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series warnings: mature themes, violence, blood and gore, murder, emotional manipulation, bullying, mental health deterioration, eventual smut and substance abuse. this chapter contains strong language. 

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Anonymous asked: niall blurb thing about u scratching his car by accident!! or getting in a minor car crash and having to call and tell him !! thankyou 💜

It seemed as if you would never get off of the highway. You absolutely hated it, it gave you anxiety. There were people passing you in their cars that weren’t going the speed limit, people cutting you off, people driving too slow, it drove you crazy. There was always an accident or something, stocking up traffic for miles and for hours. Today was your lucky day because there were no mishaps and no one was driving like a bat out of hell. You got off the highway, thanking God nothing terrible had happened, and headed your usual route home. 

As you drove down the street to your humble home, you almost slammed on your breaks when you saw the sleek black Range Rover Sport parked comfortably in the driveway. Your heart fluttered. Niall said he would be around your place but never gave you a time. He was probably inside already, eating all your food and stealing all your blankets and snuggling with all your pets. Your home was his home, you made that clear when you had a key made just for him.

You pulled into your driveway rather carelessly, tired from the day and not caring how perfect your car sat in the driveway. You yanked the key out of the ignition and opened your car door, turning away for a moment to gather your things in the passenger seat before getting out. When you did, you noticed how eerily close your door was to Niall’s car. You hoped you hadn’t scratched it until you slammed your door shut.

You inhaled through your nose sharply, closing your eyes as soon as you saw the little knick in the expensive vehicle. You stood where you were for a moment, gathering the information to process what you had done. It was a tiny little mark, probably unnoticeable to the average eye unless someone was looking for a mistake, unless that someone was a detail oriented person named Niall and would have a 99.9999999% change of noticing that someone had scratched his second baby, you coming closely in first place.

Just as you thought nothing terrible would happen, something terrible had happened.

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