little snippet from a prompt for @redwhale i’m working on, which is slow in coming together :’D but i’m getting there!

At Eton, Thomas learnt to touch boys.

He couldn’t leave his fingerprints as visibly as he would have liked, but he knew them in furtive glances across crowded rooms, in collars pulled up secretively and in remarks hiding double meanings known only to himself.

Thomas never stopped prying at things other people did not want touched, dissecting ignorance and false beliefs and making more enemies than friends with his combative nature. He split open falsehoods and backwards thinking, bursting them like rotten fruit, and ended up turning away a number of boys the taste of whom was still fresh on his tongue. Rare was the companion that relished his ruthless questioning as much as the other things his mouth could do.

“You are the bravest person I have ever known, the truest person I have ever known, and I betrayed you and it sickens me. I am so sorry for working so hard to protect the wrong things, for failing to see that there is nothing important that does not include you.”


char7  asked:

Crack pairing for Black Sails -- Billy/Vane (smut), Miranda/Teach (anything with them).

(I might go with Billy/Vane separately because I am INTO anything with Miranda tbh, she doesn’t get enough love in this fandom and it hurts)

Their first meeting is a mess of shouting on Miranda’s part and bashful silence on Teach’s. She tears into him like a ravenous wolf, her words like knives as she accuses him of causing damage much further than he could ever have predicted. 

And she is beautiful as she does so. Her deep brown eyes blaze and her cheeks are flushed and all Edward wants to do is take her hand and kiss her. 

He doesn’t still her or demand her silence. He lets her rave, lets her jab her fingers at him, to shout until her voice is hoarse-

She sighs, a broken sound that tugs at his heart, and sags as the fight leaves her. 

When she speaks next it’s in a husky voice that makes his breath catch. “I know it isn’t caused by a single man… But in the absence of the man who caused the most damage I will tell you what I think. I lost my husband to this- this place, and I’ve lost the love of my life, too.”

Teach stops short at that, brow creasing. “Your..?”

“James. He isn’t the man he was. I see more of his old self in you than in him,” she continues, her eyes roaming over his form and it makes him suck in a breath. She reaches for him, touching the butt of the gun at his hip. “Stern but sure, a softness you try to hide, but a darkness that lurks underneath…” Her hands drift to his chest and press. 

“Ms Barlow,” he starts, “I’m not sure this is the wisest decision.”

He wants to touch her, to have her touch him but there is the matter of Captain Flint to consider. But when she leans against him he forgets the other man entirely.