black plasma

Return of the Truth

I’ve wanted to do a picture of this kind for AGES! :D A tribute to my fav pick of my favourite set of Pokemon games, Black and White! If you’re one of the haters, come and try to tell me these games are shitty. I’ll gladly laugh in your face :3

Anyway, it has been a year since my first piece done with tablet. I tried something new again, something a bit more “painty”. I’m planning to add a similar piece with N and Zekrom on Dragonspiral Tower. So one day, hopefully.

What fascinates me (and i’m assuming a lot of other people) about Colress, is despite the numerous professors in the Pokemon universe, he’s the one that seems most like an actual Scientist. The other professors, while technically scientists themselves, don’t do much with their research and instead act like guidance figures to the trainers. Whereas Colress not only explains the goal of his research, he obtains progress and creates devices based on it. Besides that, he has a curious demeanor, and true neutrality when it comes to his research. He doesn’t join Team Plasma because he believes in their ridiculous ideals, he joins because of the resources they provide him for his research. Not only they, but he is not a robotic individual, he’s pleasant, calm and friendly to people. When he discovers that the bond between a trainer and pokemon can bring out their full potential, he doesn’t deny it, or pretend that bonds like that are illogical and unfounded by science. He accepts the facts and dives into studying them, he supports trainers in bonding with their Pokemon because he wants to study the results. 

to summarize it up, Colress is a superb example of an unbiased and brilliant scientist who goes through his own arc that occurs from merely learning about the world around him.