black ransom


meaning of flags, from left to right:

  • March: Whatever you want, but that’s April’s hand on her hip
  • Farmer: Transgender beautiful flower
  • Chowder: Pansexual shark
  • Dex: Transgender lobster
  • Bitty: Gay and just got a text from his parents- they love him!
  • Jack: Heart-Eyes Bisexual
  • Nursey: Muslim Gay Pride - so hot, so chill
  • Lardo: Genderqueer pong god
  • Shitty: Cis het ACE and he BELONGS AT PRIDE
  • Parse: Better-than-you-gay-hockey-star
  • Tater: PRIDE! )))) on Instagram 
  • Ransom: Black and Brown LGBT+ pride, too handsome for this world
  • Holster: Nice Jewish Gay boy
  • Whiskey: Straight Ally (he grew up a lot since year 1)
  • Ford: Adorable lesbian queen!!!
  • Tango: Questionning????….. ????????????
  • Georgia: Bisexual business woman
  • Her husband: Loves her very much.

ok but like…..i really wanna know their lists…..


Donald Neilson was also known as ‘the Black Panther’ during his criminal career. His career began when his building and carpentry business hit hard times and he was unable to support himself, turning firstly to burglary and eventually armed robbery to supplement his income.

His target of choice were small post offices, operating under the logic that they would be easier to rob and would have fewer security measures. It was during these armed robberies that he committed his first murders, shooting witnesses in the process of robbing the post offices. While the robberies supplied him with small amounts of money he craved a much larger pay off, and decided to branch out into kidnapping for ransom.

He targeted 17 year old Lesley Whittle, whose father had left her £82,500 in his will. Neilson broke into her house at night and kidnapped her at gun point, enabling him to take the young girl without a struggle or much noise. He left a ransom note demanding £50,000 and tied Lesley to a disused drainage shaft by a rope around her neck, leaving her with food and bedding. Eventually Neilson grew to believe that Mr Whittle was operating within a police trap in order facilitate his arrest, and in a rage is thought to have pushed Leslie off a ledge by the drainage shaft, throttling her, the constriction of her carotid artery slowing her heart down to such an extent that it quickly stopped altogether, killing her.

Her body was discovered hanging from a wire, with her feet inches from the ground. Neilson was eventually arrested in the process of carrying out another armed robbery, with police officers spotting the gun sitting in the back of his car. After a struggle - which lead to the injuries shown above - he was apprehended. He was convicted of four murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Derek M Nurse is clumsy but idgaf what anybody says he is a go to on campus for getting your hair done if you’re black because he is amazing at it. I want him to have an entire instagram for it

He doesn’t touch clippers though. He will fuck up your hairline because he doesn’t know where too far is but!! Ransom has been teaching him

Honestly they are amazing together they could probably open their own salon

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okay so reece king aka real life nursery posted some pics on Instagram of him in nothing but tights and CAN YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE DEX GETTING SNAPCHATS OF DEREK IN JUST FISHNETS AND JUST DYING PLEASE

There are reasons that Nursey and Ransom aren’t allowed to get drunk together unsupervised.

Very good reasons.

Very logical reasons.

Reasons that they both forgot two hours ago, when Ransom walked into his dorm room with a handle of Jack Daniels and a liter of Coke.

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i desperately need a ya dystopian au where bitty is the plucky young hero who’s Beautiful but Unaware of How Beautiful he is and jack is the Brooding, Mysterious Love Interest TM and the smh are their ragtag team of Rebels Who Don’t Need Adults or Real Weapons for this Tidy and Contrived Rebellion. they all have symbolic tattoos for some reason. there might be magic powers involved. the (tiny, weirdly american) world is run by the Chads. 

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14 for nurseyrans <3

It took me for fucking ever and I am so sorry, but here you go Beeby! I hope it’s okay!

I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss

It’s 2 am on a Sunday morning and Nursey is helping Ransom study. They’ve been at this for hours: Ransom is about to take the most important test of his medical career and he’s a nervous wreck. He’s been trying to get Nursey to go to bed for hours, but Nursey just keeps reading flash cards in his soft melodic cadence, keeping him awake only by asking questions in alternating formats and with varying difficulty. And thank goodness because Ransom has spent many a night cuddling in Nursey’s arms being lulled to sleep by his voice whispering poetry in his ear; he almost equates Nursey speaking with sleep. Ransom remembers those nights and feels guilty again unable to fathom how Nursey can spend so much time and energy helping him with his studies when his studies keep them apart.

He gently squeezes the arm Nursey has wrapped around him and loves him.

He watches him smirk as he feels it but never slow his questions and loves him.

Ransom answers each question rapidly and correctly, his anxiety waning, and loves him.

And when they’re both finally too exhausted to keep speaking, and Ransom’s brain only knows medical terms too clinical to express his adoration, he pulls Nursey in, grateful and needy and loving, and says it all with a kiss.

smh gcoc (1/?)

NOTE: These are headcanons that we as a network came up with together are from our Discord #headcanons channel, recorded here as written by us in the chat, which is why they may sound more like chats/conversations than headcanons as headcanons are typically written. Check out our other headcanons here!

  • Shitty and holster are always the ones to ruin it. Lardo and ransom never live it down in the SMH group chat of color

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