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so tbh, i always imagined the first time i’d be whipping out my notebook to wax poetic about a stranger on the tube, i always imagined it to be about some beautiful dashing boy who i’d instantly fall in infactuated love with after absorbing the brunt of his dazzling mediocrity with a look and a smile across stations or some bullshit, but, alas, no, instead i am literally so repulsed by what’s gotta be the worst haircut i’ve ever seen in my goddamn life that this is literally all i have left to COPE with the sight

envision it with me now: white boy, skinny, ratty, nose ring, kind of hipster punk, like, def threw on the hideousness of his mismatched patterened outfit in an attempt to look effortlessly artsy, which he failed obv, but that’s not the worst part. his hair GOD his hair [charlie voice] CAN I TALK TO YOU ABOUT HIS HAIR I’VE BEEN DYING TO TALK ABOUT HIS HAIR ALL D A Y

picture 2007′s scene boy length. but dirty shitty brown. most, MOST of his hair is in awful dreads, in this shitty uneven length, like… literally, monsterous, like he looked like something out of a shitty harry potter sequel beast. it was this matted medusa ripoff where he’s just got withered potatoes and twitching rat-tails and whatever the fuc squeezes out of my ass when i’ve had one too many gummy worms. like, that rly specific kind of diarrhea that’s literally my stomach punishing me cuz i COULD have stopped at 2 bags of lifesavers but my dumbass had to open the third

but that’s not the worst part…! remember how i said he still had some of his hair free from its muddy prison??? …he still had the bangs. The Bangs. full on emo fringe, you-dont-understand-me-its-not-a-phase bangs, literally GELLED into place, so that no matter how much he moved or sweated (he sweated a LOT) it wouldn’t move away from shielding him form the judgemental world

literally cannot deal. god. and then he reached up and started rolling one of the little grubby tendrils between his fingers like i do with my twists and i died, inside and out. full on. dead. my spirit writes this from beyond the grave..

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Okay so I'm white and i have curly hair and theres this racist girl i know and this one day she was touching my hair and she said "you know, your hair looks really full, but it's actually really thin. Like black people hair." and i stood up and decked her and almost got detention

anon i love you……..oh my god

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Name: Lilly

my best friend when I was really young was named lilly and I honestly don’t recall much about her but I DO remember that this chick gave me lice twice. I would defend her from bullies but idk if she deserved it bc she somehow kept getting lice and my pour soul sat next to her, an unknowing child, and had to do all kinds of mess just so I could get the lice away


The gawjus and kind sandersmcgee tagged me for the 20 Beautiful Women thing floating around *blushes profusely* so hahaha y’all gon have to suffer through some more of my selfies! :D

Now let’s see, the 20 lovely ladies I’m tagging (in no particular order): thafineness letmalikharrysdimples justbethany scandalalldey janellebearden kawaiiflowerchild trublulotus afro-elf nanamixbaby recovery-after-depression sindels-scream lemme-sit-this-aaash-onya yungpoundcake webcop brownglucose kehinki mochafleur onlyblackgirl thoughtsofablackgirl kiarasnaps

@whoever decided to dye Jeonghan's hair black

Thank you

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Ok making this public bc multiple ppl spoke up about it

I explicitly said that Hermione’s hair is 100% black bc yes non-black ppl can have hair with hella volume BUT:

1) Joanne emphasized Hermione’s hair as a socially negative thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t 99.9% of chemical hair straighteners geared towards women of the African diaspora? Aren’t there tons of articles scrutinizing a black woman’s hair?

When I hear a non-black woman complain about the volume of her hair, it’s usually hyperbolic and nowhere near as much as black hair. Also, it’s usually a personal thing. I’ve never heard a non-black person say that they want to change their hair bc of societal pressures. They usually want to do smth bc it’s a burden TO THEM.

2) Hermione used excessive amounts of a magical chemical to straighten her hair for the Yule ball. Last time I checked, all non-black women need is a straightener.

I never said VOLUME is exclusive to black women. And curls aren’t even exclusive to black women. But curls that are only addressed as a problem in the ways listed above? I don’t fucking think so

And if you truly feel excluded by my reasoning, then I wonder if you feel excluded by the natural hair movement. I wonder if you look at black women’s hair and say “I’ve got a tighter curl pattern than her. She’s 2a, I’m 2c”

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