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Modern Deck Tech: Phyrexian Solemnity

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week it’s time to talk about modern and since the new Hour of Devastation set just came out I thought I’d go over a brand new deck built around a sweet card from the set: Phyrexian Solemnity. The deck is built around assembling a 2-card lock that basically prevents you from dying; while having an amazing synergy with some other cards in your deck and eventually play out a combo to either gain infinite life or deal infinite damage to your opponent. The deck is super sweet and really janky, but it’s a lot of of and can get some good results. Let’s go over the cards and you’ll understand why it’s so cool. Also, you’ll notice a lot of redundance in the deck, which is to make it as consistent as possible.

Name of the Deck ½

This is the first part of the deck. This car has seen some play in various storm decks to prevent them from losing or just having 10 extra life to dig through their deck with various cards that cost life to play. In here it serves as getting you that extra life which is good in a format as aggressive and fast as modern, but also to prevent you from dying, at all, with the next card.

Name of the Deck 2/2

Here we have that brand new card from Hour of Devastation that makes the lock possible. This will prevent you from getting any poison counters (it just so happens to be amazing against the Infect deck, but that’s just a plus) so with a Phyrexian Unlife on the battlefield with this you cannot die. Period. As long as you have both those enchantments in play you cannot lose the game.

Combo Piece ½

The deck plays on top of the lock 2 ways of combo-ing off. The first one is this bad boy, making sure it can always come back and drain your opponent for 2. If you can get it to die consistently you can very quickly kill your opponent while gaining a bunch of life. Even on it’s own it’s a pretty solid creature to be honest.

Combo Piece 2/2

While the other combo kills of your opponent, this one just gains you as much life as needed. Being able to get a Finks back over and over again is ridiculous, which is why it’s just an expensive uncommon, as well as one of my favourite non-black cards! You can get so much value out of this it’s crazy.

Sacrifice Outlet ½

Having your creatures die by normal means, like combat & stuff is good since you get them back over & over again, but by having a free sacrifice outlet like this, you can essentially go infinite, or, just do it as much as needed to win. Want some life? Sacrifice your Finks 78 times to gain 156 life, I’m sure you’ll be safe with that much; want to kill your opponent? just sacrifice Messenger like 10 times to deal 20 damage. If you can get  a sacrifice outlet with the other pieces you will win on the spot, there’s no question about it.

Sacrifice Outlet 2/2

Same thing as Aristocrat, but this card also let’s you scry each time, so you can find whatever you’re missing. It doesn’t matter most of the time since you’re usually winning when you land this and have sacrifice fodder anyways, but it can be good in some situations.

Protection Through Discard ½

You need to protect your combo and lock, since you’re not playing blue you don’t have any counterspells and since you’re not playing green you don’t have graveyard recursion for your different card types. Having access to black let’s you protect your things with hand disruption. I’m personally more of a fan of Duress than Thoughtseize in this deck since you don’t care about taking a creature from your opponent’s hand anyways, you’re looking to take away any counterspells or enchantment removal, that’s it. Duress does that for 25 cents instead of 25 dollars.

Protection Through Discard 2/2

Since this card dropped a bit in price it’s fine to use, it does the job against any card you care about and doesn’t have any drawbacks. Having between 6 & 8 discard spells is great and makes sure you can go along nicely with your plan without getting screwed.

Mandatory Removal ½

You’re playing white, in a very aggressive and fast format; you need removal. You need ways to deal with decks that could kill you before you assemble your lock and the best way to do that is playing cheap removal spells like this. Just stay safe.

Mandatory Removal 2/2

Same as last one, but since you’re playing black this card is now mandatory. Like, it’s probably the most efficient black removal spell of the format. Between this and Path you have some nice protection and will usually be able to survive long enough to lock & combo as you please.


That’s it for this week! This deck is really fun and original, as well as sort of cheap (if you don’t play too many fetches and shocks) for a modern deck. It can do very well depending on the meta and people are not really prepared for it. I can see this gaining in popularity and become actual part of the meta to be honest. Anyways, if I missed anything let me know. I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did. I’ll see you guys next week for a Legacy deck tech!