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school days meant picking random paper chunks and bugs and shit out of my hair or someone cutting a lock of it off cuz hahahhaha rats nest but yeah becky wanting to be blonde is super comparable

@whoever decided to dye Jeonghan's hair black

Thank you

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The gawjus and kind sandersmcgee tagged me for the 20 Beautiful Women thing floating around *blushes profusely* so hahaha y’all gon have to suffer through some more of my selfies! :D

Now let’s see, the 20 lovely ladies I’m tagging (in no particular order): thafineness letmalikharrysdimples justbethany scandalalldey janellebearden kawaiiflowerchild trublulotus afro-elf nanamixbaby recovery-after-depression sindels-scream lemme-sit-this-aaash-onya yungpoundcake webcop brownglucose kehinki mochafleur onlyblackgirl thoughtsofablackgirl kiarasnaps

Ok making this public bc multiple ppl spoke up about it

I explicitly said that Hermione’s hair is 100% black bc yes non-black ppl can have hair with hella volume BUT:

1) Joanne emphasized Hermione’s hair as a socially negative thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t 99.9% of chemical hair straighteners geared towards women of the African diaspora? Aren’t there tons of articles scrutinizing a black woman’s hair?

When I hear a non-black woman complain about the volume of her hair, it’s usually hyperbolic and nowhere near as much as black hair. Also, it’s usually a personal thing. I’ve never heard a non-black person say that they want to change their hair bc of societal pressures. They usually want to do smth bc it’s a burden TO THEM.

2) Hermione used excessive amounts of a magical chemical to straighten her hair for the Yule ball. Last time I checked, all non-black women need is a straightener.

I never said VOLUME is exclusive to black women. And curls aren’t even exclusive to black women. But curls that are only addressed as a problem in the ways listed above? I don’t fucking think so

And if you truly feel excluded by my reasoning, then I wonder if you feel excluded by the natural hair movement. I wonder if you look at black women’s hair and say “I’ve got a tighter curl pattern than her. She’s 2a, I’m 2c”

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Not to say ur wrong but ur flat aye could have VERY easily had none white blood in her to have hair like that bc even some black ppl with frizzy curly hair can't do dreads it's a Very specific texture required to do dreads

She could’ve but as far as she’s aware she hasn’t got any immediate relatives who are POC so she’s always identified as white so if she has blood from POC it’s distant bc her family has been white for as far back as she’s aware of bc she actually mentioned that sort of thing bc a lot of people used to ask her when she had her natural hair if she was mixed bc her hair was very curly like it was borderline on an Afro kind of hairstyle and she was always curious about it because all the relatives she’s ever known were white and didn’t have any parents that were POC or knew of any POC in the immediate family just a lot of her relatives have very curly and frizzy hair which is possibly a gene passed down from whatever distant relative of colour they have


Every January for the past 3 years I’ve taken a pic of my profile to see the growth. When I “went natural” when I was 18, I didn’t have any friends or family members who were natural. Most ppl didn’t understand why I’d want to “look like that”. Some ppl flat out told me it was UGLY. Some were nicer about it and just said they “preferred” my hair straight. I had to literally teach myself to see my “nappy” hair as beautiful along with all of my other non-European features. I hear so many BLACK ppl say that natural hair is “not for everybody”. An inherent part of you…. Is not for you?….. It’s as much for you as your nose or your eyes or your hands are. If not for other natural-haired women online, I would’ve given up this journey a lonnnnnnng ass time ago, which is why I constantly post about my hair. I hope it does for other women what it’s done for me. May not be a big deal to you but to see women and girls embracing their hair bc they see me doing it is like the dopest thing ever for me. Had a student last year whose mom said she came home begging to “wear her hair big like Miss Mays” ☺️ love those Naps yall! (Men too) oh yeah……. Nobody’s calling it ugly now (insert hair flip here) 😉

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Black ppl have ugly, weird hair. I'm not even close to my black side, just my Puerto Rican side. I wouldn't have pretty hair if I had 100% black genes.

BLACK PEOPLE have a versatile hair. Black People have different types of hair . Black people have coily , curly , and kinky hair. We can braid our hair , relax our hair , we don’t have to wash our hair every other day , and we can install weaves as a protective style. So don’t you ever say black people have weird ugly hair . Oh and the girl above his beautiful hair . And she is black! Ignorance is not cute .