black ray ban wayfarers

Damn, is Lenny really out here trolling us by posting up 2009 pictures of Jay Z with the hair growth?! People are getting excited in his IG comments but you gotta look for clues fam - such as the all black attire, Shamballa necklace and the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. This ain’t recent, sorry. Ha!

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submitted by Nickson

Sartorial Choices: Hernan “Shades” Alvarez (The Karl Lagerfield of Crime ™)

  • Brands: Hugo Boss, Helmet Lang, Prada, Ferragamo
  • Shoes: dress sneakers- possibly high top, dress loafers
  • Pants: dark jeans or black slacks, gray slacks
  • Shirts: black button up dress shirts, black t-shirt, black dress vest that could be part of a 3 piece suit. gray zip up hoodie  
  • Outerwear: black peacoat with upturned collar, black blazers- one has a leather/satin trim on the collar, in latter episodes, he wears a jacket/blazer with  a full leather collar. Also a wears a gray suit in the last scene
  • Accessories: chain necklace with a pendant (shape looks like it could be a spider), Ferragamo belt, black leather gloves, gold watch, a gun, and classic black wayfarer Ray Bans.