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for the h/c promps, I'm intrigued with what you might do with this: 17. “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Okay, I haven’t forgotten about these, I swear. I still got one more to do. But here you go @jadedbirch!

I was pissed about this one because it seemed the only way to do it was with a modern AU and i really didn’t want to do that and I mentioned that to El​ and she was just like “Well maybe one of them could say it in a letter.”

“Nah,” said I, “Ima put Flint in a hole.”

note: this is set in the orange universe because i felt guilty about putting canon flint in a hole, he’s been through so much. orange!flint is a loved yet grumpy farmer. in the hole he goes. if you haven’t read that, here’s a summary: they grow oranges, and have sex. 

also happy birthday @ellelan!

17. “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Flint had never dealt with a hurricane on land. The storms he’d weathered on ships had been frightening, ferocious things, and he’d nearly lost his life on more than one occasion, but it was still preferable to this. At least he’d had things to do.

Sitting in the small cellar beneath his house, ceilings too low to even stand, listening to the storm tearing apart his orange grove with absolutely nothing to stop it – it was a nightmare.

“It’ll be fine,” said Silver. He had yet to let go of Flint’s wrist. “The wind’s just going to knock all the oranges from their branches, and you’ll just have less work to do.”

“That’s the opposite of what I want,” Flint said.

Silver thought about that. “Well, picking them all up off the ground will take a lot of time, most likely.”

Flint did feel better. For a moment.

“I hope the money doesn’t get blown away,” he said idly, listening to the thin wooden door above them rattle with the wind.

Silver said nothing, but it took Flint tugging at his shirt with both hands and the two dozen cats screaming at his foot to get him to sit back down and not go racing into the storm.

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The Litany of Touches - ElDiablito_SF - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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John Silver has never been touched this way before, and now he isn’t sure that he can go without it.

@silversflint HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL BABE!  I know it’s middle of the night where you are, but it counts <3

Rockstars with Poodles - ElDiablito_SF, Zoi no miko (zoi_no_miko) - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Rock Band, Poodles

Flint’s the rockstar. When the coolest rockstar wants to be your friend, no matter what you said about it before, he kind of goes like “Yeah, I’m gonna be buddies with him. The coolest rockstar in pirate town.“ - Luke Arnold


Chapter 2:  Part Deux of @ellelan​‘s birthday gift

Kudos to Black Sails for taking a show that could have so easily been a testosterone party, and making it into one of the best shows in regards to representation. The character who has the most power is a queer WOC, three BAMF female characters make up the main group. These three leading ladies are in a love triangle of sorts. The women who work in the brothel are shown to be smart and witty. One of the main male pirates is gay. The straight, white male, pin up, was the one killed off. This show just proves that you can have diversity across the board and that it doesn’t limit the story or popularity.


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