black ppl hair

lol so can I just say that it’s not ur damn place to tell someone that they don’t “”“look”“” the way you perceive a certain ethnicity… like just today my coworker told me i don’t look mixed w black, I look like ‘xyz’ and that my hair was “white people curly” like… do u ever think… before u open ur mouth… my hair isn’t urs to decide, it’s not white people’s and it’s not black people’s, I’m mixed and I have mixed hair. I don’t have to look white or black, and I can look like both or niether and that’s still non of ur fuckin business k

@whoever decided to dye Jeonghan's hair black

Thank you

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The gawjus and kind sandersmcgee tagged me for the 20 Beautiful Women thing floating around *blushes profusely* so hahaha y’all gon have to suffer through some more of my selfies! :D

Now let’s see, the 20 lovely ladies I’m tagging (in no particular order): thafineness letmalikharrysdimples justbethany scandalalldey janellebearden kawaiiflowerchild trublulotus afro-elf nanamixbaby recovery-after-depression sindels-scream lemme-sit-this-aaash-onya yungpoundcake webcop brownglucose kehinki mochafleur onlyblackgirl thoughtsofablackgirl kiarasnaps

too anime for da world  (◕‿◕✿) My name is Angel and I’m a anime princess   ♪ \( ̄▽ ̄

the  lighting is so weird wth