black rock lodge


“Gordon suggested an agent by the name Phillip Jeffries to head the squad. He soon recruited three others: myself, Chet Desmond, and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m only one of that group who hasn’t disappeared without explanation, which has led to a certain reluctance on Gordon’s part to bring new blood into the fold… until tonight.”


Twin Peaks drawings


A Mountain Backdrop for the Climbing Information Center Lodge (Black & White, Mount Rainier National Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
While walking around the Paradise area, I was trying to capture views with Mount Rainier from different places and angles. Then I came across the Climbing Information Center for the park and decided that it was the appropriate name for the backdrop! I worked to get that right perspective and finally decided to just back up. I could then zoom in to capture more of the mountain in the entirety of the image as well as capture more of the mountain and lodge in focus.


These toucans were everywhere. I took these photos at Black Rock Lodge, where the staff put out fresh fruit every morning for the birds. I learned two things from observing these beautiful birds: 1. Toucans will bully other birds to get more fruit for themselves and 2. They love to pose for photo ops, but as soon as they’ve had enough, they’ll fly directly at your face and try to impale you with their beaks.