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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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“I’m right here Y/N. Talk to me. Who did this to you?” His hands pressed against the glass wall. He couldn’t break it. The rest of the room was white and there was no door. You were trapped.

“Jin where am I?”

Jin watched you get up from the bed slowly, touching your surroundings and being overly cautious.

“Baby look at me. I’m right here.” The tears streamed down his face.

“Jin I can’t see. All I see is white, not black. White.”

Jin pressed his forehead against the glass and shook his head. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. Not to you.

“Who did it Y/N? Who did this to you?!” He pounded on the glass but it didn’t budge, not a scratch or a crack.

“Jin am I becoming like you now?” You followed his voice and touched the glass.

“I’m right in front of you. There’s a wall separating us.”

“What’s going on Jin? I’m scared.”

“Your turning…But you’re locked in this room and you don’t have any blood.” He frowned.

It was a random building in the middle of nowhere. The address only given to Jin a few hours ago by text message.

You stayed silent, realizing the grave situation you were in.

You were dying.

“Who turned you? Who did this?” He cried.

“Jungkook…it was Jungkook.” You said somberly.

His breath hitched and betrayal stung at his heart. Only those you loved could turn you into a vampire. You had fallen in love with Jungkook. He couldn’t deny it any further.

Two men held your heart and nothing could be done.

“Jin I’m sorry.” You broke down in tears, eyes looking everywhere blindly.

“Tell me where he is.” Jin ordered, his tears stopped immediately.

“I can’t tell you.”

“Tell me where he is!” Jin yelled. His eyes turned red and his fangs released. The veins turned grey under his skin. But you couldn’t see him.

“I can’t tell you.” You whimpered.

“I can’t let you die!” He yelled.

Jungkook must have gotten someone to put a spell on the room, preventing anyone from getting in or out.

Your transformation has already begun and the your eyes were already changing if you were only saw white.

He could hear your heart beating faster.

“Don’t you understand Y/N.” He sighed. “You’re going to die because of him. How could you think that he loves you?”

Why would Jungkook lie? But then why would he leave you in this room to die?

You gasped and clawed at the glass.

“Jin. It’s a trap. Jin you have to get out of here. Jin! Jin?!”

He didn’t say anything.

“Jin?! Jin?!”

You pressed your fists into the glass, heart aching with pain. Your sobs filled the room.

Why wasn’t he answering?

It was impossible not to imagine the worst.

“He’s dead now. Forget about him.” Jungkook’s voice hissed into your ear.

You spun around and closed your eyes, bringing your hands to your sides and feeling scared of him for the first ever.

“Don’t be scared princess. You know I wouldn’t hurt you.” He kissed your cheek.

You lowered your head and whimpered, cowering away from him.

“He was your friend Jungkook.” You spat out.

The pain inside felt raw and you replayed his voice in your head over and over again. He was gone. In an instant, he was gone.

“Love is thicker than blood. Especially when you’re like us…You’ll understand soon enough.”

You opened your eyes and still saw nothing but a blank world. He reminded you of the other problem you had. You were turning into a vampire and there was a dryness in your throat.

“So what now you’re going to kidnap me and force me to kill someone?” You shook your head.

This wasn’t how you wanted to live. It was but not anymore. Not like this.

“I can’t feed. I don’t want to.”

“You will!” He growled into your face.

His arms wrapped around you, his grip unforgiving.

“Is didn’t do this for you. I did this for us. We can live together forever now. You don’t have to be afraid of loving me anymore.”

“I won’t feed.” You repeated.

Jungkook laughed. He knew exactly how you would feel in a few hours. The pain of transforming hadn’t had the chance to convince you yet. He decided to speed up the process.

He grabbed your chin and pushed you back into the wall. He tilted your head up and exposed his fangs.

“You will princess. You will.” He snarled millimeters away from the delicate skin of your neck. He saw the blood pulsating within and he wanted to taste.

The way you trembled made him angry.

Instead he pierced his bottom lip with his fangs and kissed you, letting you taste the blood for the first time. Just two small drops.

This time he couldn’t tell whether your heart raced because of him, because of fear, or because of the blood igniting your curiosity.

You fainted in his arms and he carried you out of the building.

He didn’t have much time before you work up again.


You woke up with a dryness in your throat that burned with each breath. And with every breath the burning sensation grew stronger and stronger until you were coughing violently.

Once the spam died down, you clenched your throat and look around at your surroundings. You could see again.

With little focus, you could see a bit better than humanly possible. It was like a small magnifying glass was placed behind your pupils.

You stopped looking at the details of things and rubbed our eyes.

It was Jungkook’s place. Jungkook…Jin.


You weeped and cried into your knees, hugging them weakly to your chest and feeling like crap just for being in Jungkook’s bed.

How could you keep on living? Jin was dead.

He was dead for a few years now but he was always alive to you. He was beautiful.

Being with him felt perfect. Like you had lived with him for a thousand years already and you could live with him a thousand more.

He was charming and funny, and he made sure you knew how much he loved you.

But now he was gone and you felt nothing but pain. And that’s all you’d ever feel knowing he wasn’t by your side anymore.

“I know you need to grieve and what not but you need to feed.” Jungkook entered, throwing a guy about your age onto the floor.

He was out of it. Probably on drugs, or just really wasted.

“You need to suck all his blood out.”

“No.” You coughed.

“He’s a rapist Y/N.” Jungkook punched him in the face causing his nose to bleed. The guy grunted but otherwise remained silent.

The sight, the smell, the taste…

Jungkook’s blood lingered in your thoughts. You could almost taste it again.

He released his fangs and his veins showed that dead grey like tint under his skin. Jungkook sunk his teeth into the guy’s neck and smiled when he pulled away, showing you his bloody teeth and lips.

“This is what Jin was Y/N. This is what I am….and this is what you’ll become.”

He brought the body closer. The smell entered your nose strongly. It was intoxicating but if you thought about it, the smell became perfect. If you could just taste the blood, then you would be drinking the from the fountain of youth. Somehow you knew that it would be your favorite drink, with just the right amount of sweetness and consistency.

“Sometimes it’s just a perfect high. Like sex. You want it right there and then, and you’re guaranteed a great glass of sinful bliss. Other times it’s just life. Literally it’s life. It’s like standing alone in a garden right after the rain. It’s peaceful…but that only happens sometimes. Usually it’s just a high.” Jin once described how it felt to feed.

“And how does it feel…when you bite into me?”

“Like both.” Jin kissed you, poking your lip and tasting the drop of blood that escaped.

“Drink.” Jungkook shoved the guy’s neck closer and it felt like a desert in our throat.

You were salivating.

“I don’t have fangs.” You turned your head away from the sight.

“You don’t need fangs to drink. We all did it. It’s what Jin made me do. Now drink. You need to suck all the blood out of him. You need to kill him.”

Your breathing increased which only made the scent and the pain burn your throat. Tears kept streaming down your face and you whimpered as you forced yourself to look away, repeating the same word over and over again. “No…no…please…no.”

You shut your eyes and thought about Jin.

Jungkook’s bloody fingers grabbed your chin and spread some blood across your lips.

“Nooo! Noo!” You screamed, shaking your head and thrashing away.

He held your wrists and your body went still. You stared at him, gasping and crying at the pain in your throat.

He kissed you and that was it. You kissed him back, tasting the sweet blood on his lips shoved him aside, lunging at the body of the rapist who’s blood was dribbling from his neck. You placed your lips over the two puncture wounds Jungkook had made and sucked. You sucked the blood out of his body with greed, with a need that could never be satisfied with just one body.

The intensely warm nectar soothed your throat and filled your nostrils. That high Jin was talking about started from your abdomen and made its way up your veins, into your heart making it beat faster. You felt strong.

The guy began breathing heavier and you knew he was in pain. His organs probably dying out slowly. But you didn’t care.

You thought of Jin, of the times he smiled like a god. How he made you smile, how he made you happy.

This is what he felt. You got a small taste of ecstasy. The ecstasy Jin found in loving you.

The body was drying out, the high weakening.

The sadness bringing you back to reality. You caught sight of yourself in the mirror and this time your breathing became heavier until you were gasping for air.

With a cough, your canine teeth fell out and the another pain began. Slowly but quickly your fangs pushed their way out of your gums. Every half millimeter hurt like hell and you screamed in pain.

Jungkook held you as they grew slowly. The pain too much for you concentrate on anything else. It was as if razor blades were cutting your gums.

You there your head back against his shoulder and writhed in his arms. He held you still.

Your screams filled your ears and Jungkook was crying.

“I’m sorry baby. It’ll be over soon. I love you so much. I love you more than anything.” He kissed your cheek over and over again.


“I see you’re here alone, at this hour. Most people eat lunch with their friends.” He stifled a smile, biting his lips.

“You’re alone too.” You informed him.

His cute smile escaped. “I don’t have any friends yet. Besides Jin of course.”

“Jin’s friends are my friends too. Sit down.”

“Are you waiting for someone? Why aren’t you eating?” He asked, hesitant to sit down.

You shook your head. “No sit. Um…I usually have someone get my lunch. Jin knows how indecisive I am. I’ll spend half my lunchtime trying to decide what to eat. He has lunch before me so he just picks what looks best. Or he cooks for me some days.”

“Oh Jin’s cooking is the best.” He sat down happily.

You nodded, glad that Jungkook moved in to town and he could give you stories about a younger Jin.

“Hey Y/N.” Melody came up to table in a hurry. “Jin said to get you bubble tea but I didn’t know if you wanted iced milk tea or a fruit flavored one so I got strawberry as well.” She held up the two plastic cups and caught sight of Jungkook. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you were talking to someone. I-”

“It’s okay Melody. I’ll take both. And I like milk tea flavor just so you know.” You smiled taking the cups and the bag from from her hands.

“Okay.” She smiled. “See you later.”

You gave Jungkook the milk tea one and he looked at you confused. “I thought you liked this one better.”

“Yeah but you’re a guest at my table so you can have it. The strawberry one is too sweet and it won’t go well with your sandwich.”

“Well, I can see why Jin likes you so much. You’re too sweet, but who says I’m eating this sandwich?” He motioned for you to hand him the bag.

You laughed at his boldness. “It has been a while since you tasted his cooking hasn’t it?”

He placed his hands together and nodded once, giving you a cute smile.

As you guys ate, you told him more about the school. He already saw how everyone kissed up to you and Jin.

He wasn’t being treated badly but no one cared for him yet. But once they found out he was close to Jin, they’d try to get on his good side.

You weren’t particularly hungry so you left him eat most of the food. Somehow you liked watching him eat. He was cute yet attractive.

But then, all of Jin’s friends were good looking. Never better looking than him though. Jin had a perfection to his face that caught your attention the day you met. It was more than just attraction, it was awe.

“It must be awesome though. Dating Jin. You get food delivered to your table, a nice beach house by the uni, and everyone’s your friend.”

“Maybe you should ask him out.” You giggled.

“Nah I like you. I won’t steal your boyfriend away. Plus, I’m kind of rich so I can get someone to deliver my food as well, and more.”

“Ah yes. Jin mentioned that you were loaded. Can you adopt me? Jin won’t adopt me because he says that’s incest.”

He laughed. “I’ll think about it. I think we need a few more lunch dates before I make a decision. How about every Wednesday, here?”

“Of course. And Thursdays. You’re the only person who’s dared to sit here without asking Jin first.” You smirked. “But get a better lunch next time. Jin will kill you if he found out your eating my food.

“It’s only my first week. I need to figure out which food is edible in this cafeteria.” He said.

“Everything is edible. This is one of the best cafeterias in the country.” You scoffed.

“Then why can’t you decide what to eat?”

“Don’t bring up my issues Jungkook. I’ll have you at the losers table by tomorrow.”

He grinned until his eyes crinkled a little bit.
He offered to walk to you class and you accepted.

It was easy to get along with him. A part of you felt relieved that you wouldn’t spend lunch by yourself anymore.

Little did you know what this would turn into.
Jin sure as hell didn’t know. Neither did Jungkook either if you were being honest.

Maybe this was all your fault.


Jeff Sessions is doing exactly what we thought he would

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a review Monday of all 14 consent decrees made with police departments under the Obama administration, casting doubt on whether those agreements — which the Justice Department had ordered to accelerate police reform — would survive the Trump era.“Local control and local accountability are necessary for effective local policing,” Sessions wrote in the two-page memo. 
  • “It is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies."None of this is surprising. 

  • Sessions has long sought to delegitimize reports that police departments have engaged in rampant civil rights abuses against black residents. At a press conference in February, he dismissed the DOJ’s findings about the Chicago police, even though he hadn’t read them. Read more. (4/4/2017 2:02 PM)