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foxy-alien  asked:

Do you have any good Barry Bluejeans shirts? I have like zero ideas and my boy deserves the best, I figured tumblrs residential Barry expert would know

Hoo boy i hope what you meant is “please construct a barry bluejeans look book” otherwise you are not ready for my answer to this question

Are these clothes that Barry would wear? Maybe. Are they clothes I WANT him to wear? Most definitely. Please enjoy. More under a cut for the safety of everyone’s dashboards.  

Calvin Klein Men’s Chill Indigo Denim Shirt from Macy’s

Ring of Fire Light Men’s Patch Denim Jacket from Macy’s 

Paa Men’s Pocket Tee in White from Garmentory

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The Light To My Heart // Shawn Mendes Fanfic // Part 1

Imagine a world that when we meet our soul mate, our heart lights up and shines through our chest? What happens when Elleen’s school bully, Shawn Mendes, is Elleen’s soul mate?


Beep. Beep. Beep. I slap my alarm clock to shut it off. I sit up, groan, and drag my hands across my face. I look to the left to see my clock telling me it is 6:30am. I get out of bed and walk out of my bedroom. I walk into the bathroom and switch the light on. I glance at myself in the mirror and then grab my toothbrush and toothpaste. After i brush my teeth i comb my hair and put it in a side fish tail braid. After i look at my hair in the mirror i walk out of the bathroom and into my room and to my closet. I pick out a white/grey-ish pocket tee, black kneetear skinny jeans, and my solid black converse and put it on. I walk towards my mirror and put on my mascara and eyeliner. Then I grab my liquid foundation and blend it in on top of my scars on my wrist. After i put on my makeup, I take a step back and look at my final look in the mirror. I smile at how decent i look today and grab my backpack and walk out of my room and go downstairs.

“Morning mom, dad, lucas.” i say as i grab plate of, already made, waffles. i make my way to the eating table and pour my syrup onto my waffle and begin to eat. After i finish my waffle i dump my plate in the sink, grab my keys to my range rover, and walk outside and into my car.

I start my car and grab the steering wheel but i keep the car on park. I close my eyes and take a deep inhale of air in the thoughts of what is going to happen today. I open my eyes as i exhale and then i begin to back out of my driveway and make my way to school.

Once i found a parking spot, i got out of my car and into the school. I look around seeing very few glowing hearts of couples holding hands or kissing. I sigh knowing that wont ever be me for a really long time because im the loser of the school. I pushed that fact to the side and i went to my locker and began to grab my history supplies for first period. Well once i had them in my hand, boom. On the ground, thanks to Shawn Mendes, my bully ever since i was 8th grade, and just to tell you, im a junior now.

“Shawn Mendes?” you, readers, gasp because you all know him as the sweet, muffin loving, innocent, Canadian singer from vine, who seems like he wont even hurt a fly even if it were buzzing around him for 10 years. Yes Shawn fucking Mendes. He’s my fucking bully and had been for 3 fucking years.

I sigh and look up at him with an annoyed look on my face before i grab my books from off the floor. But right when my hands go to reach it, his foot goes right on top of it.

“Seriously Mendes? This is really old and im getting tired of this.” I say, super surprised that that came out of my mouth because, damn, i have never stood up for myself.But it’s true, he’s bullied me for so long, throwing shit at me, dumping his lunch in me, calling me these names and words that scar me, and its been happening since middle school. And not to mention, he stole my only friend, Jake, just to make me alone. Oh and did i mention, Shawn also made Jake bully me with him and the rest of Shawns buddies. Perfect right?

“Excuse me?” he said using his foot to move my face up to look at him. I slap his foot away from me and pick up my books and slam my locker. Fucking dick.

“I said that this is getting old and im actually really fucking tired of this shit.” I say with the last of my confidence left in me. Then i spin around and make my way to history class but of course, even though i stood up for myself, that doesnt stop shawn mendes. He grabs my shoulder and pulls me back to face him before he begins to speak sternly to me.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again. Got it, hun?”. I let out a small sarcastic chuckle before i shake his hand off me and walk to class.

I walk into class and take a seat in the far back corner. Im 2 minutes early so im one of the 5 earliest students to class, like always.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, the clock goes before the bell rings signaling that class is beginning. Most students are here, by that i mean all students are here besides the jocks. They usually don’t show up until the tardy bell rings, so the class usually just starts without them anyways.

“So you guys will be doing a partner project on any of the 8 crusades. partner one will do the 10 locations and the who, what, when, where, and why, and partner two will be drawing a map of where your crusade surrounds and putting the route and annotating the 10 locations it has went to. I will be assigning your partners and you two will have the last 10 minutes in class to discuss who is partner one and two and which crusade you guys are doing and whatever else you must discuss ABOUT THE PROJECT.” my history teacher, Ms.Yeager, says to the class.

As Ms.Yeager reads her list of her assigned partners off her clipboard, i tap my fingers in anxiousness, bad anxiousness, of who my partner will be. No one in this class is my friend so it will be a surprise to me. I mean its not like all of them are mean, only Shawn, who i probably forgot to mention is in my history class.

Ms.Yeager has assigned everyone partners except the 4 last people, who are James, Kayce, Shawn, and me. By now im praying to God that i do NOT get paired up with Shawn.

“James and Kayce. Elleen and Shawn.” Ms.Yeager says lastly. Of course, when do i ever get what i want?

I look over to the other side of the room to see Shawn turned around and smirking at me. My heart is racing and my fingers tap against the table matching my fast pace heartbeat.

He turns 90° in his chair and gets up, making his way across the room, and towards me. I watch his every move and my heart quickens 10 times faster than before. And before i know it, he’s sitting right next to me.

“So i see it as you should be partner one,” he says, i nod, “and partner two.” he finishes. I laugh semi-loud and sarcastically. “and i see it as you can be one of these two partners or i’ll just do one of the things one partner should do and if you dont do your part im just going to put my name on mine and make sure to turn it in with a note saying ‘Shawn Mendes is a slack off and wont do his part in the project that is worth over 140 points in his grade.’ ” i say smiling like an innocent little girl. By now, im very shocked at my words. You go Elleen, I say to myself.

He looks at me, very wide-eyed. “Fine,” he says giving up, “my house, be there 5 minutes after school.” he finishes ripping a piece of paper from my notebook and writes his address down and gives it to me.

I look at it and the look back up at him. I look at the clock an notice the bell will ring in 30 seconds so i begin to close my books and hold them. Shawn apparently noticed me packing because he was already back at his seat putting his backpack on. Then the bell rung.

I walk out of class and switch my books and make my way to my next class. And the day went on with the same routine.

Close to the end of the day, i got more anxious about the project after school. And a very bad anxious. The whole last period was me making up scenarios of Shawn beating me up or poisoning me or locking me in his closet when i get to his house. Goddamnit im screwed.

RING, the bell went which signaled all the student running out of class and out of the school in a stampede.

I put my books away quickly in my locker and grab my history notes on the crusades i took today and quickly made my way out of the school and into the car. What if i dont make it to Shawns house before 5 minutes, is he going to punch me in my gut? “shit elleen, stop making up scenarios and hurry the fuck up!” i say to myself. I grab my phone and begin to map shawns house. I begin to drive out of the school and follow the directions to shawns house.

Before i knew it, i was in the drive way of Shawn’s house. I take a deep breath in and out as i grab my backpack and notebook and exit my car.

I walk up to his front door and slowly knock on the door twice and i look down at my notebook and wait. After about 15 seconds, the door swings open.

I look up and i stand there in front of shawn. “Come in.” he says stepping to the side. I nod and slowly walk in.

“Shawn, who’s at the door?” a woman, who i assume is his mom, says as she steps out of the kitchen. She looks at me and smiles. I smile back and say,“Hi you must be Mrs.Mendes, I’m Elleen, it’s very nice to meet you.” I say and make my way towards her to shake her hand. She smiles, “It’s very nice to meet you too, Elleen, would you like something to drink?” she offers. “No mom she doesn’t she’s just here to–” Shawn interrupts but i cut him off saying, “Actually a cup of water would do, if thats okay.” Shawn groans behind me and he drags his hand across his face.

Mrs.Mendes comes back to me with a glass of water and hands it to me and she offers me a seat, which i take.

“So Elleen, are you Shawn’s girlfriend?” she says. I choke on my water and quickly nod no. “Oh no no no. Im just his history project partner.” I say setting my drink on the counter. “Okay thats enough talk, lets go do the project.” Shawn says and grabs my arm and begins to pull me upstairs. “It was nice to talk and meet you Mrs.Mendes!” i semi-scream so she can hear me. I hear her say it was nice to meet me too but shawn pushes me in his room.

“Why would you do that?” he says as he closes the door behind him. I laugh lightly, “It’s called being polite and nice, but you probably don’t know what that is. Let’s just start in the project.” I say and put my notebook on the floor as i sit down on the floor also.

About an hour and a half later, I have 9 of my locations, and an explanation of what happened in those locations, and i finished the who and what of the 5 w’s. I put my pencil down to shake my hand from the aching of writing so much and then i look to my right to see how much Shawn has done and i completely loose it.

“WHAT THE FUCK SHAWN?!” i scream, but not too loud so that his mom wont hear me. He jumps when he hears my voice. I take his laptop and look at the screen. “SERIOUSLY? YOU’RE WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SEARCHING UP THE ROUTE OF THE CRUSADE AND LOOKING FOR A PICTURE OF THE MAP TO COPY?!” i scream at him.

“I DID!” he says as he takes the laptop and switches to the google tabs.

I facepalm and groan. “Thats the wrong crusade. We’re doing the 4th crusade, you searched up the 7th crusade…” i said.

I’m actually so stressed out. Im at that moment where im so stressed that i feel the need to cry. Which i apparently am because i feel a tear roll down cheek. I quickly wipe it and sniffle as quietly as i can. I pull myself together as fast as i can and i just begin to write again, but im so shaky that i just hold my pencil and stare at it. I feel another tear roll down my cheek and i wipe it.

“ okay there?” Shawn says.

“Yeah, yeah, im fine, never been better.” i say and put a fake smile on my face and quickly take it off my face.

Shawn turns me around and moves my face to look straight at his.

“Wanna tell me whats up?” he says quietly.

I loose it there. I begin to sob histarically.

“You wanna know whats up? IM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS. If i could fucking slack off like you and watch youtube videos instead of doing my fucking homework, i would! BUT I CANT! Why did I have to be partnered up with a slacker?! I work so fucking hard and then i turn around and see my fucking partner not doing shit! but yet i know, i fucking know, at the last minute he’ll actually do his homework and still get full credit and the teacher will assume he’s a great student! He’s an excellent student! He does his work! While i actually do my fucking shit as hard as i can, you still get the same shit grade i get but you dont try as hard as i do!” by the time i finish talking my cheeks are soaked with tears and my hand are throwing against his chest weakly.

“Elleen! Elleen! I’m sorry! Calm down please! I’ll start working! Stop crying! Stop hitting me too!” shawn screams but softly.

I’m still weakly throwing my fists at hi chest but he grabs my wrist harshly. I wince at his actions because of the fresh cuts he touched. I pull away and tuck my wrists into my chest. And i couldnt help but cry more because of the pain.

I think shawn knew why i began to cry more because when i hit him again, instead of grabbing my wrists, he took both of his hands and firmly put four fingers under my ear and his thumbs on my cheek as he firmly held my head from moving.

“Elleen…elleen. calm down…” he said grabbing my attention but not stopping me from crying. “Elleen look at me. Look at me. Straight in the eyes.” He said. His voice was so firm and stern that it made me listen to his command. I looked at him in his eyes and i began to calm down. I don’t know why but i just did.

His eyes were calming and his voice when he told me to calm down was a melody. After 5 minutes of me trying to get my breathing pattern back to normal, i finally calmed down.

Shawn was still holding me. We sat there staring in each others eyes. Then he began to lean in closer to me.

“Elleen, what the fuck? STOP HIM.” I said to myself, but i didn’t know what to do. I froze unavailable to know what to do…

****A/N - OMG HEY GUYS!!!! I hope you guys like this fanfic so far, i like it(:

If I’m not busy tomorrow, i’ll probably update. But yeahhhhh. Hope you guys likey. (I was inspired to write this because of a tumblr post so yaaah). Hope you guys like!****