Zack was the Black Power Ranger We Deserved

by Ja-Quan Greene

“From 1993-1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was that show. There’s no debating it, it quite simply was. That show that transcended race, gender, religion and any other criteria you want to hang your cape on. That’s the show any late 20 or early 30 something year old will admit they anxiously awaited for every afternoon. We would bolt from our school in a full on sprint in order to make it home on time for the latest episode of Power Rangers. Lord forgive the poor soul who missed even 4 mins of an episode. Jokes, roasts, ridicule and scorn was sure to ensue…

Zack was the best representation of a fun-loving, charismatic young black man in the 90s. He was funny; always up for a good joke. He was confident and powerful to the point he could take on Rita’s creatures solo dolo if/when he got separated from the squad. He was skilled and lethal enough to be squad leader Jason’s right hand man in battle and sparring partner when practicing karate…”

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Finally sharing all my cover variants for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic!

This actually all started when I did the Green & White Rangers prints for Gallery Nucleus. Those were then turned into covers which then turned into a whole series of covers spanning 8 months.

Lots of learning and challenges with these but I’m very proud to have contributed in a small way to something I was absolutely crazy about as a kid. 


Okay so lets talk about the cast of the new season of The Power Rangers Dino Charge. This is kind of epic that there is a Black Pink Ranger this year for the very first time. For 20 Years, the “Pink Ranger” represented the “pretty” or “desirable” female character or the one guys like and the one most girls want to be.

So to have the only female in this diverse cast be Black is great, because little black girls can watch this and actually see someone who looks like them as the sole female hero on the team… That is kind of a big deal.