The BLACKMANifesto

The world won’t wait for you to become nothing, it’s expected.

Become more than what they tell you.

Go above the limits, and push boundaries,

make a difference, make a change.

Masculinity is just a theory.

Your sexuality isn’t taboo.

More than just a colour,

More than a statistic.

You’re not just a sex object,

size doesn’t matter.

Its all fantasy!

You’re amazing beyond measures.

Pressure is intimidation, mental slavery.

Don’t let it get to you, don’t be afraid.

Even Superman gets tired.

Depression is rife, it’s okay to show emotion.

So take charge,

And express yourself.

Cry audibly,

Smile more, and often.

Discuss what really matters to you.

Support your brothers, like your favourite artists

Judge less,

Accept more.

Say “I Love You”

To those that it rings true too.

be a voice,

and be the version of you

that you are,

when your alone.

Dear You
You probably want to know who You is, well I don’t know. But I have a message for You, let me tell You that You are extremely beautiful. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are going to change the world, You are going to make a big difference, You already do. You are not your mistakes, You are Your re-takes, the times You tried again when You didn’t want to. You are loved. You are precious. You are the reason someone woke up this morning and You are the reason someone is smiling as they close their eyes at night. You are not perfect but You are worth it. You are human. You are pain. You are love. You are joy. You are peace. You are faults, but fault lines make earthquakes and earthquakes are a universal do over. You are destined for great things, but You can only get them if You go out and work for them. You will not let your fears control You because You are filled with confidence, confidence that is a little glass ornament and sometimes You falter, You trip and You break it, but You always find each piece no matter how painstaking it is and make confidence whole again. You are a force to reckon with. You are strong. You are broken, but You can be fixed and when You are whole again You’ll be even more majestic because there’s always more beauty in broken things. Just please don’t give up because I believe in You. In conclusion I think I know who You is, You is meant to be Me.
Yours through good and bad,

Alternative Black Girls

In middle school, I used to cry bc they said I wasn’t black enough

I had nothing with me to lean off

Finally the truth has been spoken, the real enemy is you, not them

I know who I am now with the struggles that tugged my mind & almost caused me to be blind

I am just a black girl. The same one who is still the most disrespected

The one who watches anime and play video games,

Listen to rock music, listen to k music, and cosplay my features,

Very quirky but I’m still in the game,

Be kawaii & embrace my melanin,

Maybe you should stop assuming that all black girls are classless & ignorant,

We’ve been silence for so long that we feel the need to express our lives,

But, you don’t wanna hear us but rather see us tear ourselves apart in hell,

We chosen our own destiny & respect all black girls around the world,

Society is the one to blame and they claim to tame me,

But no no,

I’m livin for my lifestyle for that I breathe in the life cycle,

Just to escape this bullshit called reality,

I’m fatality and this is my philosophy,

the phase begins,
its sweet, dreamy.
but is it so bad if it ends?
you’re left with so much more that holds you both together,
so much more that will carry you through those days
that feel like they’ll never end.
filled with more love,
more passion, strength
to withstand all that tries to break you down.

that’s real love.


She’ll leave a mark,
‘Name will be stained on your tongue.
You sure you wanna go there?

Her fragrance will wrap itself around you and keep you in a trance,
Swaying to her hip-notic rhythm
Eyes on her
Mind on her..
You still sure?

Her body full of curves and a heart full of gold,
A mind full of wisdom and a passion filled soul.

You know if you let her in deep enough she’ll leave stains and marks that if anyone were to come after her they would have to touch her just to understand you.

I ask again are you sure?
Get caught up in her and there’s no return.
Get lost in her and find yourself feenin for something she hasn’t even given you yet.
Still trapped in her trance, once more are you sure?

So I take your hand leading you in deeper,
I am her.

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1st & the Last Man!!!

Have no fear Brother Man, Black Man, African Man yes they have tried to disgraces us, defaced us and have tried to make our women and children not embrace us! So be honest Brother Man, be strong Black Man, be a Warrior African Man! Because God in his infinite wisdom created the Brother Man the Black Man the African Man who is the FIRST MAN, who is ordained to be the LAST MAN!!!! NoahB @n81960

“Too Black”

Ha! I’m “too” what, you say?

“Too loud,”

“Too obnoxious,”

“Too in the way”?

My hair is “too kinky,”

I “show too much skin,”

But honey,

I’m unashamed of my melanin.

“Oh, if black lives matter,

then why not blue?”

Well, Becky,

you’d be mad too

if police were shooting you

for reaching for the ID that they asked for

or simply walking home from the convenience store.

So, Becky,

don’t ask me why I’m causing an uproar.

Ooh, you see my “angry black woman” coming out!

You’re confused,

You say there’s nothing to be mad about –

Basic. Human. Rights.

You’d think we’d have them by now

but we’re still in this fight,

still in the tunnel slowly approaching the light,

moving away from oppression until it is out of sight.

But, in the meantime,

I think I’ll continue to be “too loud,”

“Too obnoxious,”

“Too in the way.”

I love my angry black woman,

and she’s here to stay.

- Riel Felice

Moral Reconciliation

Whose woods are these, I think I know.
Below the ambient amber glow.
Long hair, mahogany, radiant flow.
Smile fragmented like Van Gogh.
Protected by something spiritual,
like the walls of Jericho.
Your choir sings a falsetto. I can hear you.

On nights where these paper thin walls turn into tissue papers for her loss.
A mourning soulful cry on them mornings the soul feel like its Build-a-Bear stuffed at the seam and shoved in the back of the closet at the end of the season for some newer, lighter, more breathable fabric.

What a destructive kente we weaved.

no love compares to the way
her body sways in the wind
after the sun kisses her skin
in pure bliss. even the night sky
is jealous of her body
and how its darkness can shine
without the need for ten thousand stars.

** Jealousy of Ten Thousand Stars **


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