black ryukin

So - good and bad news. The bad news is that little Ruby passed away not long after my first photo post of her here. I woke up one morning and she was seemingly unable to swim but twitching all her fins as if having a seizure. She didn’t improve, and I elected euthanasia as the kindest approach. I’ll never be sure what happened, but I am confident I made the right decision and she is no longer in pain. 

Mako and Chai were looking lonely, so I went to my new favorite local fish store up the street and got them a friend…hence the good news. Meet Opal (aka Opie) the calico ryukin! You’ll be seeing a lot of her in days to come, she’s a beauty and has fit right in with Mako & Chai! Enjoy this family photo :) 


Here’s the new 55 gallon!

This one I picked up from Craigslist for $60 and it included the tank, the stand, a filter, and the hood/lights. Not a bad deal! The couple was moving and just wanted to get rid of it. They even helped me carry it out of the house and get it into my car. I was glad it was two men because they were much stronger than me and lifted the tank like it was nothing.

Right now it’s running with my canister filter and a filter fit for 40 gallons, so lots of extra filtration. I didn’t like the one it came with because it makes a ton of noise, but I’ll try to fix that later and throw it on for even more filtration.

Housed inside is the goldie clan: Ron the black moor, Peter the one-eyed ryukin, Sydney the comet, and Moose the oranda. They were so happy when I moved them out of that horrible cramped 20 gallon they were in temporarily while I found them a new 55. There’s also one pleco, named David, and one unknown feeder fish that came with the tank.

I’m not sure what kind of pleco David is, but I don’t believe he’s a common and he’s only a few inches long as compared to the 12.5 inch Goliath. The little feeder fish was supposed to be a snack for the previous owner’s Oscar, but it was quick and never got eaten. I don’t know why, really, but I call him god. I guess it’s because the plecos were named after some story from the bible (right?) so I jokingly called him god and it stuck. God is so fast he’s really had to photograph. He’s a cool little shit. Stays mostly to himself in the corner playing in the bubbles, so he leaves the goldies alone.

Anyways, I’m incredibly happy with this tank. Honestly it was a total steal and it’s right across from my bed so I look at it all the time. I missed having my goldie babies upstairs so they could say goodmorning first thing every day. I wish I could put real plants in, but as previously mentioned they are plant murderers.

So yayy!


I’ll hopefully be getting to a photoshoot today - finally settled in at the new place and I have some time to take & edit photos :) Until I get those going, here are some from my last batch - in the old apartment. As promised, I’ll include a set of the whole tank in my shoot (since so many people have been asking for it)! 

Also, I really wanted to thank all of you so, so much for 1,200+ followers!! WOW! I still can’t believe it and am so flattered that you all love my little fin babies as much as I do. I only hope that I can help educate new hobbyists about proper fish care with such a great platform! 

I’d love to do a giveaway at some point but until I get things organized…I’ll hold off on solid promises :p Someday!!!