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More N headcanons nobody asked for

- N has no artistic ability. He’s a deep thinker but doesn’t really have an interest in doing art or writing himself

-He isn’t very good with music either. He can’t clap on beat and isn’t very familiar with songs circulating around in Unova. However he will enjoy music that comes from pokemon and appreciates their abilities.

-He has debated his whole life about whether or not to nickname pokemon. On one hand, he thinks names show a sign of ownership. On the other hand, it could symbolize friendship. Ultimately he chooses not to nickname every single one, but he might name a few he sees frequently, or has multiple pokemon of the same species that he likes to distinguish.

-He befriends Alder a few years after apologizing to him. N, despite having some clashing views, slowly learns to forgive himself in this way. Alder becomes like a father figure to him over the years. 

 -He reads books to pass the time. You’ll see him in and out of the bookstore or library sometimes. 

 -N isn’t too big on sweets. He can only eat a little bit without feeling sick. 

-He starts a pokemon preservation because he doesn’t deem anything previously created enough to protect pokemon, especially ones for hurt/abused pokemon 

-He becomes an activist for protection against abuse of pokemon. Due to the lack of laws and regulations, he decides that it’s time that a reform happens. He works hard for years, overcoming his dislike for working with people to work with the law to enforce safety. He’d rather do it himself, but eventually he is convinced this is the only way they pokemon aren’t being hurt by their trainers.

-N also develops a heart for abused children. Seeing neglect and domestic violence being a raging epidemic, he revisits and comes to terms with his own hurt he tried so hard for so long to push back for the sake of pokemon. 

-N likes to try new foods. Every time he does to a restaurant (as long as it doesn’t contain meat), he’ll try something he hasn’t tried before.

Bonus: He tries coffee one day, and loves it. 

N Headcanons (Part 1)

-N has really nice handwriting, probably.

-He’s an introvert, but I think eventually he might try to get used to people (not saying introverts don’t like people but in his case specifically) so as time goes on you’ll eventually see him in coffee shops, on the street, etc.

-He has a love hate relationship with the city. He can blend in but he might get claustrophobic because it seems so dense.

-He has a favourite pokemon but will never admit it.

-He likes to debate, or at least still make people think about different subjects and topics.

-He opens up a pokemon preservation sanctuary, with the help of Anthea and Concordia and maybe a few close friends.

-He’s very self conscious and he wont show it. He’s selfless. But nobody knows he struggles in the middle of the night. Nobody knows Ghetsis’s words still haunts him.

-It takes a lot for him to cry. Even very few pokemon have seen him cry.

-Will make very stupid purchases. Like, he’ll waste money on those cheap toys that break within the hour. He’ll spend 10$ on a claw machine that obviously has a weak claw that doesn’t pick up anything. Anthea and Concordia are 90% of his impulse control. (Please someone draw this)

-Has a fascination with baseball.



The pokédexholders


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle…

The other day I realized N’s hair kind of looks like Zoroark’s mane, and then I made a little Beauty and the Beast story with the protag from Black and White. Beast N lives in a castle in Kalos with his servants, who have all been cursed into the bodies of inanimate object ghost Pokemon. ANYWAYS, I’ve been doing this instead of studying for my finals so I’m going to go retreat into a shadowy hole now. Hope you enjoy and see you on the flipside! -Kat