Kudos to Black Sails for taking a show that could have so easily been a testosterone party, and making it into one of the best shows in regards to representation. The character who has the most power is a queer WOC, three BAMF female characters make up the main group. These three leading ladies are in a love triangle of sorts. The women who work in the brothel are shown to be smart and witty. One of the main male pirates is gay. The straight, white male, pin up, was the one killed off. This show just proves that you can have diversity across the board and that it doesn’t limit the story or popularity.

Flint brings out the villain in Silver. 

Silver brings out the person in Flint. 

Like, Flint is finding James McGraw again, the man who spent all that time with Thomas in his study, while John is now finding Long John Silver, the pirate king who will stamp in another man’s head. The pair are parallel stories going in the wrong direction. One is reclaiming his personhood, while the other is relinquishing his to become a myth.

Long John Silver is destined to better Flint, becoming the most feared pirate on the seven seas (in Treasure Island, Billy has a heart attack and dies at the thought of Silver looking for him. Ironic, seeing as Billy starts the Long John Silver myth). He is destined to become the only man Flint ever feared. 

But what about James McGraw? As Silver descends into the darkness he is pulling Flint toward the light, toward James. Flint is a doomed man, no doubt, but does that mean James is doomed, too? No. Of course not. The Black Sails creators are juggling the reality of the characters, the fiction they invent themselves, and the literary of Treasure Island. It’s neat as fuck. I’d not be surprised if they surprise me many time over in season four.  

the tale of the monstrous captain flint and his trusted quartermaster long john silver
  • the tale of the monstrous captain flint and his trusted quartermaster long john silver

A Tale Untold

A multimedia Black Sails fanfic

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Summary: Outsider POV. In a tavern, years later. Raptured listeners learn how the story of Captain Flint and Long John Silver began. And we learn how it ended.

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what am I going to do though

there is literally no other show like this on tv

to start with a bisexual woman controls the business of some of the most dangerous pirates alive and has a relationship with one of them - who happens to be a former slave - before escaping execution for her crimes

she also has a relationship with the biracial, lesbian, slave-born prostitute/madam who then forms a poly relationship with a bisexual pirate woman and her boyfriend, oh and she also basically becomes queen

meanwhile a gay navy officer becomes a pirate after losing the man he loves and plans his revenge and redemption with the woman the two of them were also in a poly relationship with

he then teams up with a disabled conman and an island of escaped slaves - led by a current slave, his queen and their daughter - to fight a war against england

and on top of this, the characters are fully formed and motivated, the action scenes are incredible and the dialogue is perfect

so yeah

what am I going to do

youre telling me the big twist of this show is that the main character is a pirate  bc he is fueled by his gay anger and shame……… I am screaming at the top of my lungs this is the plot twist of my dreams I cannot believe this…….


James Flint + that probably shouldn’t be attractive and yet.. 

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I own a tavern, a brothel, a tanner, a butcher, interests in a dozen other concerns on the street. I am the one they come to here when they need things, want things, fear things. In another time and another place, they would call me a queen.