black rock shooter (cosplay)

  • Cinder: Okay Neo, team RWBY recognizes you so you can't be in the tournament
  • Neo: *lifts up black rock shooter cosplay*
  • Cinder: Neo, no.
  • Neo: *lifts it up higher*
  • Cinder: Absolutely no

Model: lilystellacosplays
Cosplay: Black Gold Saw
Fandom: Black Rock Shooter
Event: Anime Revolution 2015

More of a Creeper Than a Weeb, but Still

TW: Sexual Harassment
S- Me
M, A and J- Friends
C- Former friend
Q and V- Creeps
So, back in 2013, a few friends, who will be known as M, A, and C, and I (S) went to a local anime convention with M cosplaying Hannah, C as Sebastian, and me as Ciel, all from Black Butler. While we were there, we met many great people, and a couple not so great ones. At this point, M and A were in the vendor’s hall and the group of cosplayers, C, and I were hanging out on the basement level, which was pretty empty aside from a few panels in the meeting rooms. So, the first thing that happened should’ve been a warning, but being the naive fifteen year old that I was, I didn’t think to leave. Another Sebastian cosplayer called C and I over to show us something on her tablet screen. C was immediately repulsed, but it took me a minute to see it, considering how I had an eyepatch on and my glasses off. Once I got close enough to see it, I saw that it was a very graphic image of Ciel and Sebastian, which  was made even more awkward by the fact that C was my ex girlfriend. while that was off putting, we still stayed. A little later, we met the girl who’ll. E the antagonist of this story–V.
V was tiny. No, I was tiny, V was minuscule. I stand at only four foot eleven inches tall, and she was only up to my chest. She walked up to us and introduced herself, and told me she liked my cosplay. I politely thanked her, and then, well, she decided to kiss me out of absolutely nowhere. I was obviously surprised, but said nothing at the time. After a while, my back began to to hurt, so I went up to C to get my glasses before I laid down. C was…making out with a girl who will be dubbed Q. I awkwardly tapped on her shoulder and asked her for my glasses. As she was getting them, Q gave me a creepy smile and said, “Oh, are you feeling left out, Ciel.” and grabbed my chest. I was, again, uncomfortable, but still said nothing. Hey, I’m a very shy and quiet person, and didn’t want to start anything.
I quickly got my glasses and found an empty couch to lay on. I laid down on my stomach to help my back, and what’s the first thing that happens? V freaking straddles me and grabs by ass. At this point, I tried to say something, but only came up with a feeble, “Um, could you get off me?” She didn’t, and C and everyone else just thought it was hilarious.
A bit later, V pulls out a corset and says something about wanting to put it on me. If you’ve never seen Black Butler, the corset refers to a scene where Ciel’s butler is trying to put a corset on him, but it looks extremely sexual until it zooms out. I pretended that A was calling me and left. For the rest of that con, I was a total wreck because I was so freaked out by V.
Fast forward to January of next year–Taiyou Con. Here’s where shit really starts to go down. For my upcoming birthday, my parents got a hotel room for a few friends and I, and M, A, and my friend J, all stayed in one room, while C, Q and V shared a room with some of the nicer people we met at Sabo. We were told not to let anyone else stay in the room, which we agreed to. The first day was awesome. I went in my brand new Black Rock Shooter cosplay and felt like a total badass, while my friends J and M went in their favorite Hetalia cosplays. Saturday, however, got a little messy.
So, the four of us were sitting in our hotel room, happily watching Toonami’s anime night, when someone knocks on our door. It was none other than V in the midst of a hysterical crying fit. She told us that she’d been kicked out of her room (later found out because she sexually harssed a girl in the room) and needed a place to stay. I told her that she could stay in our room for an hour or so until she found a place to stay, and she almost immediately ran in and dropped her bag off. She went back to her room to get her stuff, and not only came back with at least three suitcases, but two guys. (Oh, and keep in mind that we recently found out that V was 22 years old, and we were all 15. Creepy, right?) Well, she seemed to have no intention of leaving and just went on about how much she wanted to have sex with some Naruto character while the two boys awkwardly nodded. They tried to leave a few times, but V kept them there by promising that they’d leave to go to some yaoi panel soon. I was rolled over on my back to try and ignore them, when once again, I feel V grab my butt. I told her to stop, but she just laughed.
Later that night, A and I were talking, and she made a joke about my girlfriend and I, when V butted in saying, “Wait, you’re gay?!” I responded with a shaky, “Yeah…”, and she runs up to me and practically yells in my face, “CAN I KISS YOU?!” I shrunk back and told her no, but she kept begging and begging until she eventually did so without my permission. She did the same thing the next day at a panel I was at (Ironically a con horror stories panel), to which I loudly responded with, “I. Have. A. Girlfriend.” but of course, she didn’t listen.
After the con, I got the courage to tell her off and told her in a very colorful way that if she tried that again, I’d call the cops.

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