black punx

My black punk experience so far...

So a few nights ago, I went to my first exclusively punk show at 924 Gilman in Berkley and it was AMAZING! Aside from me and my friends moshing together for the first time. A black women was there with her son and she came up to me and said “Im happy to see you because I dont see many black people at these shows”! It was a beautiful moment where she danced with me and my friends and it was this awesome moment of POC solidarity(one of the people with me wasn’t black to clarify) and the love of punk music.

With that said, I really encourage more black people and people of color in general to not be afraid to listen to punk/alternative music.
DONT be afraid to dress differently!
DONT be afraid to go to these concerts!
DONT be afraid to express yourself!
Because i am sure that you will give hope and inspiration to a little kid of color who feels like they cant be alternative because they aren’t white enough!