black rock playa

“Jade Green Eyes” Chapter 2

Summary: After leaving Paris, Alexia agreed to entrust the Avengers with her protection from HYDRA. Well, things get really awkward when she meets Sam aka ‘Don Juan Wilson’.

 Warnings: None (yet)

Words: 967

 Pairings: Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes x Black Mutant Reader 

(Upcoming 1 or 2 chapters will include a few X-Men alongside the Avengers)

The whirring engines of the quinjet alerted everyone that Steve, Nat and Wanda had returned. Last person to disembark was Alexia. Her strut was graceful as a gazelle.  5’8” of sheer elegance! Chocolate caramel complexion, her curly black locks flowed when she walked. Furthermore, she has the body of a dancer; voluptuous and fit.  

Extending a hand to Tony and said, “Mr. Stark, I’m Alexia Hargrove. Please to meet you.” Her voice was quite sultry.

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The typewriter, Burning Man 2015, Black Rock City, Pershing County, Nevada, USA by Cory Doctorow


#mypubliclandsroadtrip explores the Black Rock Desert of Nevada this weekend!

The Black Rock-High Rock region of Northwestern Nevada includes the longest intact segments of the historic emigrant trails to California and Oregon in the western U.S. – including wagon ruts, historic inscriptions and a wilderness landscape largely unchanged since the days of the pioneers.

The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area Act of 2000 protected about 120 miles of the emigrant trails, from Rye Patch Reservoir north through the vast Black Rock Desert and then the narrow gorge of High Rock Canyon.  The Act established the 800,000 acre national conservation area and the wilderness within the NCA.

Also within the NCA, the Black Rock Desert Playa covers the large dry lakebed of ancient Lake Lahontan.  The playa has grown in popularity during the past decade as a place for recreation events that need a lot of room.  The world land speed record was set here in 1997.  Amateur rocketry clubs use the playa to set world altitude records. And the playa is the location of the annual Burning Man Festival, the largest Leave No Trace event in the country.

Photos and Burning Man timelapse by Bob Wick, BLM