?” she said angrily. “No Underworld, no Heaven, nothing, it’s like – like he has never existed! It’s like when – ”

Emma looked at her intently – she had stopped in the middle of a sentence, her gaze lost somewhere, as if she was remembering something.

“When what?”

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Hi my name is Elphaba Dark'ness Dementia Raven Thropp and I have long raven black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy brown eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like the Kubric Witch (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to the Wizard but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a Munchkinlander but my legs are long and thin. I have pale green skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a school called Shiz in Gillikin where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a blue overcoat with a blue beanie a brown satchel and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, green foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Shiz. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Not A Fairytale - Prince Calum Hood au

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever I’ve been really busy with exams coming up and I have had this written for a while but was never able to post it.

Anyway I hope you like this (it’s my first Calum one so I’m exciting)

This was requested by an adorable anon and will most likely be continued

Let me know what you think and please keep requesting

Love Audrey

Y/N=Your Name

Y/BF/N=Your Best Friend’s Name

This is similar to the type of dress Y/N would be wearing (I don’t own this photo)

I watched as the flames lit up the village helplessly. I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes as the heat from the fire radiated against the glass windows while I watched my beautiful kingdom burn down. The kingdom that in a few years will be mine to rule… Would have been mine to rule. The smoke from the burning homes began to cover up my view and within moments it was all I could see.

My bedroom door burst open and I turned to see my mother, she was panting heavily and her crown was slightly crooked, I’d never seen her in a state like this before. She ran towards me, lifting the skirt of her heavy gown up to make it easier to move. She grabbed my hands and looked at me with tears threatening to spill from her eyes “Y/N, my dear, I’m sorry but you need to leave” she said as she turned away. I looked at my feet, knowing nothing I could say would change anything “You must understand, it’s for your own good” she said as I felt her turn to face me again “Yes mother, I understand” I said quietly. “I’ll have your Lady in waiting prepare you a suitcase, you’re leaving immediately” she said before hurriedly leaving the room. I sighed and proceeded to walk towards my bed and sitting on it, I glanced over towards where the dozens of cushions lay as I thought that this may be the last time I ever sit on this bed.

In a frenzy, my Lady in waiting ran over to me “your highness, I’m so sorry to hear of the news” she said softly, “oh Y/BF/N” I cried as I hugged her. “It will be okay Princess, here let me pack your bag, might I remind you that we need to get you out immediately before the attack reaches the castle” she said before swiftly walking over to my large wardrobe and pulling out several gowns and pairs of shoes and packed them into a bulky trunk. Once she was done, she brought out a long black cloak with a hood that would completely cover me as I moved through the darkness of the night. I placed the cloak on and followed Y/BF/N out of the room and out of the castle.

Once we were out on the street, I held part of the cloak to the lower half of me face to keep myself from breathing in the thick smoke. A carriage appeared out of the darkness and Y/BF/N guided me to enter it, however she did not enter the carriage with me. “The Queen doesn’t know I’m doing this but I got you this” she said as she handed me a black leather satchel “it contains some things I thought you might need, be safe and good luck” she whispered before leaving quickly. I called out to her but she had disappeared and before I knew it, the carriage had left and the journey began. I didn’t know where I was going, all I knew was that I was escaping my once beautiful kingdom.

I cried the entire journey, I cried for my mother who only wanted to keep me safe, I cried for my father who had left early in the night to lead his army against the soldiers who attacked the village and I cried for Y/BF/N, who had no way of escaping the conflict. I cried so much that I fell asleep from emotional exhaustion.

I was awoken when I felt the carriage pull to a harsh halt. I was about to ask the driver what had happened when I heard something land on the roof of the carriage, something big. I froze as I looked up at the roof, I knew what was happening, we were being attacked. I heard a muffled conversation coming from outside and I tried to make out what they were saying, “What’s inside of this carriage?” a voice demanded “No-nothing, I swear, I-I just dropped off supplies” I heard the driver nervously say, from what I could gather I suspect a weapon was being held to his throat. “Well, if you didn’t know, the Princess of the Kingdom just north from here managed to escape before we could get to her. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” the other voice said aggressively “N-no, I don’t know anything” the driver quivered. “Check the carriage!” the voice called out, a broke out of my frozen state and came back to reality. They were going to find me, I had to get out without being caught. Without thinking I had quickly put Y/BF/N’s satchel over my shoulder and lifted my hood to cover my face. As soon as the carriage door had barged open, I kicked down the man who opened it and ran to one of the horses pulling the coach and released it from the being connected to the rest of the transport and mounted it, hurriedly fleeing the seen.

“After her” the same voice called out, they chased after me for miles but luckily I knew this land like the back of my hand and I managed to hide in a concealed cove. I waited there for God knows how long before I had determined that it was safe to move and I removed my hood. I stepped down from the horse and looked at the surroundings, it was full of greenery, beautiful flowers and colours and had small but beautiful little stream that reflected the moonlight and stars which brought a surprising amount of light to the cove. It was something that I had only read about in books as I had never been allowed to leave the castle unless it was to visit the neighbouring kingdoms or when my father and I would ride our horses and he would show me our land until I had memorised every single part that we owned.

I felt my eyes grow tired and my stomach ache with hunger but I ignored and sat by the stream, admiring it delicately. I then remembered the satchel the was still hanging off my shoulders, I decided to go through what Y/BF/N had given me. I emptied it out one item at a time, there were leather gloves, a small sack of gold coins (which were worth more than you may think), a drink flask which was full of clean water and a dagger. Seeing the dagger was what made me realise how real my situation was, my kingdom really was destroyed and I really was on the run. I realised how once the sun had risen, I would be easily recognised.

I took my hair out of it’s fancy braid and only left the front pieces tied back in a plait at the back of my head while the rest of my hair was left out. I swapped my long and elegant white gloves for the short, black leather ones that Y/BF/N had given me. I finally brought the dagger up to my waist and began to cut away at the outside layer of my large gown, leaving it with a flatter, white layer on the outside like many peasants in my kingdom would wear. I finally removed my tiara and placed it inside my satchel, not wearing it felt foreign, I almost felt naked without it.

I decided to leave the cove whilst still in the middle of the night, I brought the horse to water and made sure it had a large drink before we left. I looked at the horse’s harness and discovered that it had the royal crest on it, I swiftly brought up my dagger and removed it, tossing it into the shrubbery.

I decided to walk as far as I could on foot, pulling the horse along with me. I walked through the forest and it wasn’t long until I saw light, it was a fire. My curiosity had gotten the best of me and I walked towards it, leaving the horse to graze around. I crept slowly towards the light as I heard voices. I found the source of the light to be a campfire and I hid behind a nearby tree, only peeking my eyes out. The campfire was the centre of a group of young men, I let out a small gasp ‘The Army’ I thought. I heard twig snap behind me before a knife was being held against my throat “didn’t anyone tell you it was rude to spy on people” a voice growled, I recognised the voice; it was the same person from the carriage. I stiffened with fear “it’s also rude to not answer someone when they ask you a question” the voice said before turning me around to face him, the firelight illuminating just enough to make out his features. I was facing a boy who would have been close to my age, his eyes widened and lips parted as he stared at me, then he shook his head and gave me a cold and aggressive glare. I couldn’t speak for a moment, I just stared at him, he had perfectly tanned skin and messy brown hair and enchanting brown eyes and-wait stop! No! I can’t find him attractive he’s a bad person I need to stop! He’s holding a knife to your god damn throat Y/N!

“Did anyone ever tell you it’s rude to hold knives to girl’s throats” I said trying to be confident. “You didn’t answer my question!” he said through gritted teeth, “And you didn’t answer mine” I replied. He opened his mouth to say something else but he’s cut off “Prince Calum what happened? Is everything okay?” a tall blonde boy asked as he approached us, the knife still against my throat as I was pressed to a tree. “Everything is fine, I was just about to take care of a little intruder” he said looking me up and down, the other boy walked away, “you won’t kill me” I muttered. “Why wouldn’t I?” he said tilting his head smugly “Because I’m the only one who can help you find the Princess” he froze “wha-” he said but I had already managed to push him to the ground and hold own knife to his throat. “The first thing I need to know is, do you need her dead or alive?” I asked with a serious face. “Alive” he gasped, I removed the knife from his throat and helped him up “why did you let me live? How do I know to trust you?” he said rubbing his hand against his throat. “I let you live because I’ll only help you if you guarantee me protection, you’ll trust me because you have no other choice.” I said as I handed him back the knife “Do we have a deal?” I asked, “What’s your name?” he said suspiciously “Cecelia” I lied (if that’s your name, just use a different fancy sounding name), “Cecelia, we have a deal” he said shaking my hand.

You may be wondering why I didn’t just kill him, why I said I help him find someone who is actually me. I’ll give you an answer, when you’re a Princess you are taught different things to everyone else, social graces, etiquette and most importantly, how to pull all the strings behind the scenes in war and other conflicts. One of the main things my mother told me was “Killing a man is painful for a moment, but then he dies and he doesn’t live anymore. Breaking a man’s heart is worse, he has to live with that pain for the rest of his life.” And that is exactly what I’m going to do.