black political thought


“This isn’t some vanity nameplate.” says self-promoting wanker about company literally named after himself, which has been founded expressly to promote his books, tours and merchandise and to get him on the telly and radio.

I’m sorry that when you call me pretty,
My first thoughts are does he not think I’m smart
I’m sorry that when you talk about the kids you want us to someday have
My first thoughts are barefoot and pregnant
I’m sorry that I missed our second anniversary for a women’s rally
I’m sorry that your mother thinks I’m too political
I’m sorry that your father and I got in a fight last Christmas
I’m sorry that I come and lay in bed with you,
but end up staying up reading instead
I’m sorry that your best friend’s girlfriend always lets him drive,
always irons his shirts without him even asking
I’m sorry that I always want to be on top
—  m.n // “I’m sorry that I care too much about the world to care about you.”

I don’t get why certain people are so against political labels. Like sure I could waste time learning about how you hate black lives matter, think feminism is cancerous, and want to reduce welfare. But it would be easier for everyone if you would just say you’re conservative or, alternatively, a piece of shit

White men receiving praise for something men of colour have been doing long before white society accepted it. This has been on my mind since the popularization of the “man-bun”.


So damn near everything in this society tells Women that they’re only good for being consumed by Men. This society teaches Women that it’s more important to get chose than it is to build. (I know hella Women who build for themselves anyway and they still sexy while doing it. )

But we live in a society where Women are constantly told that their value is mostly(if not solely) based on how consumable they are to Men.
Then we chastise Women in pictures like this for this “being all they have to offer”
When we don’t even know if it’s all they got to offer.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, Women are taught that this is where their value is then we constantly turn around and attack them for it?

There are so many contradictions within this patriarchy and those contradictions fall on the heads of Women who aren’t allowed to win because they’re too sexy or too plain, too flirty or too boring, too pushy or not determined enough.

We live within multiple oppressive power structures and most of them have situations where people just aren’t allowed to win.

This patriarchy is one of them and must be dismantled.

I never did shit to you except claim what was rightfully mine. They gave me a bed, I slept in it. And ever since you’ve been making this bunk an unsafe place.

Alison Abdullah, Orange Is The New Black

This quote is so relevant to people’s attitude towards refugees these days. Why on earth would you be angry with someone for taking an opportunity they are given (that they NEED, to boot). Even just a few days ago, my 11 year old brother complained about how “refugees get the things that we need”. I explained to him that being a refugee is actually really difficult and not some luxury resort, like some people seem to think. Why do people feel the need to deny necessities to others just because they want to have more for themselves? Sigh. (Let me also emphasize that my brother is very well off financially and does not need to worry about a single thing regarding this country’s financial state or job/housing market for at least another 7 years. He is also living in a loving household thanks to the same social care system that a lot of refugee children are still stuck in. Any negativity he holds is 100% pushed onto him by adults, media and society in general.)

(And yes I know Alison is not a refugee, but the relevance still stands. Season 4 in general seems to be this glorious representation of our current social climate in the world. Genius, I tell you.)


The U.S. Government has NEVER Favored Independent Black Political Thought

  1. FBI discusses moves “to increase the friction between SNCC and BPP.” (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Black Panther Party)
  2. FBI considers “various counterintelligence techniques” including a suggestion to “convey the impression that Carmichael is a CIA agent.” (Stokely Carmichael)
  3. Authorization for a publicly-operated telephone wiretap to spy on the phone calls of Bayard Rustin.
  4. A copy of a speech that Coretta Scott King was to deliver is forwarded to the FBI BEFORE HER SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT even occurs because the informant was “of the opinion that it would be an attempt to tie the anti-vietnam war movement to the civil rights movement.”
  5. Report of a disturbance by a group called “Five Percenters” who reportedly “had two policemen pinned up in Hotel Theresa, One Hundred Twentyfifth St. and Seventh Ave, NYC, and were threatening them.”

Notice the diversity of Black political leaders under surveillance (Stokely Carmichael; Bayard Rustin; Coretta Scott King)

Notice the varying Black political ideologies considered a “threat” (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; the Black Panther Party; the NAACP; the Nation of Gods and Earths)

Notice that none of the actions cited in the files were illegal (with perhaps the exception of #5)

Happy Black History YEAR!

Don’t be afraid
You see what they do to us, right?
You fight them
They are not for us
They want to kill us
And you never
back down from them
To go against the fuckin’ law that wants to kill them? Of course I won’t raise no submissive ass fuckin children. Absolutely not! I don’t have to lie to him, I could pull a video up right now of you killing people for no fucking reason. People that look like his uncle, his brother, his sister…
—  Korynn Gaines