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Hello :) I'm going on a school exchange to France in a month and I was wondering if you could give ideas on what clothing I could buy x

Hi sorry for the late reply and here are my picks:

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hey there, i want some genuine advice on places to shop online (no scams!!). i'm looking for stores that offer free or cheap shipping and a good price for quality :)

I’m no fashion expert that shops at MK and Guess, but I know a few perky little places to shop online :)

THIS STORE is my go-to for all my fave pieces (especially for festival season). They have tons of cute tops, jumpsuits, shoes, co-ords, and shorts. To be honest, they’re probably my all-time favourite!

THIS STORE is also pretty great because of their great sales on dresses, jeans, bralettes, and backpacks! I love their backpack designs, they’re so cute ☺

THIS STORE has the best deals on the internet for clothes, especially shoes. In my experience, their clothing (and shoes) are great quality and I have bought all of these pairs: cut-out boots, clunky gladiators, cartoon clogs, leather plimsolls, black oxfords, and black pin-buckles

The Hangover - Supernatural Style Part 2

Here is part 2, slightly ahead of schedule. Enjoy! - Bella xxx


Part 1: The Cheery Chapel

Part 2: It’s a nice day for a drag wedding

Part 3: Lil Demon

Part 4: Cas, get off my ass!

“Oh come on, please?” Dean says for the umpteenth time.

“Dean we are not going to Dunkin Donuts.” You tell him again.

“The business card says we can get a free donut!” He protests, making a puppy dog face and looking over at you.

“Can we just go to the damn chapel and find out what happened first? Then we can go to Dunkin Donuts. Maybe.” You say reluctantly, making sure he heard the maybe at the end.

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