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.the tricking post. review in The West Australian


.the tricking post.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Black Rider Press

$1.99 ebook, $15 limited edition chapbook, pay-as-you-please audio book

Perth poets Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s new chapbook is a sequence of unsent love letters, bitter and sweet. A great strength is the way in which these poems mix old with new, high with low culture and flippancy with a disarming tenderness. Such contrariness keeps a reader alert, as does the ruffling of its commendably plain style by disruptive syntax and punctuation. At best, these elements force us to reapproach meanings and they heighten the emotional ground. Though often playful, there can sometimes be a cutesiness that too easily tidies up what is at stake. When these poems approach a dark tone, they are strongest.

review by WritingWA in WritingWA Recommends… book review column in The West Australian’s Today, Tuesday, November 1, 2011 (p.6).